Iolanthe the Traveler • Kyro’s Name Challenge Part 2 • Doll Custom Tutorial

Hi I’m Barb and I’m Alex and we’re Enchanterium Quick note: we now have subtitles, in English
and in our native language – Polish! Mainly so our number one fan, our grandma,
can understand what it’s all about. In today’s video we’ll be making Iolanthe
the Traveller for the second installment of Kyro’s ooak challenge. The point of the challenge is to make a doll
based around your name’s meaning. Last time we’ve made Alex’s doll, Irene,
and this time, we’re doing my doll, based of the meaning of name Barbara, which is traveller
from a foreign land. Another dimension is a foreign land, right? Iolanthe shall be an interdimensional witch
then. For this custom we’re using Gilda Goldstag
doll, as her horns mach Barb’s zodiac sign, Capricorn. First I cut her hair as close to the head
as possible and remove it from the inside using scissors and tweezers. I remove her face with acetone, with cotton
pads and buds. I do the same with the scalp paint. I’ll reroot her with green and grey yarn
to give her a kind of dread lock or braided hairstyle. Before I go to far I paint her scalp with
acrylic paint, to match the color of her hair. To secure the plugs I’m pouring glue inside
her head. Time to prep her for face-up. I’m just tugging the yarn away with a piece
of cloth and pins. I start the faceup with blushing all around
the face and ears. I made rough sketch of eye shapes and start
painting her lips with pastels and pencils. The next step is to draw basic features like
eyebrows, eyeliner, irises and pupils. I’m going to give her red eyes but I start
with light brown pencil. I paint the eyeshadow, the whites of the eyes
and other make up details. They all have to be layered with msc a few
times if you want to have vibrant colours. Irene has a lot of freckles and this doll
will have some as well. I like to paint a white line on the cupid’s
bow, on the bottom lip and inside irises. I decided to enhance her eyelashes by adding
white lashes next to the original black ones. Some more green pastel on her eyebrows and
let’s move on to painting the horns. I start with gold paint and then add red on
tips. I thought she needed more freckles and gloss
on her lips. I also painted inside of her ears for more
depth. I’ll show you how to make her coat. If you wanna follow along, the pattern is
linked in the description below. For the purpose of the tutorial I’m gonna
use this other fabric and pink thread. I sew on a sewing machine, but you can totally
do it by hand. First, I’m marking a middle point, because
you have to extend the pattern on both sides. Curve the bottom edge of this piece – I just
eyeballed it. Side note: if you have a fabric that doesn’t
frey – great. use it and don’t hem anything! Cut the piece down the middle line and begin
to hem edges, but not the top one. Here I decided to split the piece in half,
as it is easier to do it that way. Continue hemming until you’re left with
something like this. Hem the straight edge of both sleeves, and
these edges of the collar piece. Now, pin your sleeves to the bodice, right
sides together, fiddling the fabric so the curves match. For this part I use the hand crank of my machine
or sew by hand. Repeat on the other side. Now, make sure you have your bodice right
sides up and your collar also right sides up. Align the parabola-shaped parts and sew along
it. After that, press the seam allowance down
to the inside of the bodice and top stitch. Fold the thing right sides together so you
can close the sleeves and sides. Sew on both sides and turn inside out. Gather the bottom big pieces, or pleat like
I did, and align them right sides together with the bottom of the bodice to check for
how long it has to be. First sew the gathers in place, so it’s
easier to attach them to the bodice. Pin, and sew the last seam. I like my bottom pieces to overlap where the
middle line that we eventually cut was, to cover the booty. Unless you want to top stitch the seam allowance
along here. Add a button and congrats! You now have a coat. I made a total of 3 of these coats and I adore
this style. It’s time to work on her body. I start with blushing and some rune tattoos
on the palms of her hands. I painted runes B and L for Barb’s initials. Just like her sister Irene, Iolanthe is going
to have a painted top with shiny rhinestones. I glue them one by one around her torso. I made her dark shorts to cover her private
area. Wydowna’s shoes have that witchy vibe so
I thought they will be perfect for this project. I cut the web thingies and paint the shoes
dark red, but later I changed my mind and repainted them grey. I’m adding some piercings, as I have a few
myself and I thought it fit the overall edgy witchy style of Iolanthe. I’m poking additional holes with a thicker
pin first, then add silver jump rings in different sizes. I struggled a lot to put her nose ring in. To make her skirt I cut this faux leather
in stripy fashion and I’m going to glue it on the doll, but not to the doll, using
super glue. We all know how that ended… Anyway, using small amounts I’m wrapping,
glueing, wrapping until I get the volume I want. To have a travelling attribute, I took this
doll suitcase and cut it flush. I don’t know which doll it was from – the
first person who can figure this out wins a 100 Enchanterium points. I designed and printed this plaque to go over
the holes and to matchy-match my sister doll Irene, it has the same kingfisher design on
it. I filled the middle with cardboard to make
an even surface and I glued everything with hot glue and filled any gaps. My job here is to paint things, so it shouldn’t
be a surprise to you that I painted this suitcase. For the basic colour I chose almost black
grey and I started colouring the details with acrylic paint mixed with pearlex powders in
teal colour. We also printed this vortex thing – it was
originally a vase but we scaled the model so it looks like a portal, that Iolanthe has
in her suitcase! The original model is linked below. It needed some magical sparkle so I glued
a piece of iridescent foil at the bottom and decorated it with glitter and rhinestones. I also took a lettuce leaf… I mean green tissue paper and added some glitter
to it as well. It’s going to create some new texture to
our portal. I glue my lettuce leaf on the inside of the
suitcase and attach the portal with the glue gun It needs more sparkle and glitter and glossiness
and after that, the magical door to another dimension is ready! This is how she turned out! Thanks again to Kyro’s Workshop for the
challenge! I personally am very happy about the fact
that she carries the portal in her suitcase, like, how cool would that be? What would be your fantasy travel method? Let us know in the comments down below! As with Alex’s doll Irene, my doll’s name
comes from my second name, Jolanta, but spelled more fancy. It is also the name of our number one fan,
our Grandma. Make sure to Follow us on Instagram for some
sneak peaks and subscribe for future videos! Have an enchanted day, and we’ll see you next
time! Baiii

52 thoughts on “Iolanthe the Traveler • Kyro’s Name Challenge Part 2 • Doll Custom Tutorial

  1. I absolutely love that you design and use a 3D printer! Especially because STEM isn't as common among girls. It's super cool and you're incredibly talented!

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    thank you very much for taking the time out of your days to add the subtitles! i'm sure your gfandma appreciates it and i do too

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  8. She is amazing! I'm loving all that detailed work! Just one note: Barbaros doesn't mean foreign traveler in Greek, it comes from the sound the ancient Greeks thought they heard when the foreigners talked and it sounded like var var (b is pronounced v here). So they called them Varvaroi (plural), and the word was referring to the foreigns with less civilisation (violent customs, not having the concept of hospitality, nomadic, no advanced science/philosophy, not respecting the dead etc) , like the Persians and mostly ancient balkan residents etc but not Romans, Egyptians etc. Its has more of a negative meaning to it sadly, until today.

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