In de keuken bij Laurent Smallegange

This is the place where it begins… …If you have no inspiration. These lobsters come from the Westerschelde. Here they are filleting the cods. There you see a lot of cods… It’s incredible! There are cods everywhere! Let’s get started right?! Guys… Fresh fish! Today we ordered a little bit to less… And now we get ourselves some fresh fish. Normally I cant leave my restaurant… In that case I asked Mike if he can bring some fish. Today we had some time to go to the supplier, so thats great. Most of the time we are busy with cooking. It happens sometimes… …When the chefs are busy cooking And Im dreaming… Its very important to have a great team. It gives me the opportunity to dream and focus on new ideas. I trust my kitchen staff. Our cooking style… Its a frequently asked question… I like to combine international flavours… …Spices, herbs… …With locals products. Food in the elevator! People want to be here in the summer… …Its a beautiful place to enjoy. Look at our amazing terrace. The harbor in the background. It almost feels like vacation. Its a difficult question: what motivates me the most? The district, the workload, the work… And the positive reactions of our customers… If you dont get any positive comments… Youd better stop.

One thought on “In de keuken bij Laurent Smallegange

  1. Je maakt echt toffe video's. Het is echt leuk om naar te kijken. Wij zijn SOWIESO geabonneerd op je kanaal. En een DIKKE LIKE van ons krijg je ABSOLUUT. Ga zeker zo door, want je maakt echt goede content. Met vriendelijke groet, (Team Tilburgse Mannen)

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