International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation – WINTOUR

There goes the saying, “Water separates from one another but, wine unites them”. Wine does not require us to learn a language to understand each another. However, with their own cultures, stories and senses, we seem to understand each other. When you put marketing at the heart of
wine, it begins to expand in every level you can possibly imagine.
Wine carries a rich product story that should not only be experienced by
consumption, but also by the factors that shape the story – whether it be local
history, culture…. This transformation is led by marketing that weaves the story to the lifestyle of the consumer and that is creatively genius. Over the history, Europe sets the quality
of wine and tourism that inspires the rest of the world. This mastery converges in WINTOUR, an Erasmus joint master’s degree, combining the expertise of University of Bordeaux, Rovira i Virgili and University of Porto . These are located in regions with deeply rooted wine production, tourism and
internationally established wine companies. This consortium educates us in Oenology, Heritage, Marketing and Tourism. It’s a revolutionary combination that builds a
space for us to innovate wine industry in our own ways. The forefront of WINTOUR values the
expression of individuality and integration of diversity. And through these
differences, we learn from each other and become highly adaptable leaders at the
global stage. WINTOUR is a great experience. It’s a wine journey shared by professionals from different fields, but with a single
purpose. That is to create a new vision for the wine industry. Every grape harvest opens to new questions with tailor-fit responses. WINTOUR is a way to
understand, anticipate new questions and prepare for the future of wine tourism

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