J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

The J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program welcomes nearly 280,000 visitors each year from outside the United States
on one of our thirteen different types of cultural
exchange programs. Our exchange visitors experience American society as students,
teachers, young professionals, and scholars. While in the United States they enrich all kinds of American
institutions, as well as American families and businesses. They are bright, motivated, and leaders in
their home countries and they return home to do great things
all while keeping in touch with their
American friends. I oversee the Exchange Visitor Program, which is a vital tool to build mutual
understanding and trust between Americans and citizens from
other countries. This program offers exchange participants a hands-on experience to learn about US
society and culture while sharing their own culture
and perspectives with Americans. When we appreciate the
similarities that bring people together we strengthen our mutual understanding. These are the goals of people-to-people exchange and are at
the very foundation of the Exchange Visitor Program. One of the most significant exchange
programs in the world. For more information please visit our website, J1visa.state.gov

7 thoughts on “J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

  1. I have recently graduated with a bachelor in nutrition and food technology from Jordan how can I apply to your program 

  2. Hello, i'm from Georgia,Tbilisi. i'm 21 years old.  i'm working at 2 place in my country.  i'm manager at constuction equopment manajer and also hotel Eurolux manager.  also i'm student. and want to study or work in US.i realy want it.  once i tried to enter at US embessy from my job for some bussiness ( to buy some construction equipments , 2 catterpillars)  but recieve refused. so i want to try it again but want to work in US.  (as i said i'm working in my country at 2 place. but being in US is my Dream from childhood. so if someone can help me how can i fill applications, or what kind of chance do i have ?    or someone can give me some advises ?   or what reason i can tell to US consul that she will not give me Refuse paper (yellow paper means refuse). how can i find sponsor who really will get me at his/her job.

  3. hello miss. Robin J. Lerner. Thank you for your useful information about J-1 visa exchange visitor program. I wanted ask you about the exchange visitor after finish his program and coming back home, the government USA will provide with one thousand dollars, i this correct? or it depends on country where you are from? Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi.

    I am Muhammad Yaseen i m from Pakistan ,i have completed BBA-HONS in 2011, i have to done internship Sui Southern Gas Company in finance department from 10th Feb 2014 to 10th Mach 2014. i have completed internship in Askari Commercial bank, in 2014, and i have experience as a Asst,Admin Officer at Iqra University from June 2015 to April 2016
    Sir/Madam i was read your website i have satisfied but i want discussion with you, i will apply English language Institute In Boston USA for improve my English i want to come in Boston USA ,i have Completed 4 year Bachelor Business Administration and i have 3 years Experience in account & finance in different Companies and One year Experience as Assistant Admin Officer University level,

    Sir/Madam after i will start Master Business Administration in Finance, so i want get some experience with my English language study so i want apply J-1 Visa u can guide and help me, how is possible i can get that visa if u personally take my take case and solve my problem because your super, brilliant honest lawyer and u have team also you must any positive way for me when i will come in Boston USA i can work very legally i hope you must cooperate with me because i want make a bright future..

    Best Regards

  5. I for one am looking to go to America, but not to go back later, but to become an American and to spend my life with my dearest Cori.

  6. What a nonsense and hipocrisy. 90.000 participants sued agencies. People stay away from it. Being Au pair in USA is a slave job. There is one councilor for 60 families. Au pair is a WORKER with maybe 3 rights that are violated constantly because no one monitors it. These women work in private houses. There are many bad stories behind closed doors.This program prooves that there is still slave labour in USA.

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