100 thoughts on “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future | JNTO

  1. I love Japan, i have been there twice.. greatest history and culture in my opinion! And some cute boys to😊.

  2. You know how sometimes advertising could misleading and show something better than it should be? Well.. it is NOT the case with Japan… what you see in this video is what you'll get when visiting Japan!! such beautiful country with perfectly balance between tradition and futuristic side… it's been 2 weeks since I'm back from Japan and seriously I want to go back as soon as possible

  3. 日本人でもこの映像に出てる全ての観光地に行ってる幸運な人は、ごく少数だと思う。

  4. What is truly impressive with the Japanese people, is that even after the World war 2, Japan still managed to rise up by embracing their culture and doing all means of innovation in terms of technology, for a better life, for the Japanese people. #HatsOff

  5. This video is pure art. I traveled the last year through Japan and it was a experience I will never forget. Japan is love. I want to visit Japan again. Greetings from Austria.

  6. Ich finde Japan einfach klasse. Das Land bietet dem Besucher wirklich vieles. Wunderschöne Parks, Gärten, Großstätte, Schreins, Tempel, Burgen… und der Blick vom Fuji ist jede Anstrengung wert. Das Land übt auf mich eine Ruhe aus. Trotz der zahlreichen Leute wirkt es nie hektisch. Freu mich schon auf Ende März wenn ich zu meinem nächsten Japan Urlaub aufbreche und hoffentlich eine wunderschöne Kirschblüte bewundern kann. Grüße aus Südtirol

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