Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry

100 thoughts on “Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry

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  2. In Pakistan he got every thing free what a great country really really hospitable
    Pakistan zindabad🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  3. Got to be the worse food critic ever, There seems to be nothing you don't like. Someone said you give a food rating from 1 to 10, If that's the case, Then I apologize because I didn't hear you give a rating to any of the food you tried.

  4. They took lot of money from you…Pani puri is of only 10 to 30 rupies…and they took 70😨😨…just be aware of it whenever you visit to India….

  5. Main iski video dekha jab ye Pakistan me video shoot kar raha tha wahan ke logo ne isse paise nhi lete thy kisi bhi dukan par jata. Our India me video shoot kia gandu log sab ne paisa liya.. Are jab koi bahar ka aadmi apne bahart ka koi chize social media Par Dale to use achchi tarah pesh aana cahahye. Chutiya Indian

  6. Dude try a thali in hyderabad . U gonnaa lick ur lips . At “SUBBAIYYA GARI HOTEL “ in kukatpally ,hyderabad ,India …

  7. When i went to Mumbai.. they said they have many street foods.. yes they have.. vada pav, vada pizza ,vada roti.. they insert vada in everything

  8. It's very bad rating on vada pav Bro u can't eat properly when u visit one place just observe ur near How people eating ok. Actually No 1 street food is vada pav n am observe u ur reaction is not natural. Please correct it

  9. Now he will go back to his country and make fun of the whole lot.. smfh..
    I guess we will never learn what equality means..

  10. India is home of spices ….. So obviously you will find all sorts recipe wondering how …? There gonna do it

  11. Sir…….Please help me sir…….I have done my PG with 83% and i am physically handicapped……..Please help me to put Internet browsing center in my village….Please sir i need some money

  12. also if you would like to eat filthy dirty scummy brown peoples bogies poop spit and god knows what else then try the street food mmmm it’s lush 🤮

  13. ใส่เครื่องเทศเยอะมากเลย มันจะใส่เอาเหรียญทองโอลิมปิคหรือไง

  14. This made me hungry. India is too rich in spice and ingredient. Just how many special ingredients in one street food! Damn! And also whenever he says it smells good i really feel craving for it hahaha

  15. guest sy paisy lety hn ye log,, isy pta chlta h k dill se ameer hona chahye economy sy nh,, i love my pakistan,, pakistan mn ksi ny b pasiy nh lye thy insy

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