it’s Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.21 February 2014

Hello everyone! My Name is AYAKA This is “it’s Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.21 2014” This Program send Our Music Information and attractions Information in Miyazaki City How was the opening of 2014? We were very good New Year holidays Please treat us this year as well as you did last year! Please enjoy until the end! We come to the Hasugaike park in northern Miyazaki city today In this neighborhood, the old burial mound of 82 was discovered It is designated as a National Historical Site In the park, Pit-House and Storehouse are reproduced It becomes the feeling that skidded in time to the ancient times when I come to this park I am invited to the world of mysterious imagination We sent “Fit it” by Armelle LC Armell LC is the harpist that it is active in France Brittany, and a singer-songwriter I feel that a heart is satisfied with holy air when I listen to Armelle LC’s music Everybody, please mention music of Armelle LC, too The Narcotic Daffodils Vocalist Irene Csordas gave greetings of the New Year to us! And release of their 2nd album “Cellex” was decided at last Japan special bonus truck is recorded in this album!! I look forward to release too and cannot sleep at night either Therefore it is this next this program…We are going to send “The Narcotic Daffodils special” Don’t miss it! Gilles Snowcat time He went to Austria Vienna for the last trip in 2013… How would Gilles greet the New Year of 2014? He should not catch cold… Let’s look at once! Hello! I’m Gilles Snowcat Happy New Year! I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year. It is an aim of this year to find a new vogue word… It is a plan of my this year The vogue word of the last year… “Now!” “Gee! Gee! Gee!” “I will pay you back double” “Abenomics” “O MO TE NA SHI” …cannot use other hands now because I eating… I find a new vogue word this year The reason is because I want to appear in TV program For example… “*******” How about? “*******” Is it not good? other… “Hi Hi Hi” “Hi Hi Hi” resemble “Gee! Gee! Gee!”… What resemble “Now!”… “tomorrow!” No Good… “is bad!” “is bad!” “is bad!” “is bad!” resemble “Daijyobu! Daijyobu!”… By the way, A Happy New Year! …already said…sorry… thinking all the time… tasty Ah! “Oishii (tasty)” Does “Oishii” become the vogue word? “Oishii (tasty)” “Oishii (tasty)” “Oishii (tasty)” Does “Oishii” become the vogue word in it’s Oh! MUSIC? Please treat me this year as well as you did last year Because I am hungry, I am sorry… How about our program in this month? This program was able to start well this year We pray that everybody is good one year Please access to our website and get information! There is the Facebook page, too! Please visit and push “like”button We send The Narcotic Daffodils special on the next time! Please expect it! Please be careful about a cold every day because a cold day continues see you!!

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