Kerala to Europe | EP:24| sur oman, മത്സ്യബന്ധന ബോട്ട് 4 ലക്ഷം രൂപക്ക്……

For those who stay in the shores of India. You can get a fiber boat for 4 Lakh INR This is where I am at right now. Hello and welcome, Right now I am at Sur It is 200 KM away from Sur In the last episode we saw turtles laying eggs. It was a great view. I shot the entire episode in dark. Right now I am in Kornish and today we will be going to, there. In those lines there, you get boating services. We will be seeing those boats and we will also be going to a place where boats get built. After seeing the boat making, we will go for boating. We have few people here. Aamina is there. I already told you that there is a small issue with the engine. I can only figure out the issue once I reach Muscat. The sound from the engine is pretty loud. I called him and talked to him. We will do th fixing as an episode. Let us go now. We are here. We have a lot of school kids here. We have a bridge here. And it is through this bridge that went to see turtles yesterday This bridge was built recently and it is only about 10 years old now. We have a normal boat here and we also have a wooden boat there. There are many kids waiting here. This is a part of the sea. What we are going to do is, we will be going for boating. And when we reach the other side of the bridge, we will be able to see the boat manufacturing process. It has a big Honda engine There are lot of kids here. There are 4 people in the boat. All these kids are here to get into the boat. I am here in the front of the boat. Even if I fall into the water I will swim today. This bridge was made 10 years ago. But still it looks new. The quality is very good. You can see a building here. We have a step to the bottom. That step is used to drain water to the sea. We can see a fishing vessel here. It looks like something used by pirates in old films. The water here has a greenish shade into it. If you come here with the family you can get into this boat for very cheap and view the places around the waters. Right now the climate is very good. It is not at all hot now. Sur is not as big as Muscat, but this place is very clam and peaceful I was standing here like a hero and those kids were looking at me. When we see girls we put up an attitude and stand straight We can see many turtles in the water. The ones that we saw the last day from the shores. They are here. That guy started his engine at high speeds and because of that the turtles got scared and left. We should be silent if we want to find them. The turtles here are very big. I took my GoPro since we are in water. If it was G7X, we could have zoomed. We are moving to the other side now. We also have a light house in there. He is fishing here and I am going to enter into his boat They are able to catch fish very fast. Let me get into the boat without falling. The fish is still alive. Looks like they are baits to catch bigger fish. They are not even using any baits to catch this fish. They have the fake baits attached to it. When they pull it fish think it is food and try to eat it. He has changes the location now. I think about Unni Bro from OMKV when I see fishing hooks. When I was a kid, I used to go to the river and used to catch fish. It is a fun thing for us to do This needs patience. Those peole there are getting lot of fish We have bigger hooks there. I think fish is scarce in this side of the boat. He is changing the location now. These are sardines. It feels very good to sit here like this. It looks fine even after catching it with hooks. And finally we are back in our boat. We will be going to the lighthouse. We can drive this without license. We have a small light house here. I am standing here like the scene from Titanic Now we will be going to a place where they make these boats. There are many Malayalis working there. It is towards that side. We will go there now. We have a Malayali person with me It is mainly in Bepur in Kerala wheresuch boats are built. From kerala such boats are taken to many other countries. This is the location where I am at now. It looks like a mini Bepur There are many boats being built here. Tell us about the boats being made here. Tourist boats are mainly being manufactured here. Can we get inside it? [Yes] So let us get inside it. The length of these boats are less. Look at the bottom of this boat. It is very high. We have toilet here. The engine will be somewhere near it. This is the bathroom for these bedrooms here. So do you people fix the engine too? [Yes] We have a balcony on top too. How fast will these go? Not that fast. I have seen such boats in Dubai Around 4-5 boats were taken to Qatar What type of wood do you use? These wood is brought from Malaysia. So it does not get affected even if it comes in contact with salt water. Wood will get stronger when it comes in contact with wood. Most of the people working here are Malayalis. Where do you get these bamboo from? UAE Looks like they are building a big boat here. It will be amazing for the people seeing it for the first time. This is being built for cargo You can see seats on both sides of the boat so that they can row the boat This is being used for racing. This boat looks a bit different from others. This one is carved beautifully. I think this is also for tourism. It does not look like a one that is used for fishing. Look at the back side. These are the woods that are used for the construction. Look at the size of these wood. In Kerala people come to such places to collect saw dust. When I used to go to school, I used to go for loading saw dust So I used to load these saw dust like the one here into National Permit Trucks. We would get 1000 INR for loading a national permit truck. A person would get 250 INR. At that time 250 INR was a huge amount I used to give 100 INR out of it at home. I was very happy to do it. It was not any easy task because of the heat and dust We used to keep a shield on head to protect from the heat It was pretty difficult. But since that was the situation I had to do it. Anyway I got to learn many things from such situations. I remember those days when I see the saw dust here. We will go to see the next boat. We saw this area. We will see small boats now. This is a raft. Looks like it was made from a single piece of wood. I am unable to see any pieces. These are some of the models of boats that these people make here. You can see the parts of the boat which we saw. There are many things that are manufactured here. This is the steering of a boat. It looks beautiful. Wish we could fix this in cars. This is hard wood. These are foreign wood This is a book stand. We have a big boat here. I think they are for sale. I saw the same thing when we went to Zenzibar island in Africa Zanzibar was a part of Oman back in the days They have even made this boat manufacturing unit into a tourist location If you are a person living in villages, when foreigners come, you can earn money by taking them to different locations in your place. You might need license for that. You can contact people with license to know more about that. People will be so amazed to see the culture and life at our villages. Let us go out now. No we will be going to his fiber boat making unit. Now we went to a place where they make boat with wood That was owned by an Omani. Now we will be seeing a fiber boat making unit owned by a Malayali These are the boats I told you about. These are new. What all materials do you use? [Fully made by fiber] What a fool am I to ask what a fiber boat is made of So you mould fiber to make these? Yes we have the mould there Let us go see the moulding process first. This is the mould for the boat. They fill this with many chemicals and fibers just like we make iron items by using mould made of mud Boat will be made with this design Once it is made it will be seperated from the mould and this is what you get. The mould will be bigger than the boat. This boat was made using that mould there Then they polish this. I will show it to you on the other side. These are each steps of making boat So this is the separation process from the mould. They will seperate all these once it is dry. That is how they make it. And then they add pieces on top if it. I am seeing this for the first time. My thought was totally different from this. In India we make it with wood first and they we coat it with fiber. But here everything is made of fiber. So how is the quality? We are giving warrantyfor an year, If there are any complaints we will give a new one. What would be the cost for building a boat? This boat is being sold for 1800 Riyal So it will be around 4 Lakh INR You would get a boat for 4 Lakh INR? In India it would be much more expensive than this That is because the materials are very expensive in India. Can we take this to India? Yes. We can take this to India via ship. I had taken such boats to Qatar They take this via ship For those people in shores of India. You can get a fiber boat for 4 Lakh INR It might cost you 5 Lakh including shipping. I will show it to you from the other side. This place is in Sur. You will give discounts right? This will be the final stage. Oh. The work is still going on here. What are they using this mat for? They are using it for joining. It is for the strength. These are the views here. We saw boats like these fishing. Those might be built here. There are many things that we dont get to know We never think of how the fishing equipment’s are made when we have fish We went for boating today. We also saw how boats are made. Both wooden and fiber. I wanted to go to Souq. But I can only go there after servicing the vehicle. I will be going to Muscat today eveing Thanks a lot for showing us all these. I was allowed to shoot the videos there because of him So that is it. See you in the next episode.

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