Jimi and Penny are homeless youth travelers hopping trains with their pet rat.

100 thoughts on “Jimi and Penny are homeless youth travelers hopping trains with their pet rat.

  1. They like this because they get money wired through western union from their families and could go home to a rich family whenever they want….. FOH…spoiled brats

  2. β€œWe ended up my taladega so I called my mommy and told her to give me money so we can watch the races it was awesome, then we got to eat steak ! And I bought the rat with diseases a steak because I told mommy I adopted a rat so we got him money for a steak too! When we get tired and feel like REAL homeless people who struggle we just call our mommy’s and daddy’s and get money β€œ

  3. Oogles and train kids are not the same thing as homeless people.. I bet these kids have money in the bank.. Crust punks are hard to feel sorry for. Ive spent alot of time with them.. Ive taken them into my home.. Had lots of good time..they stayed 5 weeks.. I fed them..bought them alcohol, tobbacco and sox..drove them to walmart so they could spend tje day spanging..then id pick them up afterward.. Yeah, we had alot of fun around the fire pit..singing and smoking and drinking.. And then.. They robbed me.. Took my drivers license, some money, my weed and a 250$ pair of work boots i had.. Seen one of them a couple yrs later.. He acted like he didnt know me..that i was mistaking him for someone else.. If i ever see him again.. Which i prob wont.. Im beating his stinking dirty thieving ass!.

  4. πŸžπŸžπŸšπŸšπŸŒΉβ€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈI had nothing against them having a rat πŸ€ for a pet; my youngest daughters favorite pet at when she was 20 years old was a pet white rat πŸ€ πŸŒΉπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈβœοΈπŸžπŸŒπŸš

  5. Poem I’d Been Cast.Β 

    I’d been cast into a tawdry world
    Sink or swim all the day.
    Fight or flight became the norm.
    Ambush ruled the day!

  6. That rat has to be exceedingly brave. I mean, just look at the pair he's sporting. Nobody can say he has no balls.

  7. Home is in our hearts not a structure. Obviously we call a roof over our head (house) home though in some tribes the land is the home.
    How we handle not having a house is different. Communal living seems in their lane.

  8. I hear about homeless people getting raped(men and women get raped apparently) so it seems to be best to pair up when you are homeless. Have a buddy or a partner if you don't got no home.
    "For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
    Ecclesiastes 4:10

  9. Wasters that are un necessarily homeless who are using up resources that ought to be destined for genuine homeless.

  10. do anyone know did he wrote that song by himself? or it by another artist? I really like the ending song

  11. I had two businesses before I was 12 so I’m smart ,now I have a pet sewer rat πŸ€ named Logan who drags his ballsack all over me and I bum money for steakπŸ₯© dinners and when I have Sex with my hobo hubby it smells like bug spray and dog shit

  12. I knew people were going to mention down in the comments that he lookrd like John Lennon. Can't ignore that pink elephant.

  13. She isn't YokoOno ..need 🌾a Hammock for their Pet RatπŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸŒ±πŸ€


  15. Yeah, as Americans you can't stay in Europe longer than three months or you'll get yourself in trouble.. or raped by Muslims who especially hate Americans..

  16. What will they do when they r older? Everything u do do when u r young, catches up with u when u r older.

  17. Love πŸ’• the pet rat πŸ€ lol too cute. Homelessness can happen to ANYONE except these kids are choosing this life which there is nothing wrong with that. They seem happy anyways.

  18. Ya makin out with a rat is not wierd or gross but i guess its better then kissing his gf and am glad they cut the film so i didnt have to listen to his music anymore

  19. If I ever ended up homeless, I would make an effort to leave the city I'm in (Ottawa) which isn't a good place to be homeless. It's dangerous and not enough services to help the homeless. Preferably I'd head out west, or north. My only method for travelling across Canada is by freight train, in well cars and covered grain cars. I'd have a large backpack, and have clothes, laptop, notebook, extra shoes and other essentials like hygiene products. I would make sure I have enough money for food. I'd renew my passport and head to the United States to train hop some more and explore the rest of the country. This is what my finals days would be like. You could pay for airplane ticket to go to California, but preferably I'd save the money and trek down there and see stuff that very few people get to see.


  21. I feel like most of us are way to different from these people. Like me; how could I even have an opinion about these guys, or judge them?

  22. Never believe anyone who says they're homeless out of their own will. That's just the after story, what they started telling themselves after they've realized that they're completely fuxked and neck deep in poverty, drugs or disease. To find real, genuine outdoor lifestyle people stop looking for people sitting on the curb of a street and start looking for the one actually out there in the wild fending for their lives instead of begging for community support

  23. I loved there vibe n out look but u can do that with out being homeless anyway ya they was pretty cool is there any other info on them

  24. Just like the sixties. The only real "hippies", were children of the bourgeoisie. Playing poor. Working class people had to do,…. just that. Work.These two. Very relaxed natures. They know they can return to the comforts of their class any time. After Europe maybe eh?

  25. True Liberals Shitheads !! Definitely not Trump Supporters… These people are always looking for free stuff… Losers ! Both have mental issues

  26. Ppl forget that this was a common way of life back in the 40s and 50s going into the 70s…Just read Jack Kerouac On the Road or William Burroughs Junkie it's about hopping trains, hitchhiking living from one city to the next doing odd jobs here and now to pay for things. It was accepted back then why young ppl who choose to live off the grid are labeled drug addicts, or lazy losers makes no sense. Not every wants the 9to5 job, house in the burbs, married, 2 kids, soccer mom lifestyle..Nothing wrong with being a minimalistic person! I commend them cause they know possessions and money aren't the answer and they are happiness. Not true happiness, they can afford u comfort but that's fleeting

  27. These are homeless hippie scum Junkies ! They want to be homeless they want to be high and they want to be drags on society !

    these are the people you put in a slave labor camps or just drag them into an alley and shoot him in the head cuz they're never going to do anything for society accepts sucking on the taxpayers tit and get high all the time and eventually start making little retarded babies !

  28. These people are so cringy and privileged. They are not homeless. If they can afford burning man tickets which range from $300-$400 they can afford food. Nice gold watch dude.

  29. She will see more than most you pathetic yuppies pointing and judging. I think she's absolutely beautiful

  30. In this day and age you have mentally impaired drugged up people being promoted as 'helpless', 'victims', 'unfairly treated'…when its all actually THEIR choice and OWN FAULTfor being the way they are

  31. She says she had 2 businesses before she was 12….hah ah ah hahaha haha h ah ha ah ha where are the businesses now? 12yo running a business? Hahahah lying through their teeth, typical drug addicts

  32. Get a type writer in Europe and write a book. .. her.. Him he wants to be a music star. What about work and still do that??? Frank Sinatra use to sing at piano bars for tips….just saying.

  33. These people have chosen to be homeless. This is a fun phrase of life for them, not a harsh reality for the majority of people on the streets.

  34. There jus a wonderful couple in Love!!! there blessed to have one another!!! I find them amazing!!! there simple and honest!

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