India to Mauritius | Mauritius Visa | Important docs | Air Mauritius

100 thoughts on “India to Mauritius | Mauritius Visa | Important docs | Air Mauritius

  1. Sorry for the delay. Due to some problem with one of my important gadgets I could not edit the video. There was no shop around this part of the world (where I am!), so could not buy or get it repaired… Yes, I am travelling again. You are going to get another beautiful series just after this one. Till then enjoy, Mauritius 🙂

  2. I have a question, even I am going to Mauritius, but mayre ticket pe first name aur last name hai middle name is missing, air lines me Kaha you can check-in but need to manage immigration, kya ye problem dega??? Should I go or rebook

  3. air Mauritius ka kam galat he pasport tha hotal booking tha aur ritàn tikit bhi tha mere pas fir bhi muje nahi jane diya e sahi he

  4. Simple and down to earth guy…another interesting video as usual… thanks for sharing each n every thing in details

  5. Is it mandatory showing hotel bookings ? Because i have a Mauritius friend and gonna stay with them. Do they consider this reason ?

  6. बहुत बढ़िया भाई जी. 6जून को जा रहा हु में भी मॉरिशियस घूमने. बढ़िया जानकारी मिली

  7. Bro mere dad bhi NAPS me working hai, Narora atomic power station. Main Mauritius ka plan kr raha hu with family

  8. Sir me aapki sub video dekhi hai
    But aap Iceland kabhi gaye hai kya
    Agar gaye hai to

  9. Aap hamesha achca hi video dikhate hai lekin kewal aap ek cheej mis karte hai wo hai flights ki fare rates

  10. Hii sir Aap Jadatar kounsa website use karte hai ticket nikalne me aur sir Aap koi video banao ticket nikalte time

  11. Hello sir , nice to hear that u were at Tarapur for 10 yrs
    I frequently watch ur videos n like it very much.
    I am from Vasai

    I am from Vasai

  12. Agr mony exchange krana ho to kha krana perfect Hoga or whan pr kuch apna balance show krna prta hai n

  13. Watching this exactly after a year( 9th July 2019) 😂 anyway love your videos keep going keep traveling ❤️

  14. Aap urdustan se hai kya mohatarma,janab, banda aisa shabd istamal karteho marathi matra ek shabd yet nahi tumala 10 varsh maharastat rahilay🤦

  15. Bhai should i go to mauritius in end of december for my honeymoon
    How 's the weather out there at that time

  16. my kids travel by Mauritius air frm KL to Singapore on 20th July and they were very happy with the staff was excellent and the flight was good.

  17. I just don't understand food is same in all flights…no bog deal so are airports…duty free shops….internet…etc…etc…etc…..frequent travelers rarely even pay any heed to all these stuff

  18. Please speak in English bro…. Not only hindi speaking people's are watching your videos… But also people speaking other languages…

  19. Hello varun ek baat ka muje garv he ki aapne puri world tour me kabhi bhi nonveg aur alcohol consume nahi kiya aur sabit kiya ki ye sab zindagi me koi mayne nahi rakhte I like your strenth and determination I proud of you sirji

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