Increasing weekend tourism

AS WNCT’S TAMARA SCOTT EXPLAINS.. THE CITY LOOKS TO BOOST TOURISM ON THE WEEKENDS. “we would love to have every store front full in Washington.” PAT STEGALL SAYS THAT IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS WHEN IT COMES TO TOURISM IN HER TOWN. SMALL MARKET ANTIQUE IS ONE OF THE FEW STORES OPEN ALL 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK. “We get lot’s of tourist that come through, we’ve met lots of people and talked ot them about the town and I can name 3 or 4 people that we’ve talked to about how great the town is have actually moved here.” BUT MANY STORES AND RESTAURANTS ARE OPEN ONLY 6 DAYS STEGALL SAYS IN A TOWN LIKE WASHINGTON THE DECISION TO STAY OPEN ON SUNDAY HAS BEEN BENEFICIAL “we have encouraged other people to try it. the problem is a lot of the businesses are one owner and if they’ve worked six days during the week they just want a day off.” WASHINGTON HARBOUR DISTRICT ALLIANCE DIRECTOR JOHN BUTLER SAYS THE TOWN IS KNOWN FOR IT’S TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES… “I know how important it is to try to spend the time necessary to keep your business operating a thriving while also maintaining a family life.” BUTLER SAYS AS WASHINGTON GROWS THE LACK OF TOURISM WILL DISSIPATE “The we will be able to look for resources and employees to be able to ma shoppes and restaurants so that the owners can take a break.” STEGALL SAYS SHE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL HER SURROUNDING BUSINESSES SUCCEED.

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