ISPO Munich 2019 | Fun, Security and Action On Snow

Speed, thrills, experiencing nature! The most innovative ideas for winter sports
undergo a practical test a few days before ISPO Munich. On board: the ISPO Brandnew winners and finalists
with new products that guarantee fun and safety in the snow. Overall-Winner ‘Original +’ offers tailor-made
skis that can be individually adapted to the skiing style and terrain of the customer. In order to make it affordable, we have tried
to automate this adaptation process as much as possible, so we have developed an algorithm
that helps us to interpret a very detailed questionnaire we have for our customer to
answer “What does the perfect ski look like for you?” The Swiss start-up BBoard is also committed
to perfection and individuality. They process only natural raw materials in
their snowboards and offer different shapes and designs. And slate, take two! A two-piece ski that is easy to handle thanks
to its connecting plate. The idea: a good ski for touring skiers and
climbers, which can be packed away in a small space. Off-Piste dangerous situations such as avalanches
can suddenly occur. Bluebird Mountain has therefore developed
a very lightweight, compact drone that fits into any backpack. It finds people buried in the snow using an
LVS signal. If I can’t find any signal, which of course
would be the worst case, I’ll get the drone out of the backpack , it takes off after a
few seconds and follows a search pattern: Then as soon as it finds a signal, it lands
within 5m of the buried person. Sno-Go, a bike on skis, will soon be conquering
the pistes . Thanks to increased flexibility, even the inexperienced can enjoy the ultimate
snow experience. Your feet are free. And because you steer it with your hands,
even ski instructors have confirmed that you very quickly get out of the fall line and
take the turns. This reduces anxiety. It really is incredibly intuitive , you just
have to experience it yourself. These and other ideas of the ISPO Brandnew
winners and finalists will be presented at ISPO Munich 2019.

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