Is Your Job Really Worth It? (Max & Nikita On A RANT)

– You’ve asked it up this Max, we’re sitting here with
our strategy coach Nikita, and in this video we will
be evaluating your job. More specifically we
will help you evaluate on how happy your job makes you. And in order to do that, we’ll play some sort of bad job bingo, you can literally just
checkbox certain things off, and see how bad your job is, and/or how happy it makes you, okay? Now we’re not doing this to mock anybody, we’re not doing this to laugh upon people who have a nine-to-five job or anything. If your job makes you happy, if your job fulfills you, if you love your job all
means the more power to you. It’s absolutely amazing and
we’re super-duper happy for you. In fact if you have a job that fulfills you 10 out
of 10 write in the comments down below would love to know it. But other than that we want
to help you just really see how happy does your job make you? Are you really willing to work for the next 30, 40, 50 years in that job? Yes or no. This video shall be a little
bit of a wake-up call, so let’s get started. Have you ever wondered
whether there’s more to life than a boring dead end nine-to-five job? If you ever dreamed about breaking free you know, traveling the
world, making good money, and just enjoying life? No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you. So here’s to your freedom. And the first one that
I have here is (laughs) Have you ever told yourself
yay, it’s Friday (laughs) – Finally. – Finally it’s Friday. This is actually one of the
most dangerous things to say, because it’s a nice
little neat little system that we’ve built ourselves, right? It’s like oh, slave away and
it’s something that you hate. Mondays and Fridays five days a week, and then look forward that it’s Friday, and everybody happy time
put on your happy faces. Hey, Nikita what are you
gonna do on the weekend? – I’m gonna take some
beer with my friends. – (laughs) Big plans on the weekend bro. – Big plans. – I’ll be like oh, do some garden work. Have a nice little barbecue, and maybe read some book. Get that going, can’t wait. Maybe a little evening trip huh. A little weekend trip
out in the countryside. Sounds great, right? – But I’ve got to be back on time. – I’ll be back on time for the Sunday man. (laughs) – You wanna get your sleep. That’s the crazy thing because you’re so blinded by yah it’s Friday, that you don’t see the bigger
picture that you’re held, and some sort of slavery
job that you actually hate. – I think on Facebook
you can see every Friday I see people posting yah it’s Friday. – That’s crazy and they’re like, it’s again they’re so happy about that, that they fail to see
the bigger picture yo. You have Saturday and Sunday off, and you work the rest of the week. That doesn’t seem like a good ratio. You know, that does not
seem like a good ratio for the rest of your life God damn it. And we have more points about that. Which one do you have? Let’s see what Nikita has, yeah. (laugh) We wrote some very elaborate notes here. – (laughs) Yes, I got the evening shift. – Oh my God (laughs) you
got the evening shift. – I’m winning. – Oh yes, that means I can
sleep in tomorrow (laughs) Same spirit here, right? Those systems are built to
give you small little wins. To give you the illusion that
you’re in control, right? Oh hey baby, I got the
evening shift tomorrow that means today we can stay up longer, and watch Game of Thrones. Yes, two hours extra sleep each morning. This was something that
always bothered me. I don’t know why but I am
not all a morning person. When I have to get up in the morning, it’s the worst thing in the world for me. It’s so horrible, I hate it’s not even
that I need more sleep, I feel like it’s just when I
have to get up in the morning, and I always have problems with that, at every job that I had, even when I was in
school, at the University, I would dread getting up in the morning, and the fact is even if I
tried to go to sleep early, just the fact that I had to get up in the morning would stress me so much I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. So I would be there and am like. Can I fall asleep fast
to get enough sleep, and then an hour later
you’re still awake Max. Still awake, only seven hours left. Oh my God no no just sleep faster. Only four hours left and sometimes I would like fall asleep an
hour before I had to get up, and then you know how are you gonna do your proper job next day? How are you gonna be happy the next day? It’s literally so so detrimental for you too getting enough sleep, and it can be so damaging to your brain, to your brain neurology, to
your overall life and happiness if you can’t get enough sleep, but yay you got the evening
shift congratulations. – Congratulations to you. – (laughs) I have a funny one here. Oh I have to ask my boss
if I can have time off. How bad is that? You know, how many times
did your friends propose something cool like hey all November 12. we’re all gonna go to the concert. You’re like I really hope
I’m gonna get the time off. Just come on just, oh man. You know, fingers crossed. Fingers crossed to get the
time off from your boss. The problem with this is
you’re not in control, right? If you’re let’s say you build a business, you’re a successful
coach, online consultant, and something like that, you can take time off
whenever you want, right? Your daughter’s ballet
thing you can go there, you can have a good time. You don’t have to be oh,
my boss is not giving me some time off you. Forever you’ll be at the
will of your boss, right? So oh man gotta wait till
my boss is in a good mood, so I can ask him if I can do something that a regular free individual
should be entitled to anyway. – I’m gonna ask him on Friday because then he’s also in a good mood. – Exactly yeah, and it’s just like man
I gotta ask my boss. Horrible, I remember I
served at the military at the Army in Austria
was exactly the same. There would be concerts, there would be
once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. One of my back then hobbies
was being a music journalist, so I had the opportunity
to interview in flames one of my favorite metal bands, and I literally had the opportunity to go there interview
them, meet my heroes, and I have to ask my
boss if I had time off, and for a week I would contemplate. How am I gonna ask him? What can I do? – How to approach him. – Yeah, exactly and
maybe take on extra work, and say I’ll work on all the weekends. You know how its’– – Like train in front of the mirror. – Yeah, yeah. (laughs) – Train in the front of the mirror, and it was like you at
the mercy of your boss. Do you want your whole life to be at the mercy of your boss? Do you want the ballet
thing of your daughter to be at the mercy of your boss? Sorry daughter, sorry little daughter, you’re gonna remember the fact that I couldn’t go to your
ballet thing 20 years ago because my boss said no. How horrible is that? How many things are you missing out because you have to ask your boss? Anyways let’s see what
else do we got here, – Well, I gotta save some money first. – Oh yeah. (laughs) – It’s a good one. – I gotta save some money first. Now saving money nothing wrong with that. I think the thing why we
wrote that down is because when you have a job you don’t have, you have very little control
over your income, right? You get your salary and that is it. Now if you wanna make more money okay, maybe you take some extra hours. You know, you do some
extra evening shifts, but at the same time you kinda double, or triple your money just like that. Like let’s say you have a business, you can say okay, I want more money. Well, let’s get more clients,
let’s hire some people. You’re much more in
control over your income. – Yeah. – And yeah, it’s again like hey Nikita do you
wanna go on a vacation? I got save some money first. Gonna kind of crunch the
numbers a little bit. – (laughs) Crunch the numbers. – Crunch those numbers. I mean again how much in control do you wanna be in your life? Do you for ever wanna be in you know, again at the mercy of somebody else? You wanna be in control. Freedom equals control. If you don’t have control
you can’t be free. And you wanna be free. You wanna be free to travel
the world et cetera, right? That’s again why an online business is one of the smartest things you can do. Especially if you value
freedom over something else, and by the way on a signo two
we talked about this earlier, there’s always good million
versus a bad million, right? Because there might be
millionaires out there that make a million, make
two million as a banker, or something like that or
as like a heart surgeon some like that actually surgeons make much less money than that, but If you’re like an expert
surgeon stuff like that like how many hours a week do you work? Some of these people work
80, 90 hours per week. Yeah, sure they’re millionaires, but.. – There’s no freedom. – Yeah, your cage is golden Congrats. It looks nice but it’s still a cage. You know, I’d prefer let’s say
I prefer making 100k a year, but being free, traveling
around, be my own boss, right? Not having to ask if I
can have the time off. Not to say yah, it’s Friday
or any of that, right? Next point did I have– – By the way usually
these people they have not savings problem they
have an income problem. because recently a guy called, and I asked him what’s your problem? Why aren’t successful? He said because the taxes
in my country are too high. – Nooo – Tends the reason I’m not successful. Of course that’s not the problem. The problem in the end just making money and there’s no idea how, and that’s what he’s gotta learn. – Exactly, exactly yeah. it’s just another one of these examples, you’re not in control. You’re not in control, not being in control stuns your freedom, and freedom is the greatest good you can have as a human being, freedom that’s it, right? So the next thing that I have here is I have to work tomorrow. So that’s another thing that helped me. This was something that used to always be my friends of my problem. I had a summer vacation, you know, I had like two weeks off. Two weeks great summer, two
full weeks of summer let’s go, and my friend didn’t and
I’m like dude let’s go out. Let’s go get drunk, let’s party. That was way back in the
days when I was younger and he’s like I gotta work tomorrow. You know, sometimes he would still go out, and drink with me until like
six, seven in the morning, and then he would just like
go from the bar to work, and obviously his
performance diminished very. And the thing is you know like that you’re like well, at least I have a job where it doesn’t matter if
I show up drunk, okay great. But that’s it. That’s what you wanna build your life from for the rest of life? – It’s the freedom. – Yeah that’s your freedom. Oh I could show up drunk, but yeah how much are you
growing through your job? How fulfilling is it then you know? And even then yeah you might
be able to show up drunk, at the same time how
higher are your chances now to get some time off later? Your boss is gonna be well, you show up up all the time drunk. You you useless I’m not
gonna give some time off. So again like there’s always
these weird consequences that you would never have if
you have your own business. Oh man I gotta work tomorrow. Let’s go do the thing. You know one of my favorite things to do is still, still since years. It’s a get up in the morning during the week Tuesday morning,
Wednesday morning, and go to the cinema. If I wanna watch to see a movie, I literally get up in the morning, I buy a bunch of nachos,
buy some popcorn, chocolate I sit in the cinema. You know, 10:30 a.m. in the
morning and I go watch a movie. It’s the best thing in the
world because nobody’s there. You know what? You know how I watched all
the latest Star Wars movies? I always watch them in the morning. You know, because the
evenings would be full. You know, you go online, you wanna reserve a seat has
been reserved for months. Like even the first row where
you have to sit like this, there’d be full. I just go the next morning. I sit there all chilled nobody next to me, you know, maybe some school
children that skipped school, but that is it, I’m sitting there. Sometimes I go to Amsterdam
because I like that. I go smoke some weed there, I go watch the movie on a Tuesday morning, and I have at it because I can take that flight on a Monday evening, and go to a Amsterdam if I want some. Who can do that with a job? But God bless you because
you have to work tomorrow. Sorry for you. Again we’re not mocking anybody here. This is again there’s good jobs out there. If your job fulfills you by all means more power to you comment down below. We’re not mocking anybody, we wanna help you get an objective view, and tell you and just
kinda open your eyes. Just really slap you out of your reality, and say hey, it is possible. You don’t have to slave away
a job that you don’t like. You don’t have to bingo checkbox
all these bad things off. These are bad, okay? Don’t let anybody fool you. Don’t let your family
fool you or your friend, or your boss saying, that’s just plain it’s
welcome to the adult life. No I refused. I always refused to accept the adult life. Every time I had a job my parents would be like good that’s the job. I’m like this…. Dude this is stupid. Who would do that? They’re like you’ll get used to it. I’m like getting used to it? That’s what you mean by growing up? You growing… I wanna have fun, I wanna give real value, I wanna see that if I’m
putting in the work, that something epic happens, right? And this is by the way too, sometimes people ask me, but Max you have employees as well? Absolutely, absolutely but at least they work for something they believe in. They work for something
they’re excited about. They’re surrounded by other
people that lift them up. We’re a team, right? Why do I know that? Because we only hire
people that are bought in. I don’t hire somebody who says, when I say why do you wanna work for us? Well, because I get money
from that and I need the job. Go somewhere else, right? Like again it’s absolutely
fine to work for somebody, to work in a company if you
believe in that company, If you like what you’re doing, if you like the people
that you hang out with, and if it fulfills you. If not, you’re gonna have a problem for the rest of your life. Just little harsh talk here. Let’s see what else we got. – All right, here’s a good one. I’ll do it just for now. – I’ll do it just for now? – Yeah. – (laughs) Yeah, just kinda explain, I guess what do you mean? – Basically when you have a job just for a short time basically you know. It’s just a period right now. – Yeah, I hear that many people say. They’re like oh, I’ll just do
it for now I need some money. You know blah blah blah, and that’s cool to do
something just for now as long as you really do it just for now. I know a lot of people who
started something doing it just for now and all of a sudden they have more responsibilities, they have higher bills to pay, you know, they buy a bunch
of stuff that they don’t need in order to impress people
that they don’t like, and now they’re stuck in that job. And after a year, after two
years they’re still doing it. Just for now, you know. Again like– – They trap themselves in there basically. – It’s literally just a bunch of, it’s procrastination coupled
with irrational excuses of why you have to stay
in this job, right? And again like it procrastinate, so many people I mean we get
these people all the time they say oh, I wanna
start my own business. I wanna do it but not now. Just for now I need the job thing first, I need to pay for the bills first. Here’s the thing dude, nothing’s ever gonna be perfect timing. It’s never gonna be the
perfectly right time right now to start doing that. It’s not a perfectly right
time to shoot this video. It never is. It’s legit by the way, it’s Sunday morning when
we’re shooting this video. Why are we shooting on a Sunday morning? Because we love what we do, okay? And it’s not a perfect time, after this we’re gonna hit
the gym do some leg day, but at the same time, like is it perfect time for a leg day? No, there’s never perfect
time for a leg day. Leg days are the worst but
I know I have to do them. You know, because it’s good for me, and just it’s a wonderful
metaphor by the way. It’s exactly the same when it comes to starting being an entrepreneur. Starting your own business. Starting becoming a self-employed. It’s not a perfect time
but it’s good for you. It’s gonna hurt a little
bit, maybe it’s scary. Damn sure as hell is
scary when I do squats, but I know it’s good for
me and I have to do it. So stop thinking I’ll just do it for now, because this for now can very very easily become a very long time during which you get miserable doing a job that you don’t like. – That transitions into
hey, it’s safe here. – Oh yeah, wonderful is that yeah, and it’s safe here, and then again like you
have more responsibilities, and all of a sudden you have
these bills that you gotta pay, and then it is just
endless procrastination. And some of these people end
up on a call with us being 4555 and they’re like my whole life I’ve wasted it with something
that I don’t wanna do, and now I’m ready, which is amazing. Which I have huge respect
for because I know, it gets more and more difficult
the older you get, right? Anyways I got one more here, and is I hope I don’t get fired. That’s kinda crazy because again you’re always at the
mercy of somebody else. and I’ve made an extra video on that. What happened to the
thousands of employees that worked for General
Motors back in 2007? For Volkswagen? For all these huge companies? They all had a safe little job. Some of them for 20, 30
years been with that company. Safe job, right? That’s what all our parents tell us. Just get something real. Get a safe job at a big company yeah, and then all these
layoffs started happening. – Yeah. – And these layoffs happen
more frequently all the time. So you hope you don’t get fired, I hope so too, I really hope so too, but the truth is, the only thing where you really have control
over you being fired yes or not is if you start
building your own business. You don’t even need employees or anything you can just be you. Your business can literally
just consist of you. As a coach, consultant, service provider, you barely have any expenses because you’re not building a product, because you don’t have employees, and later on you can
always hire employees. But to start you barely have any risk, and you have control. There’s nobody who could fire you. You are a person who fires
other people, you know, and if you need more
clients you’re in control. If you get a mentor who
tells you to get clients all you have to do is execute. You have nice income, you can travel the world, you can do whatever you want, you can choose who you want
to work with yes or no, you can go see your
daughter’s ballet thing, you can do all these things. You can go do leg day, you can travel the world, again I keep saying
traveling the world because it’s one of the most amazing things that you can actually do in your life. You do all these things
and it’s in your control. And the more control you have, the more freedom you have, right? – Exactly. You have one more? – Yes, it’s casual Friday. – Yeah (laughs) it’s casual Friday. Yeah, most companies actually
have horrible dress codes. I remember I was working in an internship in Washington DC and I
had to wear a nice shirt, and a tie every day except for Fridays. ’cause Friday was casual Friday. And it kinda like we would literally walk to the office like hey
Jim casual Fridays, look– – Nice shirt. – Nice shirt bro and it’s like again it’s like these people in a
cage high-fiving each other ’cause they have a window in the cage, or something like that you know. Isn’t great you can wear, today you can wear whatever you want. It’s horrible. – Today we’re allowed to wear this. – How dude? That is horrible. That is you know, I know another place that doesn’t allow you to
wear whatever you want. Prison, okay? Literary prison here, how bad? I mean I get it, if you
have certain dress codes for your company ’cause you’re
representing your company, but at the same time it’s again just this like example that casual Fridays. it’s just like let’s give
them this one little win to distract them from the fact that we control their lives. Casual Fridays everybody, casual Fridays. So again we didn’t do this
to mock anybody or anything, we did this to kinda help you get a more objective bird’s-eye view of how much does your job fulfill you. And I hope, I personally hope that you don’t have a lot of these
things that we just mentioned. You didn’t cross out oh yep,
I said that, I said that, that’s me, that’s me we
really hope it’s not, and again the best way to avoid all these bad things is start
building your own business as a coach, consultant, service provider. You can do all of that online, you barely have any costs, you barely have any risk. Ideally you do it with a mentor
all you have to do now is just execute the thing
that a mentor tells you to, and you can make up to four to maybe even five figures a month, if you do a couple of things correctly. You’re your own boss, you’re doing this freely, you don’t have casual Fridays, you don’t have to ask your boss if you can have some time off, and yeah if you say yo
I’m ready to crush it. I wanna escape the nine-to-five
cubicle hamster wheel, then you can literally give us a call. You can jump on a free consultation call either with me or with
an expert from my team, and all you have to do
in order to do that is you click the link down
in the description below. Link brings it to a page, right? And really important, read through what’s on that page, okay? We compiled a lot of really
great information on that page and how exactly you can get started. A little bit of a step-by-step stuff, and then on that page you
click the application, you fill out the application
takes you one minute, and then you can book
the exact date and time where you want us to call you. Even if it’s International
there’s no cost, right? – For free. – It’s entirely for free even if it’s an international call as well. Jump on a call and on that
call we will help you. Kinda is especially important to fill you already have a skill. You have a skill something
that you’re pretty good at, and you want to monetize that. We can definitely help you monetize it, and also important if
you don’t know quite yet, if you say I’m not sure what
kind of skill I could use. Give us a call because we
can analyze your strengths, and we can tell you
exactly what is lucrative, how does the market look like
in that situation et cetera. So if you were taking us seriously click that link down description below. Jump on a call with us. If the link still works means
we still have spots open. – Exactly. – Those spots fill up
faster and faster to bigger this channel actually
gets kinda interesting. So if this link still works that means we’re still have spots open. That being said Nikita thank
you so much for you’re time Let’s go hit the gym. Thank you so much for watching and Gigi. (bright music)

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