Introducing Google Wind

The Netherlands is one of best
countries in the world to live in. It has a strong economy and some
of the world’s best DJ’s were born here. There is only one downside… it rains 145 days a year. At Google we solved this problem
by repurposing Holland’s old windmills. Using them not to capture wind,
but to generate it. To pull this off, we needed to build
a better understanding about the weather. We used Google Cloud Platform
to predict how clouds will behave. We then connected all 1170 windmills in Holland
to prevent bad weather from happening. Let’s take it for a spin. Machine Learning enables all the mills to collaborate. Of course we need some rain now and then. With Google Wind we can also
decide when and where it rains. So Google Wind is able to keep clear skies any season. People, sun, sun and more sun.
Just like the rest of the year. I am proud to announce that from April 1st
we are able to guarantee clear skies for everyone.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Google Wind

  1. Funny, but still, the best, most credible one to me so far from the 3 i viewed (self-riding bike, Tulip and this one) is….
    The self-riding bike! 😀

  2. Great Google make it possible. But don't change the process of Nature. Life in the universe have to pay for what we are doing.

  3. Its okay till talking plants and self riding bicycles. But changing the weather and atmosphere? Isn't it dangerous?? We are interfering in the natural process, instead of adapting that. A microscopic change can affect the evolution and here we are talking of weather.. 😲

  4. Plz send the rain clouds to THRISSUR, KERALA,INDIA.. ❤️ u show the way to thrissur via Google map… 😘😘 Love u GOOGLE….

  5. i love to see the technology advancing everyday, but we should put a limit to use the technology like, if we are changing the natural phenomena it will be going to affect us in the future. we should not develop technologies that will be going to have effect on nature. technology gnna solve the problem for some extent but its how are we going to deal with the massive after effects??

  6. hava olayı gibi düşün yani dr who daki gibi ya da sandığım gibi hava bir yere gider ama yok olmaz başka bir yerde depolanır materyellerin farklı halleri ile az bir güç le veya bir mekanik yay ile tekrar geldiği yere üflersin böylece ürettiği güç den daha az bir enerjiyle mesela elektirik üretebilirsin veya güneş enerjisini depolayabilir ve arabalara kısa sürede sıkıştırılmış hava depolayabilirsin sıkıştırılmış hava ile araba gidermi dersen araştır bence Allah bilir

  7. Please dont do this.
    First of all, you r not the creator of this planet. The rain, the sun, the wind.
    It was there before google, before internet, before computer, before netherland, before human.
    So pls understand there must b some reason for it to be there. And, let it rain.
    Also, u have to admit that ot has been raing and people were living there all these ages.

  8. अद्भुत ,Google wind प्रकृति के आचरण को ही बदल दे रहा है।

    Wonderful, Google wind change the phenomenon of nature.

  9. Dai pothum da ithukumal manusana elama Google ahh irtha athula niyma illa kata kuda vetu vakamatikaladda tamilana irutha like panuga

  10. What are the consequences if You (humans) are the ones to decide vs the nature to do? It's all about natural moves. We should not interfere.
    Maybe those 145 days are what make it good to live in Netherlands !!

  11. Google is aiming to be the boggest troll. Unfortunately there are news agencies who would think this is real and screen it in evening news. Please add a disclaimer in different languages. 😀

  12. 0:31 wait, so our great professor and the living legend, Vishwa Bandhu Gupta was right about cloud computing! 🌧️🌩️🌦️🤣😂

  13. First of all that's not possible with this method, and second why the fuck would you wanna mess with nature, BITCH you don't understand that if you mess with it here, then the consequences will be somewhere else in Earth, either way it's a bad idea. Stop it google

  14. No one can do this and handle this matter is greatly done by only and only ALLAH (SUBHANA WATALA) .

  15. Lol, there was an actual (non-prank) video from Bernie Sanders stating that despite its efforts in using ML for Wind energy, Google still has big ties to Big Fossil Fuel companies.

    I'm a huge fan of Bernie Sanders, but his staff needs to do more thorough research before using prank videos.

  16. When will this product come to the US? Also, will there be a consumer edition so I can control just the land around my house?

  17. Google messes with the wrong person. This is nature. Nothing and nobody will change the Asia course. They think they do a good but they are wrong, they want to change the course of the climates. I am fascinated by your projects but in this I am against. Greetings from Mexico and of course, English. Goodbye

  18. The next thing is Google's Water clouds are at least 2 -3 kms above ground by tge time it reaches the cloud it would go away and tge clouds are heavy

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