Introducing Project Bloks

The goal of Project Bloks is to develop an open hardware platform that provides designers, developers and researchers everything they need to create tangible programming experiences for kids. One of the big things about teaching kids how to program is that they can express ideas that they wouldn’t be able to express otherwise. Young kids, you know, they learn by being social, by being collaborative, by playing with things, by exploring with their hands. Taking what’s natural to them and then adding a new skill, such as computing and programming, I think we’ll have the best of both worlds. I think if one moves away from the screen and keyboard coding it’s far easier for young people to work collaboratively and working collaboratively to solve problems is what happens out in the real world. There’s a long history of tangibles for programming, it starts in the 70’s with Seymour Papert at MIT, and then there are many others for example Tern and Topobo and Tangible Programming Bricks. One of the cool things about tangible programming is accessibility. You’ve got the little kids who can’t read and write yet but then you’ve also got students who have dyslexia who can access coding without having a thousand syntax errors. For the most part, the things that we produce in our group are platforms, so that developers can really innovate on the content and the applications. Project Bloks is a research project and our goal is to create an open hardware platform in which developers, makers and designers can create hands on programming experiences for kids. As a first step we’ve created a system for tangible programming and this system consists of 3 main components. The Brain Board, Base Boards and Pucks. The Base Board works by placing a Puck onto it and Pucks can be programmed with different instructions like turn on or off, move in a direction or increase amount. The board then simply reads that pucks instruction, the Brain Board provides power and connectivity and when you connect Base Boards to it it can read the instructions and send them to connected objects like a toy or a tablet. The boards can be rearranged in different ways and wrapped in different forms and materials to create all sorts of physical coding experiences. Like a Music Maker, where you use physical code to compose music and send it to a wireless speaker. Or a Sensor Lab, where you use physical code to experiment with sensors around you, like detecting a drop in temperature and then switching on a light. Or a Coding Kit, where you use physical code to control toys. Like getting a robot to draw a shape on a piece of paper. You are now enabling every maker out there to come up with their solution to what could be tangible computing, so suddenly as a teacher I’m excited because the whole world is going to be developing tools that I could potentially use in my classroom. The ultimate aim of Project Bloks is to give all the work we’ve done back to the education research and development community for free to accelerate the field of physical programming for kids.

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  1. 1:18 Yeah! Am I the only child programmer who likes it when somebody else actually knows what syntax error means?

  2. Genial! Si Montesori y Palacios, la gran maestra italiana y el gran maestro rural argentino, vivieran en este tiempo lo implementan ya! Muchas gracias!

  3. Alright… Is it just me, or someone at Google got the idea from 'LittleBits', cause they've had this concept out on the market for a while now

  4. People older than me know programming better bcz they grew up side by side with computers. People younger than me know programming better bcz of kid projects like this and new teaching methods. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

  5. It annoys me so much that you make everything tailored for kids. You know, kids aren't the only people who want these kinds of things. Kids are so spoiled sometimes but other times they are just minor pieces of our lives that nobody cares about.

  6. Sabe-se lá como estas crianças entenderao essas aulas Qual o tipo de pensamento elas podem ter desse aprendizado Enquento isso um pais latino decide se depois de uma olimpiada deve desistir das aulas de esporte nas escolas…!!!???

  7. I have dyslexia and even i have to try my best to achieve a thousand syntax errors. Just get a good code editor that you like and you will be on your way. Still nice concept of a product thou

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  11. The problem with ripping off LittleBits is that Google will throw a ton of cash at this project, bury a great little startup that is trying to do wonderful things, and then decide in two years that it doesn't feel like continuing the investment. They will throw the whole project out the window and then what do we have to show for it? No great little start-up, no "programing bloks" and a bunch of us with a pile of incompatable modular electronics and no tech support or community to collaborate with. Who looses… Everyone but Google. I know that the motto "Don't be evil" isn't a thing for you anymore, but shish Google you could at least try not to be aggressively be evil!

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