K-culture to continue spreading to the world in year 2020

South Korea’s cultural wave has taken
massive steps forward in 2019 with a host of k-pop artists and Korean movies
earning global praise or Amin’s on takes a look at what we could expect for
growth of ke culture in 2020 two of the most outstanding achievements that
emerged from South Korea’s cultural space in 2019 came from k-pop group BTS
and who knows latest movie parasite and their success is continuing into the new
year parasite started a new year by adding South Korea’s first-ever Golden
Globe Award to its long list of recognitions from international film
festivals and film critics it won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the
Golden Gloves earlier this month becoming the first South Korean film and
third film from East Asia to win that honor parasite has also been nominated
in the Original Screenplay category by the Writers Guild of America and in two
categories at the Academy Awards all of these are adding to expectations
that parasite could become the first South Korean film to win an Oscar in
February that would be a huge milestone for the South Korean film industry and a
chance to expand its presence on the global film scene previously only some
artistic films from South Korea were recognized globally the parasite was
also commercially successful that will change how South Korea is perceived in
the global market as a country that can produce films with good content and
marketability and kpop which has long led the Korean Wave is also expected to
win over even more international fans in the new year k-pops biggest star BTS who
smashed numerous records with their album map of the soul persona are
clearing up to release a new album the group’s leader RM said at a recent Music
Awards ceremony that the band are working on new music and hoped their
army fans would be excited to discover what pts have installed in 2020 the
group’s agency has also hinted at another world tour starting in April
2020 pts are a creative k-pop group and 2020
will be a time for them to take on new challenges in other areas and create
contents for different platforms like movies dramas cartoons and games based
on yes experts also point at possibility of
kpop becoming a major genre in the global market kpop is growing fast in
Latin America and Southeast Asia where the total population is more than the
population of the major traditional pop music markets immense on Arirang news

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