Introducing Destinations on Google

Got some down time waiting in
line for your morning coffee? Why not plan and book your
next big trip with Destinations on Google? Just tell Google Search where
you’re thinking of heading, add destination or
vacation, and you’re off. Check out the top spots right
from your search results. You can compare
prices at a glance and see the next dates when
fares and rates are low. To personalize your results,
just select your dates, who’s flying with
you, and how much you want to spend or not spend. Your results are
automatically updated. Think you’ve found the place? Now, you can search and
check out popular itineraries from people who have
been there, done that. Voila! You’re ready to book your
dream trip right from Google. Just slide left or right
to see estimated trip prices for the next
six months as Google compares millions of flights and
hotels together in real time. That’s it. Planning and booking
your vacation is easy. Now, all you have to do is pack.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Destinations on Google

  1. Using exactly the same App on the same phone and mine doesn't do that. Clearly a US only feature. Wish they would make that clear.

  2. Great idea but not showing up on my mobile (Europe). The concept makes sense as the company already:
    – Owns the IATA engine
    – Has Google maps + reviews
    – Some of the best search algorithms in place
    – Nr.1 advertising platform
    – Probably knows you are planning a trip to Europe before you have even decided to do so

  3. It would be very nice if you could include the link to the google play site so we can download this app inmediately after watching the video.
    Please be nice.

  4. How do we use this feature in Arabic? what are the right words to trigger a Google Destinations result instead of a normal result?

    I tried "إجازة في السعودية" but it didn't work. "Saudi Arabia vacation" worked, however.

    Any thoughts?

  5. Why the hell does everyone want to go to Barcelona ? It ain't that nice , there are cities way more cooler than that.

  6. I'm still waiting for that google house to come out lol
    but seriously it's mind-boggling just how thing have become connected in the past few years.

  7. 只想在我筆電上能與朋友共同使用建立email新帳戶,就像一個小辦公室為不會設置emai的朋友設置電郵信箱忠誠為朋友服務並保障他們帳戶的安全性,不知我需要怎麼配合谷歌才能成為服務中心?敬請指教!謝謝

  8. To all the people complaining that it doesn't work for them: currently it only works on MOBILE, not desktop. The description briefly mentions that point, but unfortunately the video does not.

  9. It doesn't look or work anything like the video. Filters and options are absent. I toggled a dozen times between this video and Google itself and it just is not the same.

  10. Just tried some search results and it doesn't work for me even with the phrases showed in the video. Nice one >.>

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