Inside Four $100+ Million Mega-Mansions

100 thoughts on “Inside Four $100+ Million Mega-Mansions

  1. I will buy the $250M dollar mansion for sure, I have $1000 down payment ready I will work 5 jobs to be able to pay $4500 mortgage monthly.

  2. House number two has more then I'd want but it is the Beverly Hillbilly house. Adding to it in the eighties ruined the historic value!!!!

  3. Its full time the World real estate investors avoid buying American real estate homes for these over the top prices and design which makes it too pretty to be true to own. Not to mentioning the yearly property taxes. What i'm gonna do with such big houses? Keep parties every night? Unless you have a lot of wives and a lot of children.

  4. The first house will eventually have to lower its obnoxious price just like the last house in order for it to be sold.

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  6. Even with their kind of money i would never buy such house. Much prefer a comfortable home woth a private yard for family get togethers.

  7. Nice home but. Most important thing about home like this is you need to constantly update technology or you have old home technology well cost you money because you need to upgrade nonstop

  8. Legend has it these homes are still sitting on the market waiting for the richest of the rich to buy them

  9. The old saying of “money doesn’t buy you class” certainly springs to mind. I may not have a house that’s cost £200m+ but it’s my little piece of heaven.

  10. I toured the third house in '90-'91. The place was a wreck. It was on the market but nobody wanted it. They kept touting that a new Whitney Houston film had been filmed there. I kept thinking, "She's a singer, not an actress… it'll bomb." I was certainly wrong about that one!

  11. And theres people starving on the street.homeless….but hey..People actually shoot 250million for a home 🙂

    Seems legit.

  12. I want one of these houses for my mom because she is the best mom I could ever wish for.

    But I wanna start my job as anything possible then when I get enough money I wanna start my clothing line company called "KK"

  13. I honestly only liked the first one. I dont like a lot of "busy" looking styling. I like clean lines, and integration of indoor and outdoor living.

  14. The first house is way overpriced. The house has things that it doesn't need like the auto gallery and the large camera. The houses design is hit or miss. If I was a billionaire I would take almost everything out after I buy it.

  15. This is quite literally the problem with America. I just watched a video on people who work 80+ hours a week who live in a van and this was recommended next

  16. I think most of people who can afford it can buy empty lot and build their own house base on their preference or style with that money rather than buying full furnished house which not on their style.

  17. What does he mean this is the only time cameras would be allowed in this house we've seen this house ages ago.
    Also you can actually fly the helicopter you just be stuck with a fine but if you're a billionaire your electricity bill is likely to be more for the month or week for that matter

  18. Most rich people can't afford this house. Its funny how millionaires who are really wealthy are too poor to buy this house. Only billionaires can afford it.

  19. Broke people always talking about money and class etc… as if any of these houses are optional buys for them…😂😂😂

  20. Goes for first house “most expensive in the us”

    Second house “most expensive in the us”
    Which one is it ffs

  21. Gosh, those will make for some magnificent ruins once the wildfires burn through California and the ocean takes Florida.

  22. So the chopper on the roof and vintage cars in the "garage" don't actually run snd are there just to look nice. Is that about right?

  23. Nice but I'd rather live in a modest house in Italy near the beach on the Adriatic, away from all the business of the world

  24. these dumbassess need to stop rich people would rather have something nice that they design than buying something hideous

  25. I'll be surprised if this thing actually sells. This seems more like soemthing the rich would rent out to host events, not actually live in.

  26. It makes my 12,000 sq ft house look tinny…
    It may be expensive, but your not paying for the home, your paying for the material items inside.

  27. Loved them all till I saw the French chateau, it looks like a dirty thrift store turned into a mansion, modern looks are so much more breath taking

  28. Only reason these houses cost so much is because of the contractors inflating their price while building it. At the end of the day, it's only worth a fraction of what they thought was a good price. Doesn't matter how much money they have, this is a bad investment.

  29. down vote for lying. not first and only time to be shown on camera. have seen it numerous times at least a year ago.

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