Kerala to Europe | EP:04| Mumbai meet up before shipping

We will be going for dinner. Let me show you what’s there for dinner today. Hello Guys.. welcome everyone. I am currently at the ground floor. I am presently at Thana. In the last video, as I had shown Amina and I are with Juby. You might wonder who Juby is. I had done 4 to 5 vlogs based on Mumbai with Vishakh. Juby had played a good part in those. He is my neighbour. Today’s plannings are as follows.. I have the papers with me. I have to take it to the shipping company. Also, I haven’t’ collected IDP – International Driving Permit. I have to go get it. Amina is not coming with us now. She is resting here. We have driven almost 1500 Kilometers. As I had shown in the previous episode, we were completely offroad. Still we are happy. She is resting here. It completely filled with dust and dirt. As you can see.. she looks like a vehicle parked almost one or two months outside. She’s covered completely in dust. Nikhilesh Bhai will arrive now. Our programs will be with him. Also rider Vishakha will be with us in the video. At 4 in the evening, there is a meetup for all Malayalees here. We have to cover that too. This episode will cover all these. I hope you will watch it without skipping. All those who have not subscribed, do not forget to do it. Let’s start once NIhilesh Bhai arrived.. – Say hei to my subscribers. – Hei hei He had travelled through all states in India and also visited all the Union Territories like Andaman Nicobar. The first vehicle and the one and only one vehicle that made such a trip belongs to him. – [driver] Greetings to all They have learned watching our intro. From here we will be going directly to Western India Automobile association office. We will take IDP from there and then we will head to Cargo office. We are at the church gate and are going to Western India Automobile Association office. As I have in a video “How to get carnet”, it’s from here we get the carnet. So, this is the location. The build that we see in front is the office. For those who do not know what carnet is.. Carnet is the permission that is needed to take vehicles abroad. We are inside the office of the Carnet office. I had issued my carnet from here. Carnet is the permit that is needed to take, use and ride vehicles outside India. I had clearly described how to get it. I have added the linkt to it in the description. IDP is also issued from here. I have also specified how to get IDP. You can refer the same. I have to get IDP from here. I came here, gave the name and is now waiting for the call. All people here are so nice. Anyone who wants to take vehicles outside India can come here. You can watch that video. I have specified everything so clearly with location details. I got the IDP. This is IDP. It’s a small paper like the Ration Card. It contains our details and the list of countries we are planning to visit. Now we will go to the Cargo office and we have to submit out documents. Vishaka is coming and she will join our vlog. After we submit the documents in the cargo office we will cover the meetup of our malayali subscribers at 4PM. I sense a chance of getting cold. May be because we came offroad yesterday(dust). We have passed the church gate. And Vishakha has arrived. -Hei Vishaka – Hei Guys.. finally we meet again after 3 4 months. – 3 months ya. Not 4 months. – You become very old. – Old? I look more hotter. So.. we have Vishakha with us. Now we are going directly to Cargo office. After finishing the works here, we will move to the meetup. Lets ROCK I had searched a lot for Indian flag in Kerala and got nothing. Now here, in Mumbai, there is a shop dedicated to only flags. Here it is full of flags. There is not even a little space to enter the shop. We have bought two flags. There are of superb quality. I was sure we will get it here. I donot know why, but it is little difficult to get Indian flags in our native. May be it’s because I didn’t see. Anyways the quality of the flags there are poor. Else it should be August 15 or so to get good flags. The smallest one costs Rs. 60 and the other Rs. 100. We shall place it behind the byke. We have reached the Cargo office. The office is in the first floor. I will come after finish the task. I will tell everything regarding the shipping in one video. The time is 4:45. The meetup was planned at 4PM. But we are late. The traffic is really heavy here. It takes a minimum of 1 hour to travel 10KM. We are directly heading to Juby’s appartment. From there we will take Amina, my jacket and helmet and then to the meetup. They are already waiting for us. Sorry to everyone for making you wait. TIme is 5:20PM. I am late because I have to take Amina with me. I have released this video without a music. I was really trying how it was. Please do comment your opinions about it. Vishakha is waiting for us. So let us go to the meetup and see some Malayalees… The internet connection is not working. So ask Nikhilesh Bhai to send location and just navigate me. [music playing] [Greeting] And finally, we have reached here. There are a lot of Malayalees and non-malayalees waiting for us. Firstly, I am apologizing for being so late and made them wait till 5:45. Simply speaking, for me to reach Kannur from Iritty it takes only 40 minutes. But here it took 3 hours to cover 50 kilometers. [greetings] Vehicles are not allowed here in the park. I took it inside to take photos. After that we have to take out outside. Else we have to pay fine. They have brought a cake. We shall cut it and then leave after a Django Django. They were waiting from 4 and so it started to melt. Everyone has gathered to eat the cake. Really tasty cake. Vishakha is our camers man. [music plays] Here I would like to ask some questions. Usually, people ask me questions. Here I am planning to ask some. Because people say a lot of things about who I am in the comment box.. like he is so introvert and so on.. I am going to ask the same to my subscribers here. – Am I an introvert bro? – No not at all…You are so friendly. – What are your opinions about me? – Superb man People say a lot of good positive comments in the comment box. But there are few who says I am bit introvert. [crowd answering] – [malayali rider] I have very few followers than you. Even then I get a lot a bad comments. We should evaluate a person without meeting him/her in person. But people are not so. They just make their judgement just based on videos. Some may not like certain portion of a video. The problem is that they do not watch the vlog regularly, but only a certain part. It’s enough that I have my friend with me. 🙂 From there we have reached Nikhilesh Bhai’s home. Everyone were waiting for us. Just have a tea and then we will leave. There are two new people with us. Meet this person. He is the first Indian to cover all the states in India and also Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadeep His vehicle is Royal Enfield Thunderbird. The company hasn’t provided any sponsorship to him. This vlog has nothing much special. If it’s little tiring please do fogive. Let this one go like this. We are at Nikhilesh Bhai’s home. He does vehicle repairs by going to the customer’s location. He has gifted me this bottle with my logo. We are at Obroi mall and are going to a cafe. This is the difference between men and women. I have done nothing after I took a bath in the morning. We are going to have dinner. I will show you what is available here. It’s happy to say that our subscriber count has reached 4 lakhs. I am so happy about that. Thank you everyone for the support. We are going to buy a cake to celebrate this happiness. We are going to celebrate as everyone requested to do the same. [music] We didn’t get the cake, but we have got something special. I cannot show this much since it may get a copy write issue. So, let us celebrate this and go cut the ‘cake’. [music] The food is so nice. Both nonveg and veg is available. Me and that fat bro is non veg, all others are veg. Anyway, thanks a lot to everyone for getting me 4Lakh subscribers. I didn’t vlog inside the hotel due to copy right issues. I am now heading to my room. Today’s day is really just like this. Seems like everyone missed Amina. We had nothing to do today except this. We are leaving now. Time is 2 in the morning. I am going to my room with Amina from Nikilesh Bhai’s home. There is no difference in the traffic block even in the night. There is around 8 kilimeters from here. Rider Gayathri is only up to Kolapur. She is not joining me in my Europe trip. Many people were asking about it. This Europe ride is a solo ride. There is no one with me. Also many people from Europe are asking if I will be able to drive since it is winter during November and December in Europe. Actually, I will enter Europe only during or after Marh. It will be a good season in Europe that time. Till then I will be tripping through Gulf, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. Many people also asked me to increase the clarity of my video. I am using GoPro Hero 7. I am recording in 2.4K . I am shooting and uploading in good clarity. The reasons why you are getting poor clarity could be that you choose a low resolution in your youtube choosing 1080p in youtube will get you a good clarity In the last episode when I was riding offroad, some were asking to go slow. Actually, we should not go slow on offroads. The slower we go, the greater the chance we skid. You may not believe this. But its the fact. I have to check my byke before leaving India. That’s also a reason why I did a little tough riding yesterday. I have reached the room in the morning at 2:30. I was really tired. I haven’t added any music to the video as an experiment. Our riding video actually starts from Oman. Till then I am experimenting some changes. Today is November 1st. Today or tomorrow, I will submit the vehicle here. After that we will continue our videos in Oman. Between that, I will be in Qatar for one week I have a friend there, Fazal. If anyone in Qatar is interested in a meetup, you can contact Fazal. I will provide his number in the description. There will be no video tomorrow.. The next video will be on the day after tomorrow. After the Cargo video which we will be having videos at Qatar. So, bye everyone. See you in the next episode.

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