India to Russia Aeroflot flight | Russian Visa & SIM cards information

Hello Friends. I am starting a new trip This time i am going to Russia I am going from Delhi My flight is from Delhi Aeroflot Russian Airlines Aeroflot flight is a National Airlines of Russia . Like Air India in India This time i am not taking my family with me This time i am doing solo trip. As i will be doing budget trip I will go to Siberia and will travel via Trans Siberian Railway I will make this trip interesting I have not booked any hotel I will do couch-surfing secondly i will do hitchhiking . Which means.. Travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles This will be an adventure trip Hence i am not travelling with family Because you can’t do budget travel if family is with you You have to book a good hotel and … Need to book cab for travelling etc. My flight is Direct flight from Delhi Flying time approx 7 hrs from Delhi to Moscow Ticket cost with return tickets INR Rs. 35000. Both up & down Ohh yess.. Russian Visa Getting Russian Visa for Indian is very easy I would like to mention two to three things about Russian visa You need an Invitation letter for Russian Visa If you have your relative staying there You can get letter from them Or , you can ask your hotel to provide this letter But ideally invitation letter .. Some Online (Web based) sites Where you need to give your details Your hotel stay , then .. Provide flight ticket details After providing the details and online payment to the web-based agency You will get Invitation letter within 2 to 3 hrs. I have given the web link and price in description box After you receive Invitation letter You can approach Russian consulate Or can approach VFS global I have done from VFS global I went to their office with Invitation letter , Passport , Photo and Online filled form Take photo graph Unlike for other countries where stringent visa documentation rule Approach VFS global office before visit fill online form and take online appointment Within 2 to 3 days You will get your Visa Very easy procedure I got my visa in 3 days. Boarding flight This is business class Now inside flight .. Will takeoff in some time Boarding was on time Good flight Seats are in 3 rows Middle row has 3 seats and 2 seats in both the side rows approx 25 minutes we took off Now time is 2:25 AM Takeoff time was 2 AM New we are flying over Pakistan I think , we are flying over Lahore Good flight. Personal Entertainment System is there Channels and movies are there to watch Will keep you posted on new updates Earphone provided Juice provided .. You can have wine too Dinner will be provided Sweet item Salad Chicken breast with Pasta bun bread Looking nice Hey.. Morning friends . I have reached Moscow Flight was on time Landed at 5:15 AM (Moscow time). Schedule time was 5:25 am So, Landed prior to schedule time Completed the immigration and brushed my teeth Now going outside of Airport Prior to that i will purchase a SIM card, as its important for me now As i have to give information to my family that i have landed I have withdrawn rubble from an ATM 9000 Rubble withdrawn Extra charges was Rs 400 for 9K Rubble I think its fare deal. With the conversion rate ATM withdraw is a good option I have withdrawn from Airport ATM Now i am searching SIM card shop Tele2 I have purchased tele2 SIM card This is the shop Tele2 is a famous operator in Russia and I will get 15 GB data 15 GB data is around. 1000 Rubble. In Indian currency approx Rs. 1100 So, in 1000 Rubble i got 15 GB data and 500 minutes local call Facebook , Instagram , Whatsapp these are unlimited No data will consume for these I think , it’s the best option in Russia In India JIO is providing best network with lowest rate I think this is good in Russia. You can purchase this tele2 SIM I have taken taxi now.. could not find public transport to reach my host house I have already told you, i will do couch surfing Host house approx 27 KM from Airport Taxi price is bit high in Moscow Few things you should keep in mind one you are in Russia Install yandex app (map taxi etc) Like google , yandex is famous here Keep yandax app ready for map Taxi , all available through yandex From Airport to My host house will be 1000 Rubble Almost same as per Indian Currency . Today i will visit Moscow Tomorrow i will start for Novosibirsk From there will visit Siberia via Trans Siberian Railway Will share all the videos..

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