41 thoughts on “Introducing Chromecast Ultra

  1. Can't wait to start using the Chromecast Ultra for our 4K relaxation videos and other content. This means I can use my big computer monitor as my TV instead of owning a TV. Anyone else planning to use a 4K screen with the Chromecast Ultra instead of having a proper TV? I never watch broadcast TV, only video downloads and streaming. Will I miss SMART TV features or is this minimal setup enough? Wondering I have overlooked anything as it has been so long since I have owned a TV.

  2. I just tried opening a H.265 MP4 video on Chrome, but I could only hear it (blank screen). Please tell me H.265 (HEVC) codec will be supported by Chromecast Ultra and Chrome. Surely it will be essential for many people to keep the file sizes down and avoid buffering.

  3. I just lost 37 seconds of my life watching a picture of a round piece of plastic. No information at all about the device here folks. Useless marketing video

  4. Dear Google,
    I am satisfied with all of your products but I can't buy any because I am just a child.
    I wrote this comment because I got fed up with your ads constantly playing to me.
    Your ads have played on my IPad 20+ times and I got tired of it.
    The ads are also long and it makes me lose some time to do things.
    It is okay if you play your ad every once in a while but not every time.


  5. Can anyone explain what this does for example if i have a downloaded movie on my mac will it stream to my tv to watch on a bigger screen?

  6. I live in the deepest part of the US AND I can Streak 4k with out any BUFFERING now that they bought out the company now it's even more FASTER

  7. ever since the latest Google Play services update I can no longer use my phone's Wi-Fi hotspot to cast from one device please fix this

  8. useless for me because theres no outlet close to my TV besides one that has my TV and Google home plugged in and I don't want to unplug them also the cable isn't long enough

  9. Waste of money in the UK. Only 26 uhd movies here and only 1 of them with hdr. What's the point in having a 4k streaming device and not releasing 4k content to use with it.

  10. Laptop ekranımı LED TV'ye yansıtarak, takılma ve donma olmadan VİDEO sunumları yapmak istiyorum. Kullanan arkadaşlar varmı? Bu konu hakkında yardımcı olur musunuz? Teşekkürler..

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