Introducing the +1 Button

Have you ever come home to a note that made
life just a little bit easier? A tip from someone you trust that helps you
find the things you care about. When you have lots of options in front of
you, it’s easy to find yourself wishing for a bit of advice.
That’s why we’re introducing the +1 — a way for you and your friends to help each
other find great things in Google search. When you click +1, you’re telling your friends,
your family, and the rest of the world: “this is something you should check out.”
Since people will find your recommendations right when they’ll looking for them, you
can +1 things you might not send an email or post an update about.
And the next time you’re searching, you might see +1s from your friends and contacts,
both on Google search and search ads. So picking the right coffee maker, news article or chocolate
chip cookie recipe could get a little easier. And soon you’ll be able to +1 more than
just search results. You’ll also find the +1 button on sites across the web, making
it easy to +1 pages after you’ve visited them.
The web’s a big place. Sometimes it helps to have a tour guide. So if you think something’s
cool, +1!

100 thoughts on “Introducing the +1 Button

  1. This is so stupid. I just got a youtube account so I can thumb up and thumb down certain videos. And now I can't even do that. Google needs to learn that no one wants this update and they should change it back!!!!!!!

  2. Thannnnkk youuuuuu. For weeks I've been missing my thumbs. Never noticed them at the end of a video until i saw your comment 🙂

  3. Wow mine just changed today and it is fucking stupid. What if I want to thumbs something up but dont want to wait for the entire video to end? Bring them back. Not everyone wants to use your Google+ shit. God I am starting to hate Google.

  4. Things like this are so shit and never go to plan :L people will be addicted to liking every page like I do with YouTube videos!!

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  11. I see it is almost like great google bookmarks since many similarity with it. I love to use it other than marking. Thanks Author.

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  15. Google's increasing intrusiveness by way of cataloging personal interests, along with their propensity for data mining for the purpose of marketing lowers them to the same level as any other Madison Avenue collection of greedy capitalistic asses.

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  17. I give up. I just want the old scrolling in mobile comments. So…

    ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube
    / so he can take over and take down Google+

  18. This is pretty confusing…how does it help people search? Where would i see a +1 recommendation while surfing? Who gets notified if I click this "button?" None of this makes sense and to me it seems like just another "like" (facebook), or "thumbs up" on youtube. I dont see the difference at all; perhaps I'm misunderstanding or misinformed as to how the +1 works, and most importantly; what the hell is the purpose and what is it used for'? Does this add any benefit at all, or is it just something  to make people "google" for information about it?

    Then we end up on the google home page an this may be the purpose of the whole thing. Its making people who ask for info on youtube be directed to the 'Google" website.

    Perhaps it is an example of really clever marketing?

    Good job google!! Im impressed!!! OH SHIT!!, WAIT! I FORGOT!!!…I didnt have to say the previous 5 WORDS…I could have saved myself the AGONY OF MOVING MY FINGERS and just clicked on the +1 buttont  instead…heheHE

  19. PLEASE HELP. Is +1 the same as upvoting a comment? youtube doesn't let me "upvote" comments in notifications but it lets me +1

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  22. I use to be able to view my +1's like a history of everything i clicked on i can not see this any more how do i view what i I gave a +1?

  23. It seems to me the +1 is more about google analytics and revenue generation from advertising than it is about being helpful to viewers.

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