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Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali! In this episode, you will watch the Kerala tour summary. With that, you will also see the zone-wise itinerary I’ve presented. We completed this total journey in 18 days. If you want to focus on travelling through a single zone,… ….you can do so easily within 5 or 6 days. For example – …When you will begin your journey from South Kerala,… …you starting point would be Trivandrum. You can either stay the night at Kovalam and along with sea beaches, sunrise,…. …you can enjoy water sports activities here. We have just come out of the ocean after a session of scuba-diving. Really ultimate, lifetime experience! I had done scuba-diving, about 10 years ago, in Thailand. That experience was very different from this one. This one is far better! Or you can do the night stay in Poovar and enjoy the backwaters. It feels very good to pass through this narrow passage liined on both sides by different trees. ….especially in this boat. This is the golden experience, which you can enjoy only in Kerala. With Poovar or Kovalam as your base, you can visit Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Varkala,… …within four nights and five days, in a very detailed manner. As per my personal experience, I have prepared an itinerary for South Kerala. Here it is. You can refer to it. You can pause the video and note down the main points for your perusal. We could not go to Rameswaram. But you should not miss Rameswaram in your travel plans. The Sadya that I ate in Trivandrum…. ….had a lot of varieties and I enjoyed it a lot. Very tasty! I am thinking about payasam while eating my meal. I’ve heard that in Kerala, you get 15 varieties of Payasam. It is a matter of chance that wherever we ate, we got to eat only the semolina payasam. Here, they have four varieties available. I just came to know. Talking of Central Kerala…. …first time travellers definitely go to Munnar. You must go there – it is a very beautiful hill station. We began our journey from Kochi. Kochi is the starting point for the Central Kerala journey. After that, travelling through Munnar, Thekkady and Alleppey, you can end the journey at Kochi. You will enjoy the most during this part of the journey. The scenic views of Munnar…. …visiting the tea gardens,… We missed the sunrise point at Kolukkumalai. You should not miss it. I’ve heard it is a beautiful place. With that, we also couldn’t visit the Eravikulam National Park. I’ve heard a lot of praise about the beauty of the Park as well. I’m sure you would be amazed at the beautiful scenery of Munnar. If you missed watching the Thekkady episode…. …in that you will see we started our day with a visit to the Periyar National Park. After that, we visited a spice garden, went on a jeep safari and indulged in much more! A tour of the spice garden is a must-do activity in Kerala. You must know about Cocoa, from which, we make chocolate…. ….and from the cocoa butter, we manufacture moisturizer. During your Alleppey tour, try not to miss the Backwaters tour. Otherwise, you trip to Alleppey would remain incomplete. If you want information about the cost of houseboat stay and different categories of cost,…. …you should watch my Alleppey episode. You will get all the information in that episode. Talking about cultural shows,…. …you can watch shows depicting Kathakali and Kalaripayattu in many places in Kerala. That is one more thing you should not miss at all. Since you are in Central Kerala,…. …you must also visit the Guruvayoor Temple. Towards the end of our Kerala tour, when we left from Calicut to Kochi,…. ….that is the time we visited this temple. For your information, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is home to statues depicting the childhood of Lord Krishna. The temple attracts devotees from far and wide. There is an elephant camp near the temple. We visited there on the last day of our journey. While travelling from Calicut to Kochi. But if you include the visits to temple and elephant camp during your Central Kerala journey,…. …it would be better. While travelling through Kerala…. …it is important to educate yourself about the cultural routes within the state. If you Google about the cultural capital of Kerala…. ….you will get your answer – Thrissur. We could not travel to Thrissur. We only watched the Thrissur railway station while travelling from Alleppey to Calicut. Kodungallur is a large township, you can visit here too. During our Central Kerala tour, we also missed the Athirapally Waterfalls. During your travel itinerary, you must not visit this waterfall. I’ve heard that these falls are quite big and famous. For your ready reference – …I have used my personal experience to create an itinerary…. …You can either follow it as it is or, as per your needs, customize it. If you are a foodie…. …and love non-vegetarian food…. ….then you should begin your Kerala tour from Kozhikode. The old name for Kozhikode is Calicut. You will enjoy the food varieties available here. During evening, when you will go towards the Calicut sea beach….. …you will see lots of stalls selling street food there. For your information,…. …Calicut is considered the food capital of Kerala. On your Day 1 in Calicut, you must try biryani first of all. You will experience a memorable new taste, that would become a benchmark for you. Really amazing taste! We went from Calicut to Wayanad. Frankly speaking, I really liked Wayanad. I liked it so much that if I need to resettle post-retirement…. …I would choose Wayanad for myself. I would be doing an injustice, if I do not mention the jackfruit biryani. Ultimate taste! Yes! Trust me, I am highly impressed with it. The best part is, eating each bite with just a touch of this chutney. Yes! That chutney changes the whole taste! So good! The sightseeing and food of Wayanad is available in the Wayanad episode. When we left Thalassery after eating the famous biryani there, we also went through Mahe,… ….which is a part of Puducherry. You can stay the night here as well. Also, the French culture still prevalent here can also be explored. Though, you will see Theyyam performances at many places across North Kerala but…. …Coonoor is more famous for it. You can check the Theyyam calendar on the Kerala Tourism website…. ….and prepare your itinerary accordingly. For your ready reference…. …I’ve prepared a tentative itinerary of North Kerala tourist spots. You can either refer to it…. ……..or customize it as per your requirements. In my opinion, if you spend 5-6 days in North Kerala…. ….those will become lifetime memories for you. Talking about cost of travel…. ….that involves multiple factors. It is very difficult to say how much a 6-day Kerala tour is going to cost you. But I can give you some indications. Such as the type of taxi/vehicle you want to travel in. How many kilometers you are going to travel daily? Whether you go to Kerala during peak or off season? All these factors impact the overall cost of travel. Especially also on the place from where you begin and end your journey. However, as an indicator, I want to tell you one thing – …the cost of hiring a taxi in Kerala is quite reasonable. The taxi charges that we paid for our 18 day long journey….. ….the details of that are available in the video description for your ready reference. The taxi that we used for all the 18 days was hired from Kochi Taxi 24×7. It was a very satisfactory experience… ….for me to travel with Kochi Taxi 24×7. For your Kerala tour, you can book hotel or homestay online. You will get a lot of choices online to suit your location preference and budget. Usually, as is the case in every hill station,…. …that hotel stays cost more in comparison to those in the main town,…. …that is the case here almost. For instance, we hired a hotel in Trivandrum for Rs. 2400. …The kind of service and rooms that were available there…. …If we expect similar service or rooms in Munnar or Wayanad,…. ….I think it would cost us between Rs 3200-Rs 3300, which means…. …20-25% higher cost. At maximum locations, I stayed at Club Mahindra. Because of this, I cannot share with you the first-hand experience of other hotels. Talking of food… …I enjoyed a lot in this whole journey. It was very difficult for me to pick my top 5 experiences, but still I have tried. On No. 1 position is – Sadya. Quite a delicious preparation! The reason for that is it is absolutely simple! At No. 2 – Puttu with Kadala curry. In the first bite itself, I can taste coconut, curry leaves, chana,…. …rice flour, so much more. At No. 3 – Jackfruit biryani. Its amazing taste is something I can never forget in my life. At No. 4 – The magnificent combination of Appam and fish curry. The spice quotient is high! Slightly sour! But the real taste is that of Kokum (Garcinia Indica). And this curry is so spicy, though I am enjoying it. But if you like less spicy food, then you won’t enjoy it as much. And at No. 5 – Karimeen! By the way, the get up of this masala mix is really magnificent! This fish has been prepared in such a masala mix…. …that you can really enjoy it with a parotta! Now, let us talk about the best time to travel. The answer for that is October to January. If you come here between March and May…. ….the weather might be slightly hotter. But the advantage of travelling between March and May is that…. …crystal-clear sky, great time for photo shoots! If you come to Kerala during the monsoon time, i.e., June to August…. ….you won’t be able to explore outdoors as much but…. ….you can enjoy the lush greenery of Kerala during monsoon. Also, this time is the best time to travel for newly married, honeymooners in Kerala. Between September and October….. …it is celebration time here. You will witness temple festivals, elephants bedecked with ornaments at many places. Onam, perhaps the most famous festival of Kerala,…. ….is celebrated during this period. If you want to understand our 18-day-long journey in more detail…. ….like where we began our journey, to which places we travelled, what foods we explored,…. ….and the sightseeing we did,…. …you will have to watch all our episodes in the correct chronological order. Otherwise, you might miss the continuity. And apart from the itineraries shown during the video, I have also prepared….. …I’ve prepared some extra itineraries, which you can access in the description of this video. Before I end this video, I would like to thank…. …Tourism News Live dot com website,…. …who helped us to prepare our itinerary. They also provided a lot of guidance to us for our Kerala tour. They do not have a customer interface on their website. I met them by chance and….. …they provided a lot of guidance to us. The way we work on travel/tourism, similarly, they also have a portal…. ….where they post articles and blogs on tourism. I would also like to thank my subscribers and viewers,…. ….who helped us plan our Kerala tour. They shared their comments about which places to visit and what food to eat. A special thanks to Kochi Taxi 24×7…. ….for a great tour! Especially in the company of Sajil bhai! Great human being! Now you may want to know our next destination after Kerala. So, for your reference, we have just come back from our Kolkata tour. You will see episodes from that tour immediately after the Kerala series. We enjoyed Kolkata very much! And if you also want to know where we would be going after Kolkata….. ….the reply would be Assam. In Kerala tour, whatever we saw, understood, even missed visiting, this was the summary of all that. Now, you will see some of the behind-the-scenes! I hope you will enjoy this part too. Don’t leave me behind! Ohh my God! What happened suddenly? I’ve ordered puttu for myself. The voice is echoing inside, therefore,…. Repeat it? I thought so! Today’s night stay will be in Allappuzha. Repeat! Today’s night stay will be in Allappuzha. No? Again? Today’s night stay will be in Allappuzha. This is the limit! Look who’s back! Ma’am, can you request someone to switch off this microphone? Ma’am please! We need to wrap up in 5 minutes. Please request him to stop for a while. (Calling out) 5 minutes! Can you please help us? We cannot locate our car. Can you please take him half a kilometer in that direction? If the car is located there, we will walk towards that. If not, please drop him back here! You parked on the other side no? You parked on the other side and you came over this side. We’ll have to go back now? Ohh God! We will meet soon with a new journey. Till then, goodbye! See you soon!

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