Japanese boy band, Arashi, causes a tourism surge

state’s biggest concerts EVER is just days away. Good evening, I’m Yunji de Nies. And I’m Kenny Choi, in for Paula Akana. It might be the first time you’re ever hearing the about ARASHI… But for more than 30- thousand fans .. This is a can’t miss music event. KITV 4’s Pete Caggiano has a sneak peek. It’s our top story at 6. 17-24 41-45 130-137 SINGING 4 secs You might not recognized these guys .. But they’re the number-1 boy band sensation in Japan. And when Arashi decided to play two shows in Hawaii.. tom Moffatt 04:03-04-14 THE EXCITEMENT LEVEL IS WELL I’VE DONE ROLLING STONES, ELVIS AND ALL THESE GREAT ACTS THE EXCITEMENT LEVEL ON THIS ONE IS WELL BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA INVOLVEMENT IS UNPRECEDENTED” The band actually formed on a cruise ship off Waikiki 15 years ago…. and decided to go all out to celebrate their 15 year anniversary in Ko Olina. A specially made stage almost as wide as a football field, the largest ever in Hawaii and thats not all. 17:54-18:00 pete Caggiano ONE OF THE MANY SURPRISES FOR CONCERT GOERS A STAGE THAT MOVES tom Moffat 1:55-2:05 YOU MAY BE SITTING IN THE REAR OF THE SHOW OF THE CONCERT AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY ARE MOVING TOWARD YOU AND OVER YOU IT’S INCREDIBLE And concert promoters promise there will be many more surprises. The shows Friday and Saturday will draw 15-thousand people each… At least half are coming from Japan. That’s a bonus surge in tourism! Nat pop 2 seconds Erik Takahata Hawaii Tourism Japan 06:08-20 WE’RE SO GLAD WE ABLE TO GIVE A LOT OF OPPORTUNITY FOR LOCAL EMPLOYMENT HERE AND THE MORE AND MORE THINGS WE CAN BRING INTO THE STATE THROUGH TOURISM IN CONJUNCTION WITH TOURISM TO DO THESE TYPES OF THINGS And if this weekends concerts are a success as planned the hope is there’s more we’re that came from. Erik Takahata Hawaii Tourism Japan 7:43-7:54 “EVERYONE IN JAPAN LOVES HAWAII IT’S ALMOST A NO BRAINER TO BRING ACTS HERE TO HAWAII AND THIS IS THE MOST GROUND BREAKING THING TO HAPPEN EVER SO IT’LL JUST OPEN THE FLOOD GATES” And good news for those that don’t have tickets, 4- thousand new tickets have been released for both Friday and Saturday’s concerts. Tickets are $150 for adults and $75 for children between the ages of 3 and 15. The concert starts at 5:30 pm with gates opening at 4:30 …

12 thoughts on “Japanese boy band, Arashi, causes a tourism surge

  1. OMG! We got the tickets! So excited to watch ! Public viewing here in Japan, oops but it cost over 5,000 yen! #MesoooCrazyBoutArashi

  2. i wish i was in Hawaii at that time but hey at least i live in a city in Asia which is only a 4 hour plane ride to Japan so yeah I still have a chance

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