Kerala to Europe | EP:03| Kolhapur to Mumbai, worst road experience

This place is filled with people just like the view point at Thamarassery hill top Hello guys, today is Wednesday and the time is around 9:45 AM. Right now I am at Kolhapur So today we will be going to Mumbai and it is around a 300-350 KM drive to Mumbai Today we will be going slowly we have enough time and we only have to reach there by 7 PM We wont be riding for a while after tomorrow The next ride will start at Oman Let me show you something This is my luggage and many have asked me about it This is the bag which I will be taking with me This bag was provided by Strabo This is a laptop bag I have kept my laptop inside along with that we also have the accessories and this part has all my camera equipment This includes my GoPro accessories This is the second bag and it will be placed behind the vehicle I like this better than the other one This bag has a lot of side pockets on the both sides. We can also wear this on the shoulder if we want to All my dress is inside this I am only carrying these with me I also have some emergency stuff here in this small bag I can wear this on my leg which has cash, credit card etc. and here I have a small Swiss Army type Knife These are the things that I am using These are the extra batteries for GoPro So the first planning is not to drive directly but is to meet some people that we saw in yesterdays video I will be going to his home for breakfast I will be having traditional Kolhapur veg breakfast We will be going there and then after coming back we will pack and go to Mumbai. So this is what we will ses in todays vlog Those who haven’t subscribed yet please get subscribed Once we reach mumbai we will be sending the bike to Oman and the proper ride videos will only start from there along with all the good content Once we start from Oman the videos will be around 30 minutes long So, Gayatri is here Lets go have breakfast We reached here in his home [Explaining the same in Malayalam] [Explaining the same in Malayalam] He is now using a Kawasaki bike Today we will be having breakfast here at his home Let us see the Kolhapur special food There are lot of items here At Kerala once we are old we usually stop having sweet Here it is the opposite. We have many items here and some are Diwali Special This is special Kolhapur Vada There are many more things inside. Lets see what is inside They haven’t made this special for me. This is what they usually have as I have told I would like to try those Let me have the breakfast We will see back at the room and then let us leave from there I have reached back at the hotel I have packed everything the bag which I showed you earlier is here and the other bag is safe inside this since I have laptop inside that This is the hotel which I staid This is not a promotion I am telling from my experience They asked for 1500INR but finally got it for around 1000INR They provide great service They have all the aminities inside the room I have lubed the chain She had it with her We only have around 400KM left in India after that we will be riding in Oman So lets start our trip to Mumbai This camera automatically turns off once in a while Might be due to some loose contact while we connect the mic I have to restart it after taking out I have stopped here for a moment It is around 70KM to Pune We have a tunnel here Last time when I came here with Cliq, I stopped here to take a photo. So I thought to take a photo with Aamina too. Some people also told me that they were not able to see this properly. This is for them. You can see it well this time I will ride with lights in it so that you can see it properly The guy we just met is a subscriber He is not following me on Insta He didn’t get the latest updates. He knew that we started our trip He chased me when he saw me on the road He was in a wonder when he saw me on the road This is our first ride in rain after driving these many Kilometers For the first time We have crossed Pune And now we are going to Lonawala It is a good place to see It has rained really well here in this route Rain is not an issue for us everything that we carry is waterproof The only thing that might get wet is the mobile phone so I have kept it safe. We have both rain and sun at the same time Like the foxes wedding paradox that was told during our childhood I also tell that story to my kids Right now we are at Lonawala view point This place is filled with people just like Thamarassey view point To show you this place I would have to stop and it is a bit risky to stop here The reason is my side stand is not in good condition and it is not safe to stop in a slanted place we have an other view point below This is the other view point which I talked about and that was the one which we saw earlier What we see below is the express highway We also have a rail track there I am not sure whether you can see this This is the route which we are going to go through This is a really good view point We have around 60 more KM to go My ears are aching a little bit because of the helmet and we will stop at a helmet shop to see what is wrong Look at the beautiful sun. This place is filled with people All the riders from Kerala will stop here for the view Time is limited that is why we are not stoping here We have huge rocks there The roads are a bit confusing We have to turn to left from here This is the road Looks like an exit road from expressway There is no much use with Google Map too Asking people is the best option This feels like a downhill road My ears are closed The entire road is filled with potholes It is painful to sit and ride so I am riding standing as Junaid Bhai told me to It is a long off-road path road is in a really bad condition we have around 80KM from here and this distance is to our room time is around 6:15 PM Some good road is finally here Time is around 7:00 PM I am at Panvel right now I am inside a helmet shop Since my gopro touches my ear it is hurting a little bit He is setting it for me So let me get this over with My ears are closed We will see again at room I think that will be the best There is no purpose in seeing the road at night I am at Jubi Now let me enjoy with all the dress, food and soap that he is giving me We have our really expensive Kellogs with us The road from Panvel to here was really bad Very bad, I was riding standing Time time is around 8 Tomorrow we have a meetup That is 4PM at 31st The meeting is with Malayali riders After that, day after tomorrow we will complete all the customs clearance So that is it. Say hi.

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