Jim Ratcliffe interview: A remarkable 15 years – INEOS

11 thoughts on “Jim Ratcliffe interview: A remarkable 15 years – INEOS

  1. Hello Mr. Ratcliffe,
    POWER Invites you to Kankakee, IL for a special talk on the fruits of your Vero Beach Landfill to Ethanol BioAlcohol Plant, using strains of the anaerobe, Clostridium.

  2. Quite amazing he is pushing fracking forward in this day and age what a dinosaur but a very wealthy one backed by enough people looking back instead of looking forward.
    Surely in the day of the smart phone satellites we are not reverting back to Victorian energy

  3. You have the responsibility to turn this plane into a better place.
    You have had your stake in destroying the planet and making money of it
    Now return the favour and do everything you can to do so.

  4. Mr Jim Ratcliffe is you really talking to me on facebook … Charging me fees to help with my project, is this correct … Charging for your help?

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