K1 Fiance Visa Delays due to Social Media vetting

This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Today’s topic is: Lengthy Administrative Processing
Delays are now happening to Fiance and Spouse visa applicant’s for review of their internet
and telephone accounts. Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
for the personal one-on-one relationship that WE share,
(that’s you, me and your partner), as WE work together,
as a TEAM, to overcome the many challenges of immigration, Don’t risk your happiness, Don’t go this course
alone. Alone, it’s far too easy to make mistakes
that cause tears, delays and expensive denials. Do Pick up the Phone and speak with me directly,
so that, you and I, can get to know each other. This is the
complimentary case evaluation I talk about later. If we are compatible, that’s the beginning
of our beautiful relationship to get you the immigration approvals
you need. This is what two of my clients Charles and
Jenny, had to say: Jenny comes from the Philippijnes and I helped
her get her Fiance visa., We just want to share our happiness after
all the sacrifices we had during a long distance relationship. We can say that
being far from your partner is so very hard. With the help
of the VisaCoach we were so blessed and thankful that
he helped us a along our journey through the K1 process. In just a few months, US Embassy Manila granted
us the K1 Visa approval with the coaching of VisaCoach. Every time
we had a question, he was there to answer our queries
quickly via calls and emails. He also created a web
private page for us. On the page we could see the compilation
of documents needed in the process. It was well organized
and made it easier to review periodically. Now, we’re enjoying the beauty of life as
wife and husband. Thank you so much VisaCoach and may God continue
to use you as an instrument to help more couples reunite
with their loved ones. You are most welcome Charles and Jenny Now, lets talk about “What’s happening at
the US embassys and consulates. Now a program of requiring Fiance and Spouse
visa applicants to provide detailed social media and telephone
details is expected to add many more months of delays before your
visa is issued” Just when we all were getting used to the
delays caused by President Trump’s executive orders. He had instructed USCIS to more vigorously
vet all cases with an objective to to restrict legal immigration. Just when we finally came to grips with the
changes at USCIS that doubled or tripled the length of application
forms, and caused most processing times to double. Now the policy of extreme vetting, and immigration
restrictionism has come to the US State Department’s consulate level. Now either before a consulate interview or
worst at the end of a consulate interview (just when you are waiting to hear “visa
approved, welcome to USA” now many applicants are handed additional questionnaires asking
about their social media, internet and telephone accounts. These questionnaires often come with a note,
saying that perhaps your case may require administrative processing. We already know that whenever the consulate
is working on your case, thinking about whether to approve or deny, it is called Administrative
processing. So it’s no surprise to be told what
the name is, for what is happening to your case. What is a shocking surprise is that the text
goes further to to include a forecast of how long
it might take before Administrative Processing might be complete, instructions from Morocco
and Tunisia warn the applicant it may be a further 4 to
6 months before their consulate MAY make a final decision. The consulate in Turkey’s instructions forecast
an extra 2 to 4 months. And of course these are
not case specific estimates, just basically a warning to tell the applicant to not bother
chasing the consulate for results, until far into the future. This is bad news, cause instead of Administrative
Processing being a rare event that an applicant might
get caught up in, it looks like the State Department is planning to make it a standard
feature of most cases. Here are samples of the text that your fiance
or spouse might recieve Please provide your unique user name for any
websites or applications you have used to create or share content (photos, videos,
status updates, etc.) as part of a public profile within the last five years. Or Provide all email addresses ever used, and
state during which years Or Provide all telephone numbers ever used, and
state during which years If your fiancé or spouse is unfortunate enough
to be asked for these additional details, expect a long delay until a visa is issued
and you are finally reunited with your loved one. What can be done? 1. Well as always, follow my guidance to make
your original front loaded application tell your story
of a sincere, bona fide couple, who’s only possible agenda is a happy married life in
the USA. By making a VisaCoach level presentation you
hopefully may “dodge a bullet”, especially while the extra vetting is still at the discretion
of the reviewing officer. Then Prepare for the worst. 2. Ask your fiancé or spouse to start thinking
early about his or her social media exposure and make accurate lists of user names, emails
and telephone numbers used. So in case
required it won’t take long submit the information to the consulate and kick start their review. “First In” will probably be “First Out” 3. Resist temptation to book flights, chapels,
honeymoon cruises, and so on until that wonderful day when your fiancé
or spouse calls excitedly telling you that his or her passport has just been returned,
and a shiny new visa to the you New Life togethe in the USA is inside. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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16 thoughts on “K1 Fiance Visa Delays due to Social Media vetting

  1. would that delay of 4-6 months affect Centralamerica Honduras as well?? we already got to the 7th month and still have not received the confirmation package.. honestly i am not expecting it any time
    soon. but i really want to know if it is also delayed down here..

  2. I just subscribed to you im in a long distance relationship with my gf who someday i hope will marry and have a happy life with her

  3. Hello Sir, I will ask a question sir, this month I just finished my interview at the US embassy, I really don't know if I denied or not after my interview the consul told me that I wait two weeks they will send letter to me because they need to reviewed again or further evaluation about our case I wait until I hear from here, Sir can call the embassy and ask how's our case is or follow-up because almost 3 weeks now I not receive any letter from them..
    What did I do Sir?
    Thank you

  4. We can do something to avoid this right? Like for example everthing is detailed. my fiance and I are only Using Messenger Video call and Voice call in communicating as well as KIK and Line.

  5. Would that delay affect Hong Kong as well? Because we already applied and the immigration accepted our case last February but we haven't yet get any update until now?

  6. How long is the wait for the second notice and how long will it take to get visa in hand if someone filed in march in afghanistan

  7. Ok so does the trump travel ban that just recently happened does that affect the k1 visa? And if you are applying for someone who is not from the banned countries does that mean that the processing time will go faster?

  8. I filed a k1 petition for my fiancee and was approved by uscis in 2015 , the petition arrived at the consulate in Bucharest Romania, where my fiance resided at the time, next step was to schedule a interview. unfortunately a month before the petition arrived at the consulate my fiancees mother developed some serious health problems and needed surgery, so we ultimately decided to not go through with the k1 because my fiance wanted to take care of her mother for the time being. i moved to Romania with her and planned figure out a solution later. I am assuming that original petition has expired by now, i was i supposed to give notice to uscis about this? now we want to start the k1 process again. i have been living with my fiancee in romania for 2 years now as i am also Romanian, (have dual citizenship) U.S and Romanian. My question is, Are we gonna have more potential problems because we didn't go through with the original k1 petition? Is that gonna look bad that i will file for a second petition for her? I am lost and dont know what to do. I moved to be with her and cant stand the thought i will have to be without her for so long with all these new requirements.

  9. My fiance interviewed in Pakistan in April 24 and it's still in administrative processing. We got a refusal letter through email after a month saying he needs to provide additional information before they will reconsider approving the case and they asked everything: social media, siblings, home addresses, phone numbers, past relationships, children, work history, phone numbers, emails. I've asked my lawyer questions and I've been to a congressional office and they told me we have to follow the embassy's procedure and there is no way we prepare or avoid this administrative processing, this is standard procedure, I think mostly for middle eastern countries, correct me if I'm wrong but that seems to be the case. They also gave a forecast that it would take 60 days to be resolved but it's coming onto almost 4 months soon that we've been in this administrative processing.

  10. Good evening Mr Fred Wahl, am Wamala Nasif from Uganda and currently live in South korea, i had my K1 interview last week Friday 12th Oct 2018 at the US embassy in Seoul . It really went well since i had all the required documentation and evidence of our relationship and our 9month old child but after the interview the officer submitted the 221g forms indicating AP , my passport with a 3 paged form to fill. It required me to write my job history, marriage history, social media handles, names of my siblings and children and that i should send it to the given email address then he will tell me to send him my passport when it is needed. I did so the next day and got a confirmatory email of recieving the scanned 3 paged form on the 17th. My case status updated the next week for 2 days in row. From the 12th of my interview date to 15th and 16th. It's just a week since i had my interview and i kindly wanted to know the situation of my visa. Thank you!

  11. Hello Fred thank you so much for your help
    i would like to ask you about if someone was rejected f1 visa can him or her apply for b2 visa as soon as possible
    does not have a especific time need to wait
    thank you again so much

  12. HELP HELP HELP Pease . K1 visa interview was on may 2017 in Abu Dhabi ( UAE )and i provided them more documents in may 2018 but still administrative . Our precious life is just waiting on ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING

  13. At what point during the K1 visa application does your social media get looked at? I was locked out of facebook for years and only managed to log back in a month ago, and I had a few suggestive pictures of me at a party which I removed a month ago. I think I will have my interview in about 3 weeks. Help!

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