1. مو حرام مخبين هذا الجمال عنا الى السعودية 🇸🇦 قريباً 😍 عندي صديقه من السعودية قريباً نلتقي في جده 😘

  2. Hey bro your vlogs inspired me to go to KSA & I was just there last week, left Jeddah on the 8th. Thanks to your videos I want to go back and see more of the country! Inshallah!

  3. How ignorant are you to not know that Yemen was the biggest coffee producer in the world , and have the best types of coffee , and the one known is mocha is also from Yemen , I mean if u drink coffee u should know that no offense

  4. وَمَنْ سَنَّ فِي الإِسْلامِ سُنَّةً سَيِّئَةً كَانَ عَلَيْهِ وِزْرُهَا وَوِزْرُ … صار عندنا التبرج .اسبال الثوب ….فهو سنّ سنة سيئة، فعليه وزرها ووزر من عمل بها إلى يوم القيامه

  5. الله يجزاك خير ياعبدالله على نشر سنه السواك عن النبي محمد صل الله عليه وسلم الله يرضى عليك

  6. Hi man, thank you for visiting to saudi Arabia, I love your vlogs, I love saudi arabia I am working in my favorite city always jeddah I work there 5 years I love it, now I am in Dammam but I love jeddah because of the people, enjoy have a nice trip & much love god blas you…..

  7. I don't see many ware short skirts I like to have the choice to be have a drink or not it's not freedom yet but it may improve reglions freedom be good too freedom is great

  8. الكرم من اجمل صفاتنا ويجيلك واحد معفن يقول انو أصله مش عربي وهو مش عارف انو العرب عندهم صفات مستحيل تلاقيها عند غيرهم

  9. Been watching your Saudi stuff. I've lived here for three years now (Eastern Province). I think you vloggers who are seeing Saudi for the first time are doing a great service. I've been all over the Kingdom and it's a fantastic land. But, what you all are really doing is letting the world know how great the people are. I've been surrounded by the most kind, generous, genuine, thoughtful, caring people since I've been here. I love my Saudi colleagues and friends, and especially my students. They have adopted me as Abu Jack and they are my de facto family. There's nothing to fear here folks – come experience the wonders of Saudi Arabia.

  10. They think you are maybe a Muslim American convert wearing that white cap. Those are worn during religious events.

  11. في العربية، يسمى من يحمل درجة عالية في التخصص ( دكتور) ويقصد به برفسور في الغرب.
    (دكتور ) لا يعني انه طبيب يعالج المرضى
    اظن ان السيدة في اخر الفيديو لم تشرح ذلك بشكل جيد او لم تلفظها بطريقة جيدة

  12. Thanks man al lot for showing my lovely country as it is. From what I see you are doing a great job by showing countries without biasing which is something rare to see this days. All looking for hot matters and converting the reality into their interests. Such vlogs and media we need from the world to show the real life in each country in the world with objectivity.

  13. Great video brother. Just for the heads up with are missing a W in the link. You put ww instead of www.

  14. Watched the whole series, beautiful people, I hope this is not the last vlog Peter ?
    Have never been there myself but like that Saudi guy in the coffee shop said, I also heard the same from people who went there or work there that it can be very difficult to get in contact with locals and natives.
    Hope to visit some time and get to see the country…

  15. Hi Peter I'm from Jeddah If you need anything just let me know I can give you a ride or a tour If you want Any time any day

  16. Saudi like any other country needs to develop itself to maintain itself and thrive in all aspects and sectors. Economical, political and social. In entertainment, tourism, and finance etc. But any Muslim country should not look at the west to develop. Move forward within the principle and fundamentals of islamic teachings. Majority are Muslims, the government is Muslim, so be proud and that the Lord, Allah for guidance and all various blessings. There is no pleasing the people, if it means displeasing the Creator. Why introduce open sinning in a country this is or was blessed with revelation, knowledge, Scholars, the original teachings of Islam as understood by the Companions and also has vast wealth. God is the provider of provision the government should not seek it in the haram.

  17. Go to Tabuk (AL-Lawz) mountain .. it's snowing there now … and it's a very beautiful area with unique terrains.

    لايك اذا تبغونه يغطي منطقة تبوك وجبل اللوز خصوصا

  18. Those who are ignorant of Islam from amongst the Muslims and hypocrites want all the ill and vices to spread in Saudi. They want what the west have of no restrictions in following one's whims and desires and Shaytan. They don't Appriciate the peace and security in Saudi. Women who have knowledge know they have freedom according to the revelation, not what some men dictates.

  19. Hope I can do what your doing, but in your country. I'd love to visit all the states of America, and see how people live in every state. I know every state is like it's own country with its own unique culture and governor. I don't know if the American people would welcome me the same way Saudi people are welcoming you, but what I learned in the last two years is that people on the internet are something (toxic idiots), but people in real life are different. The only fear I have about visiting America is the crazy people you have in your country like mass shooters, violent racist people, and of course the Arab hate culture there. I'm sure I'll find decent people, but hopefully you can understand my fears.

  20. My friend still come to Iran with your friends and family come to all the people of my country and I like Toru, I love you Again😔

  21. اللهم أبعدني عنها اللهم أبعدني عنها قولوا امين اخر مكان افكر فيها

  22. You look smart with that Muslim garb and head dress. Ever thought of reverting Peter? I hope this open your eyes and hearts.

  23. Hello man , I came in Al Khobar last 1 months from Europe, Kosovo. so here is so open I wish u can come here and enjoy it a lot , I will be waiting for u

  24. I’m from Riyadh and my friend’s wedding was in the north of Saudi Arabia, when I went there to attend, people were extremely generous to the point an Uber driver offered to lend me his car for free just because I’m not from the area.. it’s crazy how generous some Saudis are haha

  25. Peter you need these days to visit the north side there is snow now you need to record it for us and also visit mdain saleh 😹✌️,,

  26. Just an honest observation..Peter looks handsome in the Arabian costume..but less than regular with the western clothes…peculiar …another suggestion for him is to explore the faith of Islam…he may become a Muslim and we would be happy for him.

  27. مبارك يقول نحن ذاهبون في الطريق الصحيح وانا اقول له ذاهبون الى جهنم

  28. As a Saudi’s, I really appreciate your vlogs and the way you interact with people .. this is the real Saudis with no acting.. please try to visit Eastern Province (Dhahran,Dammam,Khobar) Home of Oil 🙂 .. wish you all the best bro hopefully you stay longer and come to Eastern

  29. Love the video!! Just a little note, when the shops are closed for prayer it’s not a cultural thing it’s a religion thing ❤️🙏🏼! Thank you

  30. I hope women come to stand in the centre of their power which is the family and humanity and take more of a role in governments and not try to usurp men but rather rise up in their own God given grace and righteousness and stand across from men as opposed to under or above..just as God created us to. We have the power to change the negativity in this world and bring forward the importance of true spiritual awareness and raising children who are happy centred and believe in God. Men and Women were created equal with different roles however both vital..children are our future and we need to focus on their welfare and their wellbeing. Women the nurturers
    and teachers and caretakers and Men as the protectors the providers and caretakers.

  31. Your visit to Saudi Arabia is the most viewed of all visits to other countries.
    You have become our lover😍😂❤️🇸🇦🇺🇲

  32. لبسك للطاقيه على راسك يعتقدون انك مسلم اما بالنسبه أن صاحبك دفع عنك ثمن الطعام هذا من تعاليم ديينا إكرام الضيف الذي علمنا اياه سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم لأن من يطعم الضيف له الكثير من الأجر والثواب عند الله وان شاء الله ربنا يهديك إلى الاسلام دين التوحيد مفتاح الجنه. وهي أن تقول بلسانك وتنطقها بلسانك. اشهد ان لا إله إلا الله واشهد ان محمد رسول الله وان عيسى عبده ورسوله هذا هو مفتاح الجنه وعندما تنطقها بلسانك بصوت مسموع ستشعر بالسعادة و تصل إلى الحقيقه ان الله واحد ليس له ثاني وان الله ليس له ولد. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ( قل هو الله أحد الله الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا أحد) صدق الله العظيم

  33. Hey Peter, would you consider visiting Jordan and Palestine? It's actually easier than you think to get into Palestine, one option is through the Allenby bridge. Very hospitable and unlike anything you'd see on the news.

  34. I admire that you never talk about people, their customs or your frustration in a negative way. You are also very courageous to go to a country where people don’t speak your language. It seems you are covering every aspect of Saudi Arabia besides its religion. Islam is part of people’s identity in this country and has deep historic roots. The hospitality and generously that you noticed is also deeply rooted in Islam. Explore the teachings by visiting a few mosques and please share your thoughts with us.

  35. The humanity and love that exudes from the souls of the Saudi people brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Much 💙 from 🇭🇷

  36. 😂😂والله يا جو جده حار أعوذ بالله هذا غير العشوائية والزحمة مدري وش يمدح بالضبط

  37. its's a shame that most of saudis don't really know about the culture when i see videos of tourist coming to my country and going to places i never know existed !! sadly most of us are not interested in cultural or heritage this is why the most of people are from diffrent nationalties (pakistani , yemani etc) and no local saudis.

  38. I see the love in your eyes 👀 , this is the peace. This is the Islamic community. How if you live here and face problems to see how Saudi will help you and how do we think about it ?!

  39. هذا زودها مطول في البلد شكله قاعد يدخل فلوس من الاستهبالعلى الهابيل في البلد والحمار السعودي الي معاه فرحان يقول جات جنيت جاكسون ونيكي منياج وهي الي رفضت تجي

  40. اهلا وسهلا فيك في السعوديه
    جدة فيها الكثير والكثير تزوره من الاحياء الشعبيه والاحياء الاخرى المتوسطه والراقيه

    تمنيت اكون موجود او اقابله صدفه جدة فيها فيها الكثييير

  41. ينيجون عالغريب لو عربي زايرهم جان ضمو نسوانهم بس اجنبي احمر وردي هههه

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