Introducing the Google Fiber Bar

Ben: Hi, my name is Ben Segura and I’m on
the Google Fiber team.  We have heard a lot of rumors that we have been building fiber
optic network that will deliver Internet speeds 100 times faster than most Americans have
access to today, and while we are humbled by these speculations, we have focused our
efforts on developing a different kind of fiber, Google Fiber. Here at Google, we try to solve big problems
using technology. We have done everything from building self-driving to developing
street view technology. We strive to use the advances of technology to help our users live
better and more effective lives. However, we have seen an even bigger problem
when it comes to our bodies, as we still rely on outdated sources of fiber and nutrients
to give us energy, help our intestinal and colon efficiency and sustain us throughout
our busy lives.   John: Prior to Google Fiber, I never felt
like I came close to my full athletic potential. I was sluggish and tired. Now, I’m racing,
winning, and feeling great. It’s not just fiber – it’s Google Fiber. Larry: Four short weeks after eating the Google
Fiber bar, the bar actually can take feedback from the body, determine which nutrients are
needed and target delivery to the specific organs that need those nutrients. Google has
revolutionized preventative health care. Washington, you have to take a look at this. Ben:  We have spent a long time perfecting
Google Fiber and are excited for its potential to positively impact the health of our users.
It’s not just vitamins, and it’s not just fiber. It’s Google Fiber and it’s like
nothing else out there. Let us help you make the most of your health, one byte at a time. For more information about how to get your
very own supply of Google Fiber, please visit Larry and John: It’s fiberlicious!

85 thoughts on “Introducing the Google Fiber Bar

  1. i thought this was real for 3 years until i checked the upload date and was also wondering if it was a April fool joke until i checked the upload date in 2018

  2. Since when Google looks so uncool, and wait, is this a parody 😐 why do you need a fiber bar and Google Fiber?! Since when Google turned into 9gag quality!!? This must be a joke righttt 😬

  3. Oh, it's like … they only make fun of themselves once a year? it's a good one but kinda thinly-veiled

  4. As fake as this is it could be cool for doctors to prescribe. Crazy as it sounds the idea has to has from somewhere. Jokes are born that way.

  5. What if you eat two? Would the two fiber bars work against eachother, and compete against eachother to see which one can deliver the most nutrients, which then one makes a mistake, and then ultimately kills the person who took the two Google fibers? Ouch! No thank you Google!

  6. hahahahahahhahahhhaaaahhahahaha sounds like one of those Instagram comedy ads….whats next google Pandora or google Medusa

  7. That why I didn't. Eat the fiber bar. The Lord is my life and salvation who shall I fear he walk with me. I am Grateful beware of the snare of the night there is no light in them . The Lord is a strong tower. He's living waters .

  8. hmmm.. What will happen to the future if google keeps this up?

    2058: meet the new google phone, it does you're orders perfectly and it searches of what suits you the most.

    You: okay google, turn into airplane mode.

    Google: Turns into [Messerschmitt Bf 109(Germany Warplane)*]

    You: wow… google, what did you do?..

    Google: I did what you ordered me to do, and if I ordered myself into airplane mode, then I'll turn into a [Dassault-Breguet Mirage(France Warplane)*] because when the time is right, I can betray you and after that is gonna be you're defeat.

  9. This is the 6th April Fool video by google, that got recommended by YouTube today… What's happening…?

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