K1 visa – Why tourist visa cannot be used to marry

Tourist visas are great, as you can obtain
them in a very short amount of time and they allow couples to be together, however as much
as people would like it to be, it cannot be an alternative for possessing a fiance visa.
In order to marry and obtain the Adjustment of Status process, a fiance visa is the legal
option. While it may be difficult to be apart for months at a time, it is best to follow
what is required in order to have a legal marriage with your foreign fiance. Perhaps
this article will help you to better understand the details of this arrangement process, as
well as advice you and your distant loved one. In the United States, there two different
kinds of visas, which include the immigrant and non-immigrant visa. The tourist visa is
useful for those wanting to visit the United States, but plan to return back to their home
country after their visit. This kind of visa is not appropriate for those planning to permanently
stay in the US. The tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa and by staying in the US falsely acting
as a tourist for the intention of marriage, you are actually admitting to the crime of
visa fraud. During the required Adjustment of Status interview, the United States Citizenship
and Immigration Services will definitely be able to see past your fake intentions and
reveal the truth. At the tourist visa interview, the DS form questions whether you have an
American fiance and by answering “no”, evidence is given that you are lying, unless
intention of marriage has been authorized upon your US destination arrival. Nevertheless,
if your marriage happens quickly after you have arrived in the United States, your intentions
will not seem trustworthy and the USCIS might choose to punish you. This could result in
being denied in an Adjustment of Status case. In some situations, there is a slight chance
you could get a waiver and ask forgiveness of the USCIS, although this process is quite
difficult. One crucial aspect to remember is that in
most countries around the world, tourist visas used for visiting the United States require
great effort to obtain, and it is not an easy process, which often results in a denial.
If you have a failed attempt to receive a tourist visa, a future fiance visa application
will be that much more difficult to obtain due to suspicions of intentions. The US Embassy
will not have any prejudice towards your fiance visa application purely based upon your prior
tourist visa denial; however, they will review your case more intensively as opposed to those
that have no previous rejections. In summary, tourist visas should not be used for false
immigration intentions due to the significant consequences which could primarily affect
you and your fiance’s future together. Every visa is made for a different purpose and the
tourist visa is used just for that, touring. Just like any other immigrant visa, the USCIS
must make certain that the requirements are met. In order to live in the United States
and assure that you will have no future troubles obtaining a permanent resident status, the
process must be accomplished. If you are interested in more information concerning the fiance
visa, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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