Internationalt kulturmøde for unge i Oksbøl

This meeting is important because We still have refugees. I have come from Italy to meet other people from Germany. To learn how to work together and talk about one of the most important questions of our time, which is migrants. These days, young people at the age of 14-17 years, from Germany and Italy meet at Oksbøl. The goal is to fill the summer vacation meeting other young people, but also to discuss topics that matter a lot. Among other things, refugees and migrants. Wednesday the day is spent at the old refugee camp with guided tours, workshops and an interesting visit. We were on a tour at the old German refugee camp in Oksbøl. There we told the story. We started at the cemetery and told about the, many children who are buried there. We told about the flight, which caused many to be sick when they arrived. We have been around the camp and told about everyday life, and about life and residence in the refugee camp. How have they been organized?? What have they been doing? Have they worked, where did they get food etc. I like the topic very much, since we in Italy always hear about refugees and migrants on television. That’s why I thought it would be interesting to participate. We are here on the third day. I’m a little surprised at how good the dynamics of the group are. You can see it in their eyes when we talk about the topics, or when we have other activities. They are curious, which is very important. They have a curious babymind, who constantly asks questions and wants to know. The day also offered a special visit. Jörg Baden himself was a refugee in the camp in Oksbøl, and lived there from 1945 to 1947. He and his family fled in May 1945, from Germany and was pursued by the Red Army. He was invited to give the youngsters, his own view of the challenges The world is facing today. They wanted to know from me, as I myself was a refuge more than 70 years ago, what I would suggest or say about the present refugee crisis. They really want to know solutions to the problems. I said I had no solution. Even the politicians that should find one are at loggerheads. They figth and do not find the solidarity, witch we need in Europe. I could not give them a solution, But I told them that if you keep an open mind, and listening to other people. Learning language. That will give you something to work on. I praise them for doing this job, as it is something that goes far beyond the selfish outcries of the populists who say you have to put your country first. They look across borders. They look at the history. I told them they should keep this up. Form their own opinions and keep up the compassion for those in need Never let your hearts harden! I think that is very important, that they keep an open mind in relation to the problems that go on in the world. When they come here to care for the graves, and gain an interest to the history of the people who are buried here. Very often very young children. I think that will be a great asset for them for their future lives. The young guests are in Oksbøl until July 15th. The old refugee camp in Oksbøl is likely transformed into a beautiful new museum. If everything goes like planed, building it will start at the turn of the year and the museum will be ready by 2020.

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