27 thoughts on “Introducing Google Allo, the new smart chat app

  1. Thw Google Assistant not helpful as a chatbot who can entertain me when I dont wanna pursue the attention of real humans just to get out of boredom for a few minutes. Anything I say to him, he simply throws some web results at me. Being an avid Google'r myself, its very annoying to me. Even the chat game options are not that fun. Have you thought of Indianizing it more??

  2. The most annoying ad I've ever seen in my life. Why tf do they start with something so loud and horrible? Di-heads!

  3. Battery Temperature Protector Android App
    Δ°NSTALL ON GOOGLE PLAY https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.battary.lyasgndemr

    What does this practice do?
    Battery temperature protector, your device
    against uncontrolled high temperatures
    it provides an additional measure.

    Smart Interface [UI]
    Some objects in your interface
    your temperature will change.

    Adjustable Maximum (threshold) Value
    We have the battery manufacturer's maximum
    recommended temperature of 47 Β° C
    we recommend setting it to maximum value.
    In this way, when your device reaches 47 Β° C,
    will shut down within seconds
    it will not generate heat.

    Smart Notification
    Depending on the temperature of your device
    we offer performance information;
    Maximum performance between 0-30 Β° C
    Normal performance between 30-40 Β° C
    Risky use between 40-48 Β° C

    ROOT Access Request
    This request to access the phone of the
    If you do not give the output,
    the temperature will reach 70-80 Β° C in uncontrolled form
    and your device will suffer irreversible damage.

    How does it work?,
    Adjust the setting bar to 47 Β° C
    We press the "Set maximum temperature" button.
    Then we grant root privileges.
    Once the phone is switched off.
    you can continue to use the program ArcAment.
    Remember that if you close the program, it will not work in the background..

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