Jordan Spieth’s incredible bunker shot to win Travelers

Right at it. Right at it! Oh! He’s done it again! Just as he did at the John Deere for his first
win. Unbelievable! (applause) Welp, add that one the list.

100 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth’s incredible bunker shot to win Travelers

  1. "That's sportsmanship right there."
    Are you kidding me. This quickest handshake ever, a chest bump and flinging of a club? Not sportsmanship in my book.

  2. Watch him miss the cut next time he plays, ever notice how some players take time off when they won , so the don't embarrass themselves when they miss the cut at the next tournament?

  3. "That was so much easier than putting i should just try to do that every time" -Happy Gilmore and Jordan Spieth

  4. I just rewatch this to see the crowd pop, just to see everyone going crazy in a golf tournament is fun to watch.

  5. They should have taken the win away from him for the unsportsmanlike conduct of throwing his club after the shot.

  6. I usually root against spieth but he's a great young face of the sport that the PGA needs after the fall of Tiger

  7. Love the raw emotion of the moment. Some of the best moments in golf are followed by celebrations that show the emotion of the moment. Love to see this from Jordan and a hell of a golf shot.

  8. This was trending and I know absolutely nothing about golf. But this seems so unreal. How can someone hit a ball so perfectly that even the wind didn't knock it off. Outstanding especially considering that thousands are watching and the man himself is so under pressure. That takes so much skill and dedication. I definitely took Golf into perspective. Also..he's hot haha

  9. He did not know he was going to hole it!, luck, pure and simple,the fact it happened before Berger is normal,if you not on the Green you play first,that's how it works,yes,it puts pressure on Berger,but he's not playing Golf for fun he's playing for his pay check!,tossing the Club?,well,could you control your emotions if you had done that?

  10. Boring Golf . Aztec New Mexico Josh w ray city manger beat up his wife on X mass . Fuck NEW MEXICO SHIT STATE SHIT PEOPLE

  11. Going on how great of a person Jordan is, remember at Pebble Beach how he didn't want to sign autographs with the professional autograph guys around heckling him and throwing f bombs in front of kids? Well Jordan pulled all the kids aside separately to sign their gear. He is just, and fair and classy with the fans who deserve it.

    Sure he gets emotional but all great athletes do, I look for little gestures such as him quieting the crowd after the bunker shot or waiting to tee off after the fan needed a medic as an indicator of their true character. In addition, he always credits his team when they win as if it were a group effort.

  12. I saw him play at the State Tournament when he was a senior in High School, and there was just something about his game that you could tell that he was going to be a special player. Got to talk to him for a bit as well and he is one of the most humblest guys you'll ever meet

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  14. The Travelers deserves a PGA "playoff" stop instead of a regular tour stop. They continually pound out the largest crowds on tour annually and although this highlight was exceptional, the atmosphere is always electric. Like an NHL playoff game. Kind of!

  15. And the lunacy of CBS Sports is that they chose the shot of the day before the round is over. This was NOT the shot of the day.

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