100 thoughts on “Isolation – Mind Field (Ep 1)

  1. After spending years in school being forced to learn things you were never interested in. Also in prison-like conditions where you can't even stand up and walk around the room if you feel like.

    Being offered any alternative instead of spending another minute listening to things you know for sure you're not interested in hearing (even participating in a pain experiment) seems to me a pretty good offer and has nothing to do with boredom.

    Or maybe boredom can be explained as being forced to stand still on a chair and listen carefully to things you are sick of listening already. (to me this is already a high-level torture, considering that your innate talents and abilities may be far away from what you're being forced to learn).

    Furthermore, isolation in a completely unnatural environment is a torture itself (think of it like being buried alive in a big enough coffin with a bed…). Comparing it with being bombarded with information is futile, or that the tons of info going inside your brain makes yo smarter is the biggest lie.

    Monks spending 20-50 years in isolation were tested to see how they perform in IQ tests and the results were the most impressive in the world. Also tests on people who were living in isolated places for only 2-8 years resulted very impressive results, but very weak compared to those who lived in more quiet places for a longer time.

  2. 31:59 Mnnnnnnn not all true, you can have experiences and memories which you shared but can no longer share because those people have left your life; those memories become very sad.

  3. Michael you are a saint.
    The fact that you made these free is going to have a tangible, irreversible impact on humanity as a whole.
    You will be remembered.

  4. "if you only have your own experiences, you're not fully having them. you have to have someone else to listen to them and react to them, THEN you've fully experienced them."

  5. Feel free to judge me, but I've downloaded all seasons of Mind Field before the world comes to an end…You never know

  6. People that keep fish locked up for life in small glass boxes in their home for their own entertainment should experience permanent isolation.

  7. We really need to get rid of solitary confinement as a punishment, it is cruel and unusual punishment for sure.

  8. Reminds me of The Twilight Zone's first episode "Where is Everybody ?" (original 1959 series not the re-make)
    I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven't already.

  9. Bless you for making this season free. I love sating my curiosity for things like this. I appreciate it beyond words.

  10. i love how this episode made me reflect on the ways I myself am isolated. I need help, and im not afraid to admit it now

  11. If I was in there and there was nothing recording me, you wouldn't believe how much jacking off would take place.

  12. Is no one going to mention the fact that
    One of the actors from my favorite series lord of the rings, is now a float expert…

  13. I would have taken the shock button apart; I'm weird that way. I'd probably shock myself in the process on accident, but that is the cost of finding out how a thing is wired. (But not after fifteen minutes, hour maybe.)

    I'm always chewing on things in my mind, none of them related to my surroundings. (Usually.) This is why I enjoy Philosophy.

  14. Ok, so if i ever go into isolation like that for 3 days, prepare to be in there for 7-10, because it may just feel like that…

  15. "Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that, in a universe so filled with wonders, they have managed to invent boredom?"

  16. Thank you all the people who supported and continue to support this channel.
    Thanks to you, we broke huddled masses can now enjoy the full thing.
    I held off watching the first thinking I would eventually take the free trial of Red in order to watch all of these in a binge.

  17. I would build simple games with bottle caps and pieces of toilet paper. Draw a gameboard with soap on the floor. Practise juggling. He wasn't very creative.

  18. So were the cameras on him when he jerked off a dozen times? That's how I would spend some of my time. I sure hope they at least gave him lotion bottles or some ky lube. I tend to fantasize when I lay down to sleep, I find it relaxes my mind for sleep, even if it's a sexual fantasy. It at least gets my mind off my problems or errands I need to do. I would be having lots of fantasies during that 3 days, and yes, lots of that other activity.

  19. I always expect him to follow up "hey x", with "Michael here and it makes me laugh. Maybe too many vsauce out of context 😂

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