Kerala to Europe | EP:05| Shipping the bike to OMAN from mumbai

Aamina Bye bye. I am feeling really sad right now Aamina. Hello guys, welcome today is 1st of November Last episode I told you that there wont be a video today. But, today we got permission to submit our bike to cargo So I thought of making a video today and that is the reason for todays video Aamina is ready. I am going to pack the bike today. I have my riding boot inside this The jacket and pant is inside here and more stuff is here inside the pioneers So today I will be riding in this dress So if someone sees me like this this is the reason behind driving without riding gear From here we have to go to Panvel which is around 35KM from here. We will go to Panvel and submit the bike there Then let us hear what they tell us So, in today’s episode I will me mainly showing you the shipment process of the bike from Mumbai There is no rain today and the weather is pleasant. The two people standing there helped me a lot with the routes People come to me and ask about the trip when they see the bike Here there is a security check Since I have been in Maharashtra the roads have been so pathetic In Karnataka and Gujarat there are very good roads I dont know why this is the case here in Maharashtra The place is humid, full of traffic blocks and bad roads even though this is a very big city with lot of population including many actors and some of the richest people in India The road development is very poor. You can see it by yourself This is the way to Mumbai city from Panvel and this road is filled with bumps You can see a guy smoking with his hands outside the vehicle It is so hot here. I dont know how he is able to smoke He dropped it now. If it was Kerala I would have told something bad to him right now This is actually bad for others the ash from cigarette falls on bikers like us The smoking itself is a bad habit In case of chain smokers their house, and their lips all will look bad And also if if travel along with them they need extra time for smoking There are lot of negative aspects for smoking I dont know what benefit they get from this I have never smoked and I dont ever wish to This is because I never felt the need for it Many tell me that they get relaxation out of it I get relaxation even without it so what is the purpose of me smoking. We waste lot of hours of our precious life like this for someone. It is raining a bit now You can see it from the camera lens Because of this the dust settled a bit It will be an issue for my phone of it rains We have around 7.5KM more This entire road is filled with dust I thought off-road like roads were only there in our place I dont have my jacket too. The road looks like a well without water Google maps betrayed me It is so tough to find the office You should care a lot in roads like this You should look carefully to the left before going forward There is no need of rushing since such roads are filled with trucks like this I saw a news last day regarding this You should never rush on the roads. Just let everything go easy. This entire route is filled with container yard This is the main reason why roads are bad We are finally at a shipping company called JWR Here we have lot of trucks coming here to pickup stuff I called them. They will be here in 10 minutes they asked me to wait here. The guard told me to keep the bike here and go inside. I told him that I have to ship the bike. Now everyone is looking at the bike wondering whether this is the actual product to ship I will tell you all the details on the shipping once I have talked to them I saw the guy, he told me that the gate pass is not yet allotted. It will take around 30 minutes I am standing here suffering all the heat and dust Everyone is looking at the vehicle I am here keeping an eye on the bike The entire area is filled with vehicles I have been waiting here for around 45 minutes and they are telling it will take more time I have came outside to have some food This is the shipping area Even though the place is not that hygienic I am so hungry I will eat whatever I get when I am in such a situation It is actually pretty good This is basically a vada inside a bun Let me have this and wait and see how long does it take I had to wait from 1PM till 4PM and finally he came with the boarding pass I was so tired of waiting Look at Aamina. The bike is full of dust This is the condition right now. Let us go inside. Camera is not allowed inside and they asked me to turn it off I will show everything once we are inside Finally I am inside. I have kept the bike here I have packed everything Jacket is here Helmet is inside this Since we have to give the key to them I am keeping it here There is nothing much They will place the bike inside a huge container and they will ship it The ship will leave from Mumbai on 5th and it will reach Oman by 14th It will take around 9 days The shipment charge is 97000 INR I know you would have wondered hearing the cost This total charge include packing, shipping and customs charges For this amount they will will send the bike to Muscat from Mumbai This is the deal. I am sad because Aamina wont be with me for around 10 to 15 days Most probably I will go to Qatar in 3 or 4 days as I have told in the last episode You can call Fasal for the meetup. I have provided the number in the description. Aamina, Bye bye. I am really sad Aamina It wont be fun without Aamina for the next 10-15 days [Telling Aamina to learn a few Arabic phrases to survive in UAE refering to an old Malayalam film.] So let me leave this place. I have to reach Thane. We will have to get lift from someone else to reach there. The condition of people living here is sad because of the dust and pollution As you can see this place is full of dust Think of truck drivers, I have respect for them because they work in such conditions Most of us don’t realize this. Even food is not proper as you saw earlier while I was having food. Lets go to the highway and try to get lift to Thane Finally I am at highway and still the condition is really bad. There are lots of trucks in this location. We would have to run inorder to cross the road. There is a road down there and these people told me that I would get some means of transportation there I got a seat and let me ride with them to Panvel. From there I have to reach Thane. There is nothing much to say I am sad that Aamina ha left for now. I will go to Qatar in few days So the first part of Kerala to Europe trip is over. The next part will start when Aamina reaches Oman. In between that I will try to make some vlog at Qatar I will post videos daily on channel I was thinking about something the person who insulted Bineesh bro How would people like him live here. As you can see I try to be friendly with everyone here Colour, financial status or caste should not matter to us. Everyone is a human being. This has to be the reason to be friendly with everyone Will that guy ask all these people to go out so that he can sit? I dont know how he will survive. Inside everyone is the same with the same blood, bone and flesh the change is only in the outside Money, most of the people enjoy because their parents earned a lot for them Some people work hard and earn. Some people cannot work so they remain poor. But, we always have to remember we are humans and we are the same Nothing more to say, let me go to the room and let me sleep we will see again during the Qatar vlog Bye.

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  6. Unda alla, vadapav. That’s roads are good and all concrete. But your are in remote area not in mumbai . Also roads are bad because heavy rain from last 4 months . They will fix this within two weeks . They are just waiting for light day 🙂

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