Iran Travel Tips for Backpacking Iran (Inside Iran Special)

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  1. he first said its free then asked for a price…. that not taarof he wanted to trick you….
    taroof is when for example you take a cab and he won't take the money in first try

  2. Unfortunately there is this misconception about super rich tourists among Iranians! witch is not always the case! but that's because only super rich Iranians can afford traveling to other countries! … but that doesn't justifies this ugly greedy manners, my apologies from Iran … good side counts bad side counts.

  3. oh, my dear friend, you are so naive
    you are in Shiraz dude
    and you wonder why people assume you are lazy and you want to take a taxi and dont walk
    they dont assume it … they believe in it because it is the way they are
    shirazi people are the most chill people in the world
    they dont live they just chill
    they are famous for it

  4. HAHAHA im iranian, bro you got ripped the FACK out HAHAHAHAHA 100k for a tip? LOLOLOL If I was you I would go bitch slap him lol

  5. Maybe the guy thought you didn't know the difference between rial and toman. 1 million rial is only 30 dollars. 1 million toman is such a ridiculous price to ask for a couple hours, I don't understand.

  6. Hi Guys, thankyou for your You Tube info on Iran. I am going in February 2018 and so excited. I have been wanting to visit this country for years. Oh and thankyou for the info on 'taroof', very handy

  7. Can I swim as a girl in summer time with panties and without Islamic veil in Iran?
    Is there any beach?
    Because I hate wearing Hijab?
    I've been in many Islamic and Arab countries without Hijab, but How about Iran?

  8. I'm sorry to hear you ran into trouble with the guy showing you around. That's not really taroof though. Not everyone is like that and hopefully your video helps some people avoid something similar in the future. 🙂

  9. I live in Iran, I glade you enjoyed, in every community we have good and bad guys, and I'm so sorry for that mony for smoke was to much

  10. I think most of the selfies does have just a little to being nice, well it's more about inferiority complexes, I know it's not nice to say but that is the trough in most cases, because if you were from neighboring countries they would act differently, many of them have very vague and biased imagination about the world especially the West,.
    great video though 😉

  11. It was nice. But please don't forget it is a country under heavy brutal sanctions imposed by the West, which if you put just few of such sanctions on any of European countries, they will be paralyzed and bankrupt in terms of few months and converted into wastelands in few years and probably they will escape to other continents like refugees 😉

    If you see some kinds of greediness, it is sth new that has happened during the last decades, thanks to the sanctions and financial problems, otherwise it is a very cheap country.

  12. The gas thing you mentioned. Well, the piping is never concealed In Iran inside the wall on purpose because of safety concerns.
    When there is a leak it is better that it is exposed to the open. That way the gas would get dispersed and won't accumulate leading to an explosion.

  13. following your channel buddy. Cool channel.. Just discovered it. I am from India. dreaming about touring Iran once.

  14. one should avoid over-generalization
    the Iranians are as different from each other as the non-Iranian tourists who visit Iran
    the person (s) who recorded this video are very respectful of others
    the videos are of very good quality
    the authors deserve all respect

  15. Vielen lieben Dank für dieses Video!!! Ich hatte die ganze Zeit Gänsehaut,weil es für uns Iraner ein wunderschönes Gefühl ist zu wissen,dass Menschen aus dem Westen rüber fliegen! <3

  16. Guys your video is really cool !!! I'm one of your new fan !

    Regards from Jakarta, Indonesia 🙂

    Actually next month I'll trip to Iran yeah

  17. It’s been a dream of mine for two years now to visit Iran. I was planning on visiting it this summer but I would like to know if it’s safe (i saw on the news that the tensions were rising) and if the summer is too hot?

  18. Thanks for usefull tips, when speaking about Taroof, at which places I can expect to pay in that way? In supermarket/busses probably not, just in bazaar, souvenir stores or taxi? Thanks

  19. heloo guys thanks for fantastic video. i have a questions . how much are the hotel or hostal prices ? because i dont have much money i have also save money u have some ideas for me. ? be greatful. Frank

  20. really nice trip story ❤️ i'm from iran and thx for coming and making this video , i really enjoyed , but indeed our streets don't smell gas 😂😂 , come to mazandaran state , i am sure you're gonna love it , thank you again and have a nice time

  21. Thanks guys …My son born & raised in Canada after watch yr video asking me I GOT TO GO TO IRAN …
    It's very very nice what you guys did. I really appreciate your time & effort.

  22. Amazing,beautiful people,beautiful place there.Countries in Middle East are being destroyed by jews,saudis and crazy men they fund yet Iran remains prosperous.I hope Iranian know how lucky they are.

  23. thx for this…made me nostalgic…I refuse to return bc i DESPISE that shit headscarf so I won't return but watching these videos makes me miss it so much more

  24. Yo that gas thing weirded me out… i guess i've gotten used to it lol
    Also, what's the café you filmed this in?😊

  25. Wow!! Beautiful city.😊 asking tourist "Where are you from"? It is typical in most countries as someone who looks different than locals. I'm curious because I don't want to say I'm from USA because of current attitudes that are not my own. I love traveling meeting new people from all different countries. In your opinion what do most Iranians think about tourists from America? Thanks 😊 and blessings on your adventures!!

  26. I'm from Iran and followed all your videos. All of 'em are really nice. there are some misunderstandings I wanna explain shortly: 1) If you see a taxi horning on you is not because you're a foreigner and they don't wanna rip you off. this is a traditional way for them to get the passenger. So if you're Iranian they would do the same and make a horn to notify you they are taxi drivers. 2) if you see many people reaching you to talk to you is because of their hospitality manner and of course, it's not because of training their English. They really want to help you so don't get it wrong. Obviously speaking for 2 mins is not a good way to learn English. We learn English at school and we can train ourselves by watching movies, using online courses or travelling which is not that expensive you say. At least I really do not know anyone who hasn't had travelling abroad. 3)taroof is a way of respect to tell you I can do that for free if you want but if you insist on, they say the price. Again it is not a way of ripping off, it's a way of respect. 4) Selfies again is a way of making you comfortable and accepted in the country.

  27. Btw it's tarOFF and not tarOOF
    And people will look you sideways if you ever use the word "hookah" in Iran. It's called Gheliun or Ghelian and not even "shisha."

  28. Correction. They don't look up to Europe or Europeans. They are just kind to newcomers and people from faraway places. They go out of their way to counter the negative image that the western media projects of them. My neighbors here in Belgium are from Iran and they are always courteous to the entire neighborhood. They don't like the Americans or British that much, but they like the Germans a lot. I think their feelings about other countries differ from country to country. And considering their bad experiences with lets say US, it is natural that they don't like the Americans much. Having a trade mentality, they always trade with the Germans, so it is natural that they like the Germans more than many other Europeans. All the Iranians that I met were really respectful and kind. Here in Europe we are not used to that. So when we see kindness, it goes to our heads. The Iranians are very proud of their heritage.

  29. Welcome to Iran. We host anyone throughout Iran with a 4X4 Offroad Korando car and a professional tour guide. All with variant but cheap prices. Contact me if interested.

  30. First, these videos are the best ones in introducing Iran that I have ever seen. Well done!
    Most of the tips they mention are right and should be concerned by tourists. That gas smell was interesting to hear for me, as an Iranian who has lived with it.
    The Taroof concept is not interpreted well. I guess because they had only one experience of that, which unfortunately was not a good one. It is not supposed to end badly or to something unexpected. However, I admit that it is super annoying and confusing. Even we Iranians get confused about the genuine intentions of Taroof takers :))))

  31. excellent video…thanks…enjoyed it….but i was in tehran and the people can be tricky..did not go to shiraz…the food is great but it can make u fat very fast.,,the traffic is chaotic and dangerous….the homes are old but i was invited to their homes several times…overall, a great place but it does get hot in the summer…thanks

  32. it was lovely to see the video, kindly make a plan and visit Pakistan, would love to host you, show you the beautiful landscapes, make you taste the delicious food and experience warm and hospitable people

  33. In old Iran sale men doing Taroof and they believe in it, so if customer could not pay price they give them for free or borrow them, but now we only doing Taroof but we wait for money.
    still we have some good old style shops that do real Taroof.
    Taroof works every where even when you and someone else together entering a house.
    This is a culture in Iran like many strange culture in other countries.
    By the way you must know we do Taroof by people who like them and we do not have any Taaro with enemies :))
    I hope you enjoyed in Iran

  34. Hey Steve. Hope you enjoyed in iran. But as an Iranian it was a little surprised for me you said the people looke up to européen. They just wanted to have connection with you☺. The reason is not important my friend. And the taroof thing wasn't taroof. He was trying to rip you off.😑

  35. این ک ایرانی ای ندونه تعارف چیه دیگه خیلی عجیب ، ینی حتی ی نفر هم نبود ک بگه تعارف کردن یعنی احترام ب گذاشتن ب شخص مخاطب

  36. Thanks for sharing your experiences about Iran.
    Tarof/Taarof: in a old time when people had to pay for something ( not a big price ) usually as a respect in fact if that person has not enough money to pay for things, they would offer them a Taarof several time in case if the person could not pay but still could have the things, still many people in Iran do that and for many is just a respect.
    If some one in Iran comes to you and take Selfie with you, it dos not means they want to go to Europe or any others place, simply means , they want to be friendly and comfort or welcome you to Iran, which is not normal in Europe or any others country.
    – Tips about Visiting Iran : in every country Network is good, but in Iran is very high Network, which means people are communicating and are in contacts with friends, family and family member a lot. for example in Europe, single people communicating with their parents maybe once a moth, with friends which can be the number of them 5 to 10 people once a week and family member like Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces are in contact almost every day in some part or a week, and group of friends Network of each one of them are big like a long long Chain when they want to contact or fine something, they use all source of friends and family.
    So, the Tips is here: There are Million of Iranian living in Europe, America and Canada, and if you have a plane to Visit Iran, simply walk to an Iranian in your country or home town and ask them if they can help you with someone that be your guide in Iran. I am sure in one or 2 days they will fined at list 3 or 4 people in Iran which they would be happy to have to as Guest and help you around to have a good time in Iran. This the Iranian culture which Iranian carrying this for 1000s of the years.

  37. As I traveled Iran for almost 10 times, taxis are pretty cheap, I assume that they so you a bot different from them and decided to take an advantage. As an Arab I pretty look like them and some of them can understand Arabic a little bit and it's very easy to negotiate prices.

  38. People in Iran don't really look up to Europeans. They just miss their freedom of traveling, well their freedom in general after 40 years of being hostage to Mullahs!

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