Jan went to China! | Jan’s World Tour

Hey. I am today checking in from Suzhou,
China, near Shanghai. I’ve just been at the west side of China,
visiting a ZLD plant where we have 26 of our pumps installed. The Chinese market is very important for Danfoss HPP. I’m down here to discuss several
solutions, as our products fit very well to the Chinese market. Especially in sea water RO and wastewater treatment called ZLD. We just provide solutions. We work together with our customer and our customer’s customer to make sure they understand our product and how they work. Today, I’m at CIIT for product training and an update session where we are going to
discuss APP, APP W HC, iSave, installing a product, service interval, and also spare parts. So… See you next time. And, hopefully, you will follow me onto
the next exciting place. Bye bye.

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