ITB Interview: China Outbound Tourist Consumption and World Tourism Economic Trends

Due to the time limit I couldn’t elaborate the whole report to you So we just pick up the three top concerns which may interest you most. The first is Why the market of Chinese Outbound Tourists is so important to you Why? And I’m gonna analyze this question from the different angles like volume, frequency and their features and then we’re going to analyze What do those tourists really care about? And it may be different from your previous impression of Chinese Outbound market and then we come to the end How to attract Chinese Tourists to your destination? The number of Chinese Outbound Tourists has already increased by 13.5% and the number is nearly to one hundred sixty two million That’s in really impressive number And then the total overseas expenditure of Chinese tourists has already reached 268 billion US$ So can you imagine such a large market is almost our top one market in travel industry So it’s necessary for you to understand the market If the tourists just travel once in a lifetime it’s not worth to analyze the market but from number analyse we found that that’s not true, actually here we found almost eighty percent of this way Chinese Outbound Tourists travel at least one time in a year and more than forty four percent of them trouble several times a year So it’s worthwhile to analyze this a group and we found that most outbound tourists they more than eighty percent of them are post eighties and post nineties We would talk about the post eighties most of them their age rage from thirty years old to forty years old Like me I’m one of them and most of them have already gotten married They have their kids had home and also elderly parents at home So when you analyze this market you will find that they have a keen interest to have a parent child tour instead of traveling along because they have kids at home they have parents at home so they need to take care of them, the best ways to take them together to travel So for post eighties their feature is the family tour And then we come to the post nineties it’s different. For post nineties most of them are twenty years old You can just recall what did you expect back in your twenties You’re young maybe at a college and you want to have something unique You are the centre of the universe Maybe? And you aren’t afraid of anything So for this group They don’t take family tours They prefer to travel with their friends And they prefer to have a personalized tour And a self guided tour so they could explore some unique place, they’ve never flown to before And they want to experience by themselves as well What do the tourists really look for? I think most of them you have some impressions about Chinese Outbound Market What’s your impression about them? I asked some of my friends They say that Chinese people like shopping all the time, luxury brands They regard them like a mobile ATM before and they like to shoot pictures taken in different destinations in a short trip But actually some of them some of those characteristics have already changed gradually Then we found that they gradually change back to the nature of tourism When we talk about the nature of tourism What is the nature of tourism? They pay too much attention to exotic customs, the landscapes, sceneries and you can see from the chart Shopping is not even in the top ten They choose reputation, cultural atmosphere before that because they want to experience instead of just conception And then we also found that from the six basic elements of travel catering, accommodation, touring, shopping, entertainment and travel safety Well you talk about shopping They changed already It’s not a first impression and more you think they just shop randomly but instead of that they shop before they shop before they already made a list They make a list what they want and they shop directly to them And you know what, they also like reasonable prices and a variety of commodities Not justp luxury brands anymore If you still have that impression in your mind it may be difficult for you to market to Chinese Outbound Tourists And then we also found out They have a unique feature that is a very unique feature because they want to share but it’s common They have WeChat where they are able to share their travel experience during or after the travel so the reputation of the destination could be ruined or established in one day time And then we also find that Technology plays a more and more important role in the tourism industry. Because a lot of Chinese people choose to check information on online travel agencies, on maps, they do more mobile payments as well Because in China you don’t need to take cash You have a mobile You could pay everything by your mobile so we prefer to have mobile payment And we are happy to find a a lot of destinations that have already already opened the WeChat pay and Alipay at the airports and major shopping malls So make the Chinese payment more easier The first is visa-free or visa on arrival policies to lower the barrier or remove the barrier that prevents them to travel you and also provide them with Chinese version too, don’t have a language barrier Help them to choose your destination for their trip and the second is that improving the tourism services and the building tourism brands As I mentioned Reputation can be build or ruined in a very short time Reputation is really important and being friendly all the time is the top priority for all tourists and the third is to to provide them with adequate information in Chinese if possible and then number four will be the… It’s the same? Okay the fifth is marketing through online platforms because they could check information any time The sixthp will be the conducting marketing activities like discounts on entrance tickets where some promotions at cultural events and like all kinds of activities over there So I attract them to like festivals Also galleries and etcetera and then seventh will be the direct flights because it’s not easy to travelp I traveled yesterday from Beijing to Berlin and this really very tired Flying almost thirteen hours we transfered at Frankfurt because there’s no direct fly by Air China from China to Berlin and if you have a direct flight that will be easier for tourists because they take their parents and the kids and it will be either just directly from Beijing or Chinese destination to other destination, make the travel easier will make them visit your destination easier And if you treat them friendly they gonna give feedback to you So thank you Thank you for listening And this is now our App, WeChat account WeChat service account, official website, official Weibo, we have all channels of Social Network If you want to cooperate with us please come to join us and you have all the way to reach us Thank you Thank you all

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