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– You guys wanna see some magic?
– Yeah! Awesome, do you guys have like
a quarter on you by any chance? Watch the quarter, right? – Stand right here, ready? Look.
– OK, I’m ready. Oh my God, that’s so good! I’m Henry Rich, a teen from Brooklyn
who’s completely obsessed with magic and this is my show! Let’s go! [music playing] [screaming] I wanna try to read your mind
through your screen. – I’m a sucker for magic tricks!
– Got an easy one I can learn? Sway, yeah! Unbelievable! Today we’re here in Times Square
and it’s gonna be my stage for the day. We have the lights, we have the people
and now it’s time for the magic. Um… we’ll just use these,
no, that’s gross. Ew… OK, er, you know what? We’ll just do it like this,
someone forgot to recycle I guess. Er…
I’ll guess I’ll just do it for them. What the heck? I just saw like
a bottle disappear in a bag. Like I don’t know how it just happened. I’m here with Sway from TRL. I wanna show you a trick, do me a favor– It’s Sway in the morning. Do me a favor,
just hold out both your hands, just like that,
yeah, just like out flat, perfect. Here’s what I want you to do,
just hold down, right about there. What I want you to do
is just shake one hand, whichever one you like. That one,
you sure you wanna use that one? Well, it’s the same hand as the–
my heart is on my left side. OK, alright. Close that hand into a fist, alright? And just drop that hand to your side, OK? I’ll put an X
right here on my hand, alright? Here, watch closely. That’s Sharpie, that doesn’t rub off
or anything, but watch the X, ready? – Fist bump, ready? Just like that.
– OK. You didn’t feel anything
other than our knuckles touch, right? Na, you might be anemic,
you seem like you need some iron. [laughing] Little pale, let’s have a little look. My X completely disappears,
go ahead, open your hand. – Show the cameras.
– Oh! [laughing] Whoa! Wow, that’s crazy! Ready? Just like that! There’s gonna be an X on your hand,
just watch, oh my God! Look, go ahead and open your hand. [gasping] – Are you kidding me?
– Oh my God! – No.
– No! [laughing] – Open your hand.
– What? How did– oh my God! – Does it come off?
– It’s Sharpie, dude, try! I want you to pull out
any card you like. This one? The three?
We’ll use the three, that’s perfect. It’s fine, I can see it, perfect. Here, watch the three, and I want you
to think of a Nickelodeon show. Any Nickelodeon show,
just think of it in your mind, don’t tell me what it is, OK? I’m gonna shake this card
and whenever you want, name the show, look at the card and name the show. SpongeBob SquarePants. That’s right! Oh, man! That’s cool! [laughing] How did you get that? I dunno, man, it’s magic. [laughing] I started doing magic
when I was in like fourth of fifth grade and I would just go around the school
with a pack of cards, having people choose cards
and I kinda pestered people and eventually it got to a point,
where for the most part now, everyone enjoys the magic. – You guys wanna see some magic?
– Yeah! Awesome, so we have a glass bottle
right here, you guys can check it out, it’s a solid bottle, no trick doors,
hidden mirrors, anything like that. No, good, do you guys have like
a quarter on you by any chance? Right here, watch,
watch the quarter, right? – I’m really trying to watch closely.
– Here… here, look. You stand right here…
here, you stand right here. – OK.
– Here, watch, ready? – Stand right here, ready? Look.
– OK, I’m ready. Oh my God, there’s no way! [laughing] Like… that! Wow! That is awesome! [penny rattling] What? You know, I promised I would
give you your quarter back, so, uh, here you go. If you wanna be a magician,
you gotta practice and put the work in. Be sure to be yourself
when you’re performing. Don’t try to put on a crazy persona.
Be yourself and enjoy what you do. – Can I see that ring of yours?
– Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just pull it off, perfect. Here, watch the ring.
Ready? This is yours, right here. – What the–
– Here look, we’ll do it one more time. One more time.
Here. Um… look. – Wah!
– Magic! One last thing real quick. OK anyway, have a good one, guys.
See you! We just saw a really cool magic show. We’re overwhelmed.
It was really, really cool. I don’t know how people do that. Can I do a trick with you real quick? All right, cool. What I want you
to do is just choose any card you like. Any one.
Yeah, pull it out. Show it to the cameras, don’t show me. Go ahead, place it right back
into the center. Do you wanna give it a shuffle? Mix it up.
I don’t want to know where it is. I’m not good at shuffling much, but… Thanks, man. Nice bling,
by the way. I like it. All right, here. I wanna try to think
what card it could be. Don’t give me any kind of hints. I think it could be any of these.
Any of these cards, all right. Here.
Do me a favor. Hold your hand out just like that. And just hold on
to the cards just like that. Think about your card. For the first time, name your card. – Three of spades.
– Three of spades? Turn it over. Come on, man! [laughing] Come on. That’s the three of spades! Every once in a while, some Nick friends
of mine ask me how to do my tricks. Here’s what they have to say. Henry, what’s up, dude?
I’m a sucker for magic tricks. Got an easy one I can learn? Kira and Jack, I’m on it. Here’s a super easy trick
you can learn at home. You can do this at any restaurant.
All you need is a salt shaker, and either a paper or cloth napkin. And the idea is you’re gonna have
the salt shaker go through a solid table. And go, three. Just like that. Now, I’m gonna show
you guys how to do it. Now when you put the napkin
over the salt shaker, squeeze it around the salt shaker. It kind of forms the shape
of the salt shaker. I’m gonna put it through
the table in one… Two… One two, you’re actually just going
to drop the salt shaker into your lap, and go, “Three!” Put your other hand underneath the table
as if you just caught it. And you get rid of the napkin, and pull out the salt shaker
from your lap. I wanna try to read your mind
through your screen, OK? What I want you to do is try
to remember one of these cards when I riffle through like that, OK? I’m gonna do it slower.
Make sure to remember one of the cards, but don’t make it this one.
That’d be too obvious. Now watch.
Just remember one card. Got it?
Good. Now, just think about that one
and focus on it in your head, all right? But remember, make sure it isn’t this.
That’s be too obvious. Concentrate on it. No, it’s not that one. Not that.
Oh, well it might be this. Here. Was it the four of hearts?
Yeah? No? Well, even if it wasn’t, I don’t know
what it would have been because every other card in the entire deck
has completely disappeared. Yo, that was so much fun!
Thank you guys so much for watching. And make sure to like below,
comment and subscribe. See you guys next time! [music playing] I want you to all think
of a Nickelodeon show. – You thinking of one?
– Mhm. – It’s animated, yeah?
– Uh-huh. And it has a bunch
of characters in it, yeah? I feel like it’s almost ma– It has like, fairies. Are you
thinking of the Fairly Odd Parents? [screaming] Wait, wait, wait!
Come here, come here, come here. Think about it,
think about it, think about it. Wait, look at me.
Victorious. [screaming] [laughing] For real? No way, yes!
It was Victorious!

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