K1 Visa Requirements That Can Get You Denied

Hi Everyone Today we are going to talk about the K1 visa
requirements that can get you delayed or denied. We wanted to talk about this for a very long
time because we are getting a lot of people who are coming to us after submitting their
application. But have now realized that they done something
incorrectly or forgotten to submit some of their documents because they didnt realize
there were certain requirements before applying with their application.
Not only we are going to talk about basic K1 visa requirements but we are going to talk
about those requirements that catch people by surprise and that cause them potentially
to be delayed or denied with their application. As the US citizen the K1 visa allows you to
bring your foreign fiance into the US, get married, start your life together while you
wait for your green card to get processed. Our goal with the Visa Stream Line System
to have you completely informed as to whether you qualify or not so that you know whether
to apply or not. The lawyer is going to qualify you as well as determine if there are any
red flags. So you are completely informed as to what
your situation is and based on that if you qualify you can submit if not that you are
not going to waste your time and money. So the first set of basic requirements is
that you are US citizen. By the way permanent residents are not eligible to apply for K1
visa, you must be an US citizen. Second basic requirement is that yor fiance
resides outside the US. Ofcourse both of you are of legal age to get married.
Also another basic requirement is that your foreign fiance has genuine interest to marry
you and finally that you both agree to get married within 90 days your fiance arriving
into the US. The next requirement is whether you are single?
Now many people dont think about this one but it catches them by surprise. So if you
were married before so make sure you or your fiance have your divorce paper work in order. The next requirement is that you met in last
two years? Most people are aware of this but important is that you document it.
So you want to be able to show proof of it. Keep copies of emails before you go, after
you come back, the restaurants you visited while you visited your foreign fiance. Keep
a lot of pictures and receipts. Not only keep those but back them up. We hear a lot of sad
stories and one of those was of a lady contacted us she went to visit her fiance. She had her
pictures on cellphone and when she came back she dropped it so lost all of them. They havent
used any other camera or backed them up. So they didnt know what to do. So back up
and keep copies of everything so when you apply you have that information available. The next requirements are the minimum income
requirements. This is the very important requirement that catches people by surprise.
Many people dont worry about it until the interview process when they have to show they
proof of financial support. What you want to do whether you are completing
application yourself or using a service you want to make sure that you ensure and determine
that you meet those requirements. Now you can use our webpage. We have a webpage
that gives you the list and table of amounts to determine what your minimum income requirement
is? Based on the number of dependents you have. Use that page and determine it if you
dont qualify for it you may be able to use a sponsor to meet this requirement. The next requirement is the custody of children
again this one is another one that catches the people with surprise.
If you r foreign fiance has children that you are going to be sponsoring as part of
K1 visa. You want to ensure to have the paper work of sole custody of the child. So make
sure your fiance has that. The next requirement is regarding medical
condition. If your foreign fiance has a medical condition that is a threat to public safety.
They will not be able to qualify. If you are not sure they if they do have such medical
conditions and you are not sure then send us
an email at [email protected] and we will be able to help you with this. The next requirement is regarding criminal
convictions. If you have a criminal conviction this is a red flag. You are going to need
to determine whether you qualify or not. If it is a major offence there are some major
offences they are immediately going to disqualify you. The next requirement is regarding visa history.
If you fiance has visited the US previously and sure that they entered legally and didnt
over stay on their visa. If they havent this is another red flag you need to determine
whether they qualify for the K1 visa. These are the main requirements to consider
before submitting your application. After watching this video if you have realised that
you have questions or possibly have red flags in your situation.
Contact us immediately, send us email at [email protected] Now if however you realize that you do meet
the qualifications and dont have any issues then you can get started with the visa Streamline
System. It is two payments of US Dollars 199. Remember! Our goal is to provide you valuable information
so you can make informed decisions also to provide you solutions to make your application
process easy and affordable.

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