Inside NYC’s Skinniest Supertall Skyscraper | 3D VR180

By height and width, this is the slimmest
building in the world. What does it take from an
engineering perspective to actually construct something like this? It’s a combination of very
advanced wind tunnel testing that wasn’t available a few years ago. Okay.
Much stronger concrete than was available a few years ago. And a number of other engineering factors. It really turned out to be
this amazing juxtaposition of old and new. As we stand here and you look up you have this amazing
restored copper lantern that we refabricated off original drawings and then this amazing
contemporary tower behind it. So it’s that old and new play that we were very excited
about as developers. You don’t get a chance
to do this very often. I’m on the 43rd floor in a
$28.75 million apartment. This is 50 feet of glass on Central Park. The apartment is obviously quite nice but the real star of the show is the view. In the kitchen, when you’re
taking a break from cooking or watching someone cook for you you can look out to Columbus
Circle, to New Jersey all the way down Central Park to Harlem. Each apartment takes up an entire floor so when you step off the
elevator, you’re home. The front of the apartment
is entertaining spaces, the back is bedrooms. This apartment has three bedrooms, so as you walk down a hallway that’s filled with more closet space than most New Yorkers have as living space you go into one of the three bedrooms where there is a marble covered bathroom. And then the bedroom itself. You have views of the
Empire State Building. You can actually see the terra cotta on the side of the facade. And of course you have views through all of southern Manhattan. I’m here in the master bathroom. Next to me is a bathtub
that was custom designed for this space. The walls and floors and sinks, even the insides of the sinks, are onyx. The walls are more polished, the floors are more
matte, if that matters. And then over here is the shower. And there is a window looking
straight out across Manhattan. So even in the bathroom you’ve
got a view in this apartment. I’m on the 82nd floor, above
all the residential spaces standing in front of 800 tons of steel that comprise the tuned mass damper that basically counteracts
the sway of the building. Now, even if this wasn’t here,
the building would be fine. It’s exclusively for comfort. And what it does is when the
building sways in one direction it moves in the opposite direction to keep the building as
straight and steady as possible. Now, it’s not just the steel,
it’s also filled with sand. So this is a colossal
contraption that takes up, as you can see, the entire
floor of the building. So we’re on the exterior hoist, I wouldn’t want to say plummeting but it certainly feels
like we’re plummeting. We’re descending on the
exterior of the building. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or for anyone who has ever
confronted their own mortality because there’s a lot of jitters and it’s something that the
people who are building this are quite inured to. But for a casual visitor
it is, I would say, absolutely terrifying. We’re standing in the 94 year old historic Steinway Hall Atrium which, as you can see,
is a pretty crazy place. It’s designed to give a
sense of place and grandeur and ceremony to its original purpose namely selling pianos. And as a result, you see
intricately carved marble columns. You see this plaster coffered ceiling. You see this very large mural that’s in the process of being restored. And you see it culminating into this colossal crystal chandelier. Which is hanging above the only thing that doesn’t quite make sense namely the model of the 91
story 111 West 57th Street Tower which is adjacent to
the Steinway building.

100 thoughts on “Inside NYC’s Skinniest Supertall Skyscraper | 3D VR180

  1. You know on move-in day you will probably see the apartment owner wheeling in a near Hubble size telescope. I'm not saying I would do that…yeah I probably would totally do that.

  2. Quick fact, Paris, FR has a average building height of six stories yet double the population density of New York City.

  3. Why do Americans have such bad / mediocre taste for interior decoration (with the exception of a few houses in the Hollywood hills)?

  4. I have yet to see one of these VR videos where the content actually benefits from being able to look around. So far everyone one could accomplish it's goals the same or better by cutting between traditional shots.

  5. (Michael) –
    Please just keep it simple, & shoot in regular static view mode.
    (Super Rich) –
    180° is a nightmare.
    (Bloomberg) –

  6. The video type was interesting, although my WiFi is terrible, and I now have a headache from steering at moving blurry images.

  7. It was HELL watching these scenes from a FISHEYE lens. Very torturously terrible idea! — Consequently, I have no idea what anything actually looks like in this building. What a waste of a great idea.

  8. I have to say, the place looks amazing and the view is beautiful. But I would be too scared to live so high up in such a thin building.

  9. Ain't nuthin wrong with NYC that a 8.2 earthquake couldn't fix.
    I hate this vid.
    I hate this obsequious bootlick host.
    I hate this building.

  10. im really loving the extra view size!!!
    being able to drag the mouse around to what i want to look at is great but i am now going to put my virtual reality headset on and pray that this gets even better. hear we go.


    Bloomberg in 3D virtual reality!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
    how do i get more of this?????? PLEASE!

  12. 3D Virtual reality Bloomberg everybody!
    you really have to try this video in virtual reality. it goes from great to fantastical!

  13. I lived in NYC and another large city. Give me a $200,000 ranch somewhere in flyover country and I'd be so happy. I might actually do it at some point.

  14. Contrary to belief, this is not the skinniest building/skyscraper in the world. The brighton i360 is over 530 feet tall but only 12ft wide. Making it the thinnest skyscraper in the world!

  15. It looks nice and has an amazing view but taking the elevator at least twice a day for several minutes isn't a lifestyle I dream of and is closer to being a nightmare than anything else!

  16. Some times I wish I were really dumb and I did not know that such nice cities or properties exist… I think I would be happier being just ignorant. Marvelous apartments.

  17. Probably a dumb question, what is the structure on the side of the building ? A crane ? An elevator ? Will it be removed ?

  18. It's a real pain in the ass commuting across 57th street during rush hour — the construction teams from these stupidly extravagant buildings sometimes block traffic both ways on the entire street for 5-10 minutes at a time so a semi can back in to the site. That kind of shit should be outlawed

  19. This skyscraper is the most accurate representation of what's left of the US budget after they spend north of $700 bn on their war profiteering machine.

  20. I hate this building. This absurdly pointless skyscrapers, why would anyone want to live there. Even more pointless when the population of nyc is in decline

  21. Remarkably beautiful, but does anyone anyone else feel like they would feel a bit claustrophobic almost? In an enclosed space so high up in such a thin building, like you’re not really in control?

  22. Its all about the views in NYC real estate lol for 28 million, if I were that rich I would leave New York for a property worth the spend.

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