Welcome back!
my name is Locklin I’m here to talk a little bit about my trip to Japan which was awesome and I did buy a
bunch of things, some of them are for a giveaway for you guys first out is
clothing items I got these two pairs of earrings in one of the stores in
Harajuku I think they look really cool they’re for a bit of a jewelry touch
even when I’m presenting masculine which is something I really don’t have, all of my
earrings are very feminine so I’m really happy about these and I’m gonna try them
out very soon next thing is also from a it’s from a… its
from Wego where I bought a bunch of stuff which is a really nice clothing
store, they’re in Harajuku and I’m sure there in other places too but I
found at least three stores in Harajuku we got this harness thing, a belt-ish
a belt with details it’s very K-pop inspired and it’s really cool I
have worn it once and I got a bunch of compliments on it, I wore it with this
shirt which I also got a bunch of compliments on and I’m in love with this
is just from H&M here in Sweden but yeah this I’m very much looking forward to
making a regular part of my wardrobe also from Wego is this shirt it’s a
sweatshirt it’s really nice also from Wego, a store I wish I could
go to a little bit more often is a pair of pants they got pockets, they’ve got four
pockets and they are super nice super comfy they’re a little bit short which
is not a problem for me because I too am short being in Japan is one of the only
times I’ve actually felt pretty tall so that was an experience I very much
enjoyed last thing from Wego is this pair of
shoes yeah I haven’t taken off the tag because I wanted to show you them nice
and new these are a size large which the system they have it at some places in
Japan the small medium large in shoe sizes and they’re not always the same
because the first pair of large shoes I tried on I could not wear then I
tried a couple more on and I could wear those last in the clothing and stuff is
another pair of shoes I love shoes especially black once with high giving
you some height heels but not just high soles plateau plateau shoes yes
shoes with a plateau I got these on secondhand and they had a little bit of
fluff on them before which I took away there were some really really cool shoes
that were just a size too small which I’m very sad about but I also wouldn’t
have been able to put a lot more stuff in my suitcase so maybe I was lucky on
that point Jesus the second pile the second pile is make up we’re gonna go
first out with a bunch of lashes there were a lot of lashes in like a hundred
yen stores so I actually went back and bought some more I got one two three
four five five different pairs of lashes and an extra of these two which is the first
item to go into giveaway so if you’re interested in that I’m gonna tell you
the rules to it later but this is the first item Giveaway pile Okay, the second – I’ve had a lot already but I bought this metal style lip which I thought sounded really interesting I don’t use a lot of lip
products so I don’t have a bunch this seemed a little bit subtle and it also
seemed really nice so I bought this I’m gonna try on all the makeup products
later and put up a picture on Instagram and also say like what I felt about them
so if you’re interested in that there’s my Instagram please go follow it
I of course got me I got meself got some eyelash glue as
well because I was running out of it I also got a liquid sharp liner which
I assume it’s an eyeliner which I really do enjoy myself some eyeliner I got a
little baggie of something that I don’t remember what it is I think it’s a little – no I do know what it is
this is jewelry shadow veil I swatched this in the store and it was
so shiny they do make a lot of nice glitters like metallic metallicy
glitters that are creamy metallic liquid metallic creamy glitters and I am all
for that for the last item that I got that sort of in the makeup
category is a mirror from Muji, Muji is such an amazing store and we have a
couple here in Sweden as well I bought this because it has so you can open it up, I’m not gonna show it over to you because then you’re gonna see the camera and my messy
background but I bought this to bring with myself to conventions this is
probably in my top three of what I bought in Japan because this is gonna be
so useful I love it next pile is very small its the Pokémon stuff I love Pokémon, pretty sure half the reason why went to Japan in first
place is because my dad wanted to go and catch pokemon there in Pokémon go I got this Pikachu rice ball maker so you make rice balls with a Pikachu face on
it I thought this was so cool that I
got another one for the giveaway so whoever wins the giveaway will also be
able to make Pikachu rice balls I’m burying my phone over there
and I also got this super cute Mimikyu pin it’s also going in the
giveaway I thought these were so cute and I really enjoy nerdy stuff but
still a bit you know like the design is nice it’s not just a like the thing you
like but it’s the thing you like in a style you like and I’m all about
that so this one’s going in the giveaway That was all from the Pokemon Center sadly before we get into the next pile I wanted to tell you a little bit about
some of my favorite experiences in Japan besides Harajuku which was so cool and
I really enjoy fashion even though I’m not like I haven’t been that into
actually buying the clothes yet because I haven’t been comfortable in my own
body but I’m getting there so I am so so enjoying that part of it we did go down
to Kyoto and Nara and something I really really enjoy is animals and there were
two really really cool places the first one we went to was a Monkey Sanctuary
sort of thing it was you went up there and then, it was on a mountain and as you
went up there the monkeys started you know being around you they weren’t too
interested in you and then you got up to the absolute top where there were so
many monkeys it was so cute and there was this little house that you
could go into and you could buy a little package of apple pieces or nuts and then
there were like you could feed the monkeys who were on
the outside with these nuts or apple pieces and it was so cool, you were
supposed to put them down on the tray so they could reach their hand in
and take it but everyone just held it out you know and I did too, and it was so
cute there were like tiny little monkeys and there were their parents and it was
just so adorable we also went to Nara which is a just like a city park thing
where there’s just deer walking around you could buy deer crackers for them and
feed them and just walk around with them and it was such an amazing experience
like I have a love-hate relationship with like zoos and stuff because I love
seeing the animals and I love being close to the animals but I hate having
to see them in places where they’re not enjoying themselves so these two
experiences with animals being in their natural habitat and us humans being
there as a second hand thing it was such an amazing experience
okay moving from that into the fourth pile of stuff and funnily enough with
animals as well I got a bread sandwich maker with a panda on it I got this the
last evening we had come back to Tokyo and we were walking around and there was
a I don’t remember what they’re called but it’s it’s also a a hundred yen store
and there were so much people and me and my sister went inside and my dad was
like nope f–k this I’m staying outside and my sister was looking for something she
didn’t find it and I found this and the queue was the whole store but I was like
no I need this because it’s so cute and I’m actually gonna use it this and the
Pikachu thing is gonna be a blessing in the kitchen the other food items are
from Muji and I thought it would be fun to put some edible stuff in the
giveaway so I have three things one is this little candy pieces which I bought
them and they’re they’re practically sugar but they were tasty it’s candy
second is dried kelp with plum flavor plum flavor and yeah I thought this was
very strange and I wanted to buy it but I didn’t want to eat it same thing with
the shredded dried shrimp, shrimp? squid shredded dried squid have fun with
that one okay so for the fifth thing it’s not really a shopping thing but I
wanted to talk a little bit about Tokyo comic-con we were so happy when we
realized that we would be in Tokyo during Tokyo comic-con so we ordered
tickets and we were like yay I hope we get the backpacks that was that was
backpack um but when we got there it was it was so different from like how
conventions are here in Sweden and of course comic-con isn’t like anime
convention so I wouldn’t at all like judge an anime convention based off
Tokyo Comic Con but it was practically like there were so many people which of
course there’s gonna be a lot of people but there were just like things for sale
there weren’t a lot of cosplayers and there weren’t like there weren’t a lot of
fun things to look at it was just like a big mass hall and I know it sounds a bit
you know whiny when I’m saying it but I had
really expected more entertainment more interesting stuff in the artist alley
where there were really talented artists and really really nice prints but that
was practically what there was there and I’m like used to having little pins or
fun fun things but it was mostly like merch like official merch stuff that I
would buy online and not at a convention so I was a bit disappointed in that and
we were all a bit disappointed in that but but it wasn’t like bad or anything
and if you if you know what you’re getting into I’m sure it’s a lot more
enjoyable than if you have an image of how you think it’s gonna be and then it’s
not like that but yes so that was kind of the low point of the trip not only
because of our expectations but also because it was raining so much and it
was a long way out of where it was it was still in Tokyo but it was about an
hour out from the main station so yeah I’m not I’m not judging it at all I’m
just more from my expectations it wasn’t what I had hoped it would be so the next pile is a small pine because
it’s books and I can’t read Japanese I do hope to be able to one day but I got
this one because it was so damn pretty and I haven’t opened my copy but there
was an open one in in the bookstore and it was such beautiful art I’m probably
gonna make a makeup test of this little guy here and obviously like it’s a
visual art it’s not just pages of text because that really be – oh this is
so cute the second and last book I got is the cosplay wig bible it’s not very big
but I as much as I feel a little bit ashamed of saying it
having cosplayed for almost a decade I am a complete novice when it comes to wigs
I just pretty much take them out I might cut them I might hairspray them to shit
and then I put them on my fa- head on my face I was about to say I put them on my
face but I put them on my head so I got this because as much as I love YouTube
videos and instructional videos and as much as they do help I very rarely sit
and actually watch something while I’m doing something like that so the final
final little category I have is something that I love and it’s
stationery which unsurprisingly they have an amazing amount of in Japan well
in Tokyo so of course they have an amazing lot of everything in Tokyo first
I got this see-through very sleek acrylic tape holder which I mean I
understand that this is probably not super interesting to a lot of people but
I love this I usually just have tape rolls lying around
and I’m not really happy about just plastic ones the kind of break and then
they kind of get shitty so I’m so happy about finding this I love the clear
acrylic look I have like anything I can get my hands on that’s clear acrylic I’m
gonna get it of course with a tape holder you can’t get without actual tape
so washi well this is decorative masking tape but washi tape next we have these
adorable little marking things that you put in, on pages you want to remember
where they are the Penguins I’m gonna give to Marviilo because they love
penguins and then I’m gonna put I’m gonna put, oh my god this is so hard, I’m gonna put
the little bears in the giveaway I’m actually – I’m just gonna cut it
off there and then I keep the bunnies and the birds I’m gonna cut them off
later I got these actually no I did not get this at the Poké Center but I got
little Pokémon stickers which obviously one of these sheets is gonna go in the
giveaway then I have flake seals I don’t know what flake seals are I presume you
put it on like gift wrapping paper and or the gift wrapping string things
and then you know seals them down and the last item which is also like a
really low point but it’s also something that I’m really excited about it’s this
clear plastic pen case I carry with me a lot of pens because I like to take notes
and I like to just be able to draw or write things down if I need it and they
are all over my bag so while I do have like a bunch really nice ones in my
drawers with different kinds of pens and pencils I don’t have a good one for
my bag so this is to keep my pens and pen stuff in my bag
apart from this pile I also have another giveaway I had my top surgery about a
while ago and I don’t need any binders anymore
so to give forward I decided to make a another giveaway
none of them are especially worn since I started cosplaying before I knew I was
trans I sowed myself a binder that one sucked but I also sowed I massacred a
sports bra and made it into a binder so none of these are especially worn and
they’re just lying around here and I really want these to go to trans guys or
non-binary people whoever really feels like they need to compress their chests
and not because they want to be a character I feel like that’s that’s
important to me like I wouldn’t mind having a cosplay binder
giveaway sometime but these ones I actually want to go to people who
feel the need for a binder so I have these mesh binders and they are both
size small and they are from Underworks so I have one in black and it does have
some staining on it from deodorant I’m pretty sure but it’s just been worn a
couple of times got that one and another one also from Underworks and also in
size small. Two Underworks binders in size s going to two different people how
do you enter these giveaways you say that’s a good question I reply for
the Japan stuff you want to subscribe and you want to turn on the notification
bell and you also want to follow me on my Instagram as I will probably
contact you on your Instagram if you win and also leave a comment with your
Instagram name in it that’s the entry for those for the binders you do
not need to subscribe to me because I know a lot of trans people might not be
interested in everything I do and that’s okay I just want these to go to a good
home I do want you to follow me on Instagram however and also leave a
comment with your Instagram username in the comments yeah so if you know anyone who would be
interested in the binders please let them know that I’m having this giveaway
and also remember to say which giveaway you’re interested in in the comments of
course yeah that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching don’t
forget to like comment and subscribe and follow me on my Instagram and I will see
you in two weeks I love you guys take care bye

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