INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

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  2. So I am from Ecuador…respect and love to my Venezuelen brothers and sisters…but i was freaking out also thinking like when is someone gonna steal their camera…i have no idea how they managed this video. Aside from that sending my love to all Venezuelens. Mandando mucho amor para los hermanos venezolanos.

  3. This dude is the luckiest person I've ever seen. I'm from Nueva esparta which according to many is one of the most decent places in the country AND I GOT ROBBED AND ALMOST KIDNAPPED 4 TIMES IN THE SPAN OF 3 YEARS like que carajo wn que es. When have you heard of big hampa shit in Margarita island. The worst can be going to Los cocos or when they killed el conejo but wtf

  4. Yikes, it’s a little cringy for me to watch this as a caraqueña. From just the little I wasn’t expecting that he could record the real experience of living a day in my city, but even with that attachment in my head it was a sink of concrete to my stomach when he says things like: better than I expected. Or walking around Chacao with a bodyguard. I mean… well, at least helped me a little, I was able to see part of my beautiful home again. Hope to return someday.


  6. Hyper inflation is coming for us all. Every country is going this way due to the insane greedy monetary policies being implemented across the globe.

  7. You need to learn from middle eastern countries, or perhaps brunei and not cuba, or USA cause they gonna take it all and say u are terrorist. And let China invetsments to get in.

  8. Tbis video is amazing. Gave me a huge insight on how venezuela is doing and how would it be to see friends there

  9. Hello, i'm from Venezuela and you definitely love the danger of walking down the street with a professional camera.

  10. To cause death and destruction of a nation is pointless and sad. This country was thriving, happy, rich untill the Americans got involved . Again the ignorance of Americans causing suffering.

  11. Its just like North Korea. The center of the capital is all nice but once you get into the interior you will see as is apparent by the rest of your videos. To me it was surreal seeing Wendys and McDonalds. How does an American company operate in such a situation?

  12. The question is why is it in such a mess, when it's one of the richest in resources countries on the planet, with a relatively small population?

    I'm sure it's nothing to do with the US economic blockade & sanctions, the ones that are starving millions & killing the same people the US purports to care about, while destroying the Venezuelan economy, or the US theft of their Citgo Petroleum Corporation, or the theft of billions of $£ worth of Venezuelan Gold by the Bank Of England, or the US funding of "FREEDOM LOVING" rebels, all designed to hurt the country & people…

    I'm sure the Venezuelan government has made some bad decisions, but the extent of the West's interference, and damage caused to Venezuela outweighs anything the government could muster…

  13. Thank you for doing this dangerous stunt! Venezuela used to be actually very prosperous, that's why you see so many buildings and roads and things around the big city, but nothing has been really built since Chavez took power, and actually the only thing which are some residences (not even a fourth of what he promissed) are all owned by military and colectivos.

  14. Right now is a do or die moment for the people of Venezuela. If they let it slip back by an inch, it’s all over. Fight hard, and keep fighting. You’ll make it.

  15. Very interesting thank you, will keep watching the rest in the series. I always look to the state of the streets when visiting different countries. Knowing how neglected my own place U.K. is, it looks relatively clean here, no litter & plastic bottles dropped everywhere. The people also look healthy, most are big or fat even. For being starving that is…..The Florida Maqui channel does pretty good analyses on the situation down here from a positive point of view.

  16. Childish! You just went the safest areas… dare you to go to Petare, Mariches, Cota 905, Catia inner places… you would see what is real Venezuela is.

  17. Thank you so much for these videos. I I don't have a TV and have not watch the news in over a decade. It breaks my heart Venezuela is definitely in my prayers

  18. I was moved in tears actually watching this video. I never thought that my favorite country in a pageantry (Venezuela) along with my country the Philippines would experience this kind of economic turmoil. I really appreciate and wanna give credit to Indigo Traveller for doing this. I know how hard it is putting yourself in a situation like this but he did. This man is extraordinary. I was just surfing around to watch some videos related to travelling and I found this. Anyway, I'm Joven. I just wanna share my experience here in the US that's why I started to create my own channel. It's very different with this video, because I just wanna share all the positive experience that I'm experiencing here in the states… everything… if you guys wanna see it.. you are all welcome visit my channel….Joven San Ramon, and hopefully you guys will subscribe too so you can always see all about my journey here. Thanks alot. Bravo Indigo.

  19. This is socialism at it's best, there is death, prostitution, it's living hell on earth, it's a lot like Cuba. I know Venezuela, it used to be a good country, socialism destroyed everything.

  20. Why would anyone work for 6 dollars per month?

    It would make more sense to grow food on a piece of land, 30 miles out of town, and sell it in Caracas. Or catch fish with a pole and line.

  21. this here is not so bad. Plaza Venezuela was like a normal subway station, no one tries to mug you. Caracas can look a lot worse than this.

  22. It dont look that bad. The market was beautiful all the food without plastic.. something you cant find in the US. Even coconuts are wrapped in plastic. And the Subway looks the same as NYCs subways.. crowed af, late, dirty, and theres stinky homeless everywhere.

  23. I live in Venezuela and I’m very lucky to have what I have but…… it’s amazing no one stole your camera, you lucky guy

    bruh Chacao is not safe
    I live in Caracas and we are not as bad as Maracaibo and other cities but still we need help

  24. Lol is so funny that grafitti that saya “MALDITO MADURO COLOMBIANO” so the because he is from “colombia” that happend to your country? Fuck u , u bring that shit to your country when u vote for Chávez. And i live in Medellín and theres thousands of venezuelans, and even i work with one, and they are so arrogante and ungratefull being in Our country like conplaning about health laws everything, i always remember them that they come back to venezuela if they dont like it here.

  25. Welcome to our hell, the food and drinks are expensive, all the government takes the majority of the money of the one who work all day and all night, and we can't say nothing about it, because like the """""""""president""""""" is a motherfucker who doesn't accept any bad critics, the one who are opposed to him, got in jail or got killed or both, the place where you can't have anything like a phone, a camera, outside because there are thiefs everyone, they stole everything, even rocks, you can't where anything that you like, because the guards (cof cof, killers, murderers, thiefs) of the """""""""""""president""""""""""""" this hell will never end, will think of everything as a opposing sign to him, so there for, you'll be arrested, killed or both, the place where police, military force, will do anything in their favor to make the good ones lose, and if the good ones win, they kill them, this hell will never end, we are doomed, and nobody can do anything about it, the only way to survive is escaping the country, but no one has money to get out forever of Venezuela, and the Xenophobics are going to kill Venezuela, even after when they were in tragedy and they search refuge there we accepted them, if they say the contrary, it's because they are Xenophobics, and like a bully, won't accept defeat or the Truth, welcome to Venezuela, a place with a no existence "Peace" and a never ending War, Death, and Hell

  26. Para nuestros hermanos Colombianos… No crean que le tenemos molestia… Solo es contra Maduro, ya que nuestra constitucion dicta que tien que se Venezolano la persona para poder ser presidente y el no lo es. No es nada contra su hermoso pais hermano.

  27. There's only one way for Venezuela to go and that's up. It's not the first country that has crashed and burned. They will make a big come back as soon as they get rid of the existing government. It could happen in the United States very soon.

  28. What your little tour guy doesn't say is how do they keep people at bay if they are starving? Instead i see stability to function. So i'm not too sure the pay is that low especially if the government is allegedly making people charge less for products. Watching on.. Yeah people are able to get in cause they let it be free and still provide train service. I think this guy doesn't want to give government any credit for trying to pull out of US sanctions damage. Also if you don't show it .. it didn't happen. I assume you are there to confirm or deny how bad it is, but in the end we see people eating off trash in the US too so i think they did pretty well with inflation and US sanctions with stealing venezuela only chance. By stealing their gold. They have a gold mine and now it will take longer to recover.

  29. This random website post salary that is a bit more realistic than 6$ a month. 6 a month would be 72$ a year. The lowest is still a bit low but keep in mind these are upper class areas. They normally charge a lot. video!

  30. Wondering why you did not filmed the super skinny guy eating from the trash? the market you went to it's not a market for the wealthy people or area as you mentioned,and the Metro is free because of the Government not because of lack of workers,and it's not a chaos.,don't forget that Venezuela it's a Blocked Country by the international community for the sake of the people of course!

  31. That's worse than Africa. These people can't rise up because they have no guns. Long live the 1st amendment and death to communists

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