Japan Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

45 thoughts on “Japan Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Chris, is the beer at 9:41 really 5680 yen – seems a bit pricey. May only be able to buy one when we are in Japan.

  2. I like your video. Next time will you show places of other countries? Like the most romantic France? Or other romantic place to go? wechat: ZTLouiseting

  3. I just got back from Tokyo and Kyoto and had no trouble paying with a credit card in small ramen and izakayas and other establishments, so in my experience (April 2019), the notion that you need to walk around with large amounts of cash in Tokyo is somewhat exaggerated. I also had no trouble finding ATM machines throughout the city and metro stations if I did want to carry cash.

  4. Hey guys, went to Japan. Literally shit public transport. Korea is better. Japan shut at midnight (so much for a great city) Namba dotunburi is full of chinese the japanese don't give a shit about etiquette only money in tourist areas.

    I got more flack for putting an extra 25ml of milk in my coffee at Family mart than the japanese because they literally wont talk up they are so weak.

  5. I wonder if is it best to book your flight and room together before you go or since you have a vague idea of the different sites and will be traveling everywhere it would be wise to wait and book the room.

  6. Thanks so much for this video! We're thinking of traveling to Japan for the 2020 Olympics. Do you have any suggestions about Pocket WiFi, I heard this will be needed if we want to use our cell phones

  7. I really love this video since I’m Japanese, I can know how foreigners see our country but one thing.. tipping is not rude… yes, people do not neet to tip in Japan, but still is money, and we also know tipping systems in other countries, we will be very happy once we get one. Normally we will say “No” when people try to tip tho… but once again, we say no not because it rude, it because we think we are not worth it getting tips

  8. Great video!.. I've got one question about toilets… I've got a problem where when I have to go, i have to go. Are public bathrooms very prevalent? If I'm walking down the sidewalk in Shinjuku and the urge hits me hard where do I go? Are they at all subway stations? Do convenience stores have them? Do they cost? I'm going in a few weeks and that's the only thing I worry about 🙂

  9. Thanks for being informative on all your videos. I've been to Japan a few times and can say you are spot on. You mention lots of interesting facts that other people don't. Great job!

  10. I will never slurp it’s disgusting I don’t care what they think it’s not an honor it’s gross sounds horrible luckily I hate ramen anyway also disgusting absolutely love Tokyo and Japan but NEVER slurping

  11. I just got a question for the food, so my friends are vegans and I am a vegetarian.. do you know if theres a way to order something without meat, fish and that? Or maybe a japanese word to ask if its vegan/vegetarian? I don't want that we end up in fast food restaurants like McDonald's everyday just because there are vegan options 😅

  12. The cantaloupes had 1990 on them, that can't be yen, that's 18 dollars, how much are they? And the beer said 5600 yen? wtf? that's 50 usd. what am I not getting?

  13. Before traveling to Japan, Please check the radioactive contamination map of Japan for health reasons. Especially Tokyo!!!!!! Tokyo is contaminated by high concentration radioactivity rain. You may not have a problem right now, but think about your descendants. If you eat radioactive contaminated foods that regulate exports in the WTO, your baby may become malformed or you may get cancer.

  14. People that travel outside the US to Europe for example say that apps on your phone for paying for things are often used in restaurants and stores. Is this happening in the major cities of Japan or is it still as you say in this video that cash, the yen, is the way to go in Japan?

  15. Thank you so much for the fantastic video on Osaka, Chris. It's very informative. In fact, all your videos are. Is staying near the Osaka train station better than staying near Shin Osaka. Are the shops and restaurants mostly located in Osaka station?

  16. there was a time when I wanted to go to Japan. But, I am discouraged by several stories of xenophobia, dishonesty, racism and prejudices that come from Japanese people. they are too culturally closed to be interested by foreigners, we can't understand them , they hates learning other languages , they forgives nothing and it make them unpredictable , untrustworthy and detestable. I'm afraid of being bored, alone or with my western family or friends. whitout forget the yakuza gangs , the exspensive prices , tsunamis , earthquakes and spitting volcanos . many of defaults which outweight the advantages. I would have said the same thing about the united states. So I just watch videos to "travel" now

  17. Did you mention Japan is also a shopping mecca? I could easily spend half a day in shops like Yodobashi Camera, BIC Camera or Toyko Hands.

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