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So guys Uncle had invited me to his home. Which was this vegetable bro? Carrot! Carrot! Ok Uncle Now I have to wait for my next train Which is at 2AM Right now I am at AC Waiting Room and with me, he is Rama Reddy Ji I just recorded us. so you are going alone? alone? you are going alone? so from the last three hours, I had been sitting here. waiting for the Train. Guys this is a Waiting room. if you are traveling for the first time and you have to wait for some train then you can wait in such a waiting room. for the entry, you must have a PNR number and it depends on whether you are traveling in normal General or sleeper or or AC Coach and your waiting room will depend on that. here the charging facilities are available. and proper washroom is also available. so, guys, my train is about to arrive. now I have to get out of here Uncle that out entry? so I am using an app called “Where is my Train” and according to that My train is about to come at platform number 3 Announcement (Local Language) Passengers kindly get your attention here So Guys here announcement is done in 3 Languages Hindi, English and Local Language. so if you are traveling here from North so you will not face any problem in understanding. Good Morning Everyone today is 9th of July and right now I am about to reach “Bidar” The last evening I spent with an amazing Family. And with them, I ate an amazing South Indian Dinner. and with that Uncle showed me his city. so my journey had started in an amazing way. and I feel good. So for their Hospitality I am extremely Thankful. and right now I am in which this is my seat. and Actually this is a Second Ac if you haven’t visited any train before then here is how a Second AC coach is. 3RD Ac you already had seen In my last journey, I was in 3rd AC and right now in 2nd AC so, in a few minutes, we are about to reach Bidar The difference in 2nd AC is that we get more space and the chargers are yes Both side we have chargers. and on front side we have chargers there as well. because in last 3rd AC there were no chargers at that side one. the sitting arrangement is like this. the upper portion is opened. and at night when it is time to sleep then it is laid in this manner now we get Bed Sheets in AC Coaches. so you can push bed sheets under these. this was taught by an uncle whom I met in a Train. so if you are traveling for the first time then entangle your bedsheet there. so that it will not fall down. for upper birth people, this is for climbing up. this is mirror here you can see your own Face LOL so that’s the Second AC Coach. Now let me show you the Washrooms. Here you can wash your Face etc. and this is the washroom is like this (Sorry for the camera Angle) this is hand wash so in Indian trains, there are 2 types of Toilet Systems Indian and Western and there is hand wash also available. but there are a lot of trains in which it doesn’t exist. so as a backup please carry a dettol handwash. so right now this whole train (whole carriage) is empty. probably I am the last to bidar and there is also an uncle who is an attendant. he is completing his task. So Guys I have reached “Bidar” and this is a simple station. and here the weather is good. cool wind is blowing and temperature I think in the range of 25-28 Degree Celcius. and Now My next destination is Akshay, who had invited me; to reach at his place. Let’s go and find out how to reach there So finally I had hired an “Auto” and at approximate at 5min Distance there is Big Bazzar(where i have to get down) Achha (So) you understand english? Traffic? Traffic is Low? Tamil? Tamil? Hindi Hindi ! You understand Hindi You understand Hindi that’s great. Good ! The traffic is low here as this? No it will increase. So I talked with the auto driver and he told me that generally “Hindi” Language is used. so I will not be in trouble here English; Low Less english is used here. I mean who generally drive auto rikshaws. have problem with english language. otherwise Hindi is OK with all of them. Soil is totally red here different kind of soil. and right now I am waiting for my friend. This is my friend Akshay. who had invited me here and that’s why I am here in South. Thanks, Bro Once again. Because of you, I am here It’s my pleasure bor(Akshay) this is sambhar? Auntie you have to come in the video. I have to introduce you πŸ™‚

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  1. First travel journey and learning to edit vlogs and recordings as well. I had done many mistakes here πŸ˜› so pardon me for that. Will be trying my best to improve. And yeah I am highly inspired by "Varun Vagish Sir" So if you had ever watched him you might feel πŸ˜› editing like him few parts. Let's see how can I learn and create something new.

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