it’s Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.18 October 2013

Hello everyone! My Name is AYAKA This is “it’s Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.18 2013” This Program send Our Music Information and attractions Information in Miyazaki City At last too hot summer was over… October begin in southern country Miyazaki I came to finally feel an autumn sign From now to winter for a while… For sightseeing…,Food…,For sports… It is the season when Miyazaki is enriched! Because this program became slightly after a long absence, I am enthusiastic and send it! Please enjoy until the end! I came to the “Horikiri Pass” today! The Horikiri Pass is located the south of Miyazaki city It is appointed Nichinan Seaside National Park The blue sea and phoenix of the route That’s “Perfect Miyazaki” Park a car in “Road Station Phoenix”… It is my recommendation that look at the horizon from this place “I monopolize the Pacific…” such a feeling makes it Here is right last paradise of Japanese… Japanese Galapagos… We sent “Good Feeling” of Ras Naya & Free Island Ras naya which is a bandleader, a songwriter and a singer came from Kenya. He attracts attention as an artist of the African Reggae Music They are active worldwide based in France We help with promotion activity in Japan of “Ras naya and Free Island” by collaboration with Ras naya and Free Island. Japanese music fans… Please check music of “Ras naya and Free Island” As for MISAKI, that music was regretful… And it decided to be released at last! It is “the maze of the puzzle” of MorryKEN In the 1990s… It is informed that MorryKEN came to Kushima city, Miyazaki for ideal music environment His lifestyle…Fishing, diving, it is golfed in the daytime It enjoys the paradise life of the southern country And when it is night, drink alcohol and music are active… The people call him Mr.Southman! MorryKEN said “I want to send music to conflict with heartstrings” Hello everyone! I am MorryKEN I come to Shibushi Bay now It is a comfortable place here And,How is everyone? The hot days still continue Is the physical condition all right? I have an announcement to everybody… Big News!! It was decided that my song was released by it’s Oh! MUSIC Label Worldwide release on 6th of November, 2013 Because it is very good song, everybody, please listen it Best regards bye bye Gilles Snowcat participates as a guest keyboard player Morry KEN san Cheers!! Morry KEN san Congratulations new single release!! This song is very wonderful Hyuga san congratulations on song writing Always thank you Gilles Snowcat keyboard… Who is Gilles Snowcat?… It’s I sorry… In French? Worldwide release on 6th of November, 2013 Please check it! To have everybody enjoy this program more it’s Oh! MUSIC Video News spin-off series started! The spin-off series spotlight music of artists and We send Video Clip every each music! The spin-off series is going to be added to it’s Oh! MUSIC channel of Dailymotion and Youtube at any time Because you inform it in it’s Oh! MUSIC Web site and the Facebook page, please enjoy it! Gilles Snowcat Time! He has entered leaving one email and mystery video in long-term summer vacation last time video I thought that he went out in summer vacation with kitty chan of the close friend In fact, Gilles Snowcat went to the sacred place of the Rock music for a trip to investigate the history Let’s look! Hello everyone! I am Gilles Snowcat I am in London now GOMI!( garbage) shaved ice! How about our program in this month? We sent substantial autumn music information this time Have you enjoyed the Program? Please access to our website and get information! There is the Facebook page, too! Please visit and push “like”button This year will end in 2 months too It is the season when the plan of the year-end event begins! The plan of year-end special contents began in this program! Please expect everybody! ! see you next time!!

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