okay guys so my mom picked me up from school
early and I kinda wasn’t expecting it because I thought today was Thursday whoops it’s really
dark in here how it still really dark in there okay there we go okay as I was saying I thought
it was Thursday so I wasn’t expecting her to pick me up because she said it was going
to be on Tuesday when she was going to pick me up for the dentist and I am kind of nervous
for the dentist right now because first of all I hate the dentist I just don’t like the
dentist and then second of all I just ate snacks so I probably have food in my teeth
so there probably going to put that scraper thingy on my teeth and then third of all I
have like a chip in my tooth so they’re probably going to have to fill that and were going
to be there forever so wish me luck guys I am hoping for no cavities so were just driving
and I’m getting bored so I’m gonna talk to you guys and I’m gonna tell you a story of
why I have probably hate the dentist 10 times more now than I did when I was younger and
that is because as some of you guys may know we used to live in Texas and there wasn’t
really a whole lot of kids dentists in Texas so I went to an adult dentist place and I
had a cavity and so the dentist guy he was like telling me all these things that I was
getting so worked up about and so he was only like it will only hurt if you tense up or
move and I was like are you serious did you just tell me that it was going to hurt so
I was just like freaking out and panicking so I couldn’t even get the cavity out and
so we moved here to Florida and so that’s probably why I hate the dentist so much because
that one guy told me it was going to hurt so ever since then I think it’s gonna hurt
every time they give me a shot my mouth don’t ask me why because they numbed it first before
they put in the shot and then so I also wanted to ask you guys if you guys either hate the
dentist or like the dentist and tell me why or why not or why you hate it or why you like
it so comment down below your thoughts about the dentist because we would love to hear
about it they’re getting ready to do x-rays right now very typical cleaning visit they
just finished with the x-rays you see them that’s what they look like when they’re done
right away they have them posted up on the computer Kayla is looking cool at the dentist
so they are checking Kayla’s teeth now and they are recommending that she gets braces
how was it it was good so it was good see it’s not a big deal that wasn’t so bad actually
I actually didn’t mind that dentist appointment no cavities A+ on the no cavities at what
happens that’s why you guys got off loss and use mouthwash I’ve got to start flossing because
there was sugar build up in between my teeth so Kayla got lucked out she lucked out this
time but flossing helps a lot A+ so we just ordered our lunch and we are starving and
stuff so we need food we need food we need food your just like stabbing the table yes
stabbing the table and I made a really loud noise as good I’m so hungry yeah can I embarrass
Kayla because I started acting like a little kid so she is the parent today and I’m the
kid and I’m like give me food my face is still red from the Jell-O challenge it just looks
like you got a little bit of sun it’s Mrs. butters worth kills to put her on her burger
sure sure I will because Kayla is crazy like that we got bacon cheeseburgers there so good
see the bacon you see that bacon it’s good stuff at is very good yummy hello DFFs we
just picked up Tyler from school so what happened I didn’t know that Kayla went to the dentist
so I’m a walker so I have to wait for her or she has to wait for me so I waited until
every single bike and scooter was gone and she still wasn’t there it was for like forever
you are worried huh yeah I thought she like left me and she was in the car so I just went
away we tried to email the teacher to let her know to let Tyler know but she probably
didn’t get the email in time so but fortunately it all worked out too bad that Tyler didn’t
know but everyone is home safe so that’s good so everyone come get your grub I’m here where
is it at serve it up and tell me how much of an awesome cook I am urine awesome cook
baby where’s my food my food I just served you when you guys can eat that’s funny that’s
not a whole lot of food here better go get Tyler Ty buddy come on time to get your grub
on this is probably wrong but this is how I do it okay so you go like this and then
you do that and then you just have to shove it in your mouth as fast as you can before
falls apart that’s what I do I go like this and then you tuck it in and then you just
fold it back over and then you just tuck that part and then you take the ends in so it doesn’t
spill out when you go to bite it I have to get braces again yet Kayla is due for braces
again ouch I’m too big for this table I just bang my knee pretty soon I’m going to fill
my belly with food so I will forget about the pain in my knee I think we’re just going
to eat for a minute here and then we’ll be back look it who is that oh my goodness he’s
in his little bath right now hi you want to go play in the ball go play it in their go
play in the ball playing the ball so Chewy decided he wanted to play in the ball and
he is just a little terror in this ball you have to just see what he does he’s crazy sometimes
he just sits in the corner but then after he’s been there for a while he starts to get
really active and then he’ll start running and then as soon as he just runs into something
he will just freeze right now he’s just warming up the ball gets kind of beat up from running
on the grounds you can’t seem as good or not as good as when we first got the ball he runs
into things a lot and runs into a lot of things here watch he is doing some breakdancing here
he is not potty trained yet so I have to do this like every day all right were off there
going to run it’s time for some training getting ready for football season football season
is coming up here soon Tyler’s got his boot off and he is ready to go daddy hurt his back
oh nevermind he’s just stretching help I can get up I’m stuck how low can you go not very
that’s it looks painful actually it is just a little bit Tyler can go way further down
than I can okay mommy wants to see you do some Burpee’s do your thing do 1010 I have
to save my energy for the run okay then do 5 … 3 … three what for okay you are good
have fun it it’s almost dark so you better hurry to go that way and the way they go did
you just get through exercising I ran around the block and I did crunches and push-ups
and Burpee’s will you just chill out there for a minute hey so we just wrapped up dinner
the kids are going to get ready for bed Tyler got some exercise we got his training in I
cleaned Chewy’s cage and I got a full belly of yummy food that Connie cooked and I cleaned
up dinner so everybody’s clean something or done something tonight that was good for them
I have cleaned my fat Tyler cleaned his fat good job buddy so what do you want to remind
everybody I want to remind everybody to answer the question that I asked in the car which
was do you like the dentist or do you not like the dentist and why do you like them
or do you not like them so make sure you tell us in the comments section down below because
inquiring minds want to know and we enjoyed sharing this video with you guys and we want
you to have a wonderful evening and until next time goodbye

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