Iceland: Tips From Travelers

First we want to cover the three things that We? Wish we’d known before we came here that might be helpful and I know it would have been helpful for me To have come across a video like that so number one is the mental barriers about coming to Iceland that was huge like what Well first of all Iceland seemed like such a foreign land so far away Really not for the faint of heart Very cold we’re coming in December so we just felt like it’d be really rugged and we didn’t really know what to expect Mm-hmm yeah definitely and for me having been in a job in the Navy for so long where there are all these things about taking vacation and going International and getting your leave approved and everything to think that I’m gonna make this huge change and go to a foreign country Seemed like so much but I found that when we got here it felt very homey very pleasant right away very welcoming the people here speak wonderful English Lots of things were very natural about coming here yeah you were really worried about the English that Was something talked about us how do we get around what, we be able to read the signs Will it be you know everything just felt so foreign and I think that yeah Being an employee and having a job there’s this kind of concept of like five days it’s going to be a long time to go anywhere and Even though if my company I can live and work from anywhere When Brendan said let’s spend five days in Iceland I actually thought that would be a lot and now we’re here and I feel like I could easily stay a month here and have Not seen all there is to see it’s every day When we stumble upon something beautiful and new and it’s just filled with so many wonder is that I kind of were staying longer Mm-hmm yeah so that would be that would be the first thing is that it’s not as big a leap as it seems Second is that the conditions here are real it can be rough here the driving can be tough The weather is real there is wind there is rain there is Snow and we’ve seen all of it in our time here all of that has come along yeah There were road closures our first day that’s right First night driving in we had a road closure couldn’t even take the path that we thought We? Were going to take to our hotel some roads are paved and then all of a sudden you’re on gravel and the gravel is very slippery also so We? Had to drive very slowly as we were bordering lakes and the wind gusts were easily fifty five miles an hour so it is Super, intense there were moments I was holding my breath but that was part of the adventure and that’s what we wanted yeah yeah gale force winds rain snow all part of Iceland’s natural beauty all part of what makes this place what it is and also that will be part of your trip come prepared Number three would be the nature and the natural beauty of this place if you don’t have a grand plan when you come here if you’re not prepared with some big Itinerary and all sorts of very specific tours with guides and things like that that is okay There is so much to do and see in this place, we have just discovered looking around our hotel and just seeing the beautiful neighborhood that we’re in and the trails and the mountains and the cliffs and viewing places in the rivers because we were out every morning before dawn And we just are now taking in all of the natural beauty around us mm-hmm One thing that we realized coming in December is that there’s only four hours of daylight so even though we’ve been here for four days We have had 16 hours of daylight and that has meant that we’ve been driving it dark and then becoming very surprised When we get somewhere and realized how beautiful it is and one thing that I shared with Brenda today is that in Iceland with the volcanoes and the geothermic pools it often feels like nature is really alive here and it’s constantly changing and even though nature’s very Hardy and rugged to withstand such extreme conditions it’s also really fragile and it reminded me that nature is really something to take care of and it’s something to appreciate for the beautiful Space that we live in so I really loved that and that’s a big takeaway for me coming to Iceland Definitely definitely so now we can talk about The things that we’ve done In our time in Iceland and just give a quick recap if you’re interested in putting together a trip here some things you might want to see or do and the first was a combination of nature and very cozy and and set up and planned out and that was the Blue Lagoon Spa Definitely a must see if you come here There are two types of people that’s what we’ve been told you have people who go to the Blue Lagoon When you land and the people who go to the Blue Lagoon, when you the last day and when you’re going to take off We chose to go the Blue Lagoon the day one and we? Loved it because? We did not sleep on the plane as much as we tried We did not sleep so when we landed we? Were so tired and going to the Blue Lagoon was this amazing Restoration experience we both felt so alive with the mineral water We had this we got the premiere package so there’s different packages you can choose I loved the premier package we got lunch there and to the wristlet yeah, the lava restaurant was delicious Definitely would recommend day one because, we felt so restored and that night we slept Amazing and I think it was the mineral water that helped us feel really relaxed with our muscles after that long flight yeah We were both talking about it the next day we both felt so Rested if you want to see more about the Blue Lagoon spa or any of the places that we’ve hit along Iceland I’ve made videos For each day leading up to this so you can see the whole trip if you want more details on that the second place We went was the National Park thing Valier that’s where they filmed Game of Thrones that’s Where the old parliament used to meet for iceland I don’t know how they had those meetings outside But it was a gorgeous place the drive there Was surprising we’re in the dark in the snow on? Ice right away very fun very exciting and right out in nature yeah it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site so it is very special for Icelanders and we loved scrambling around on the rocks and We’ve heard you can also go Snorkeling there to touch the Eurasian Plate and the American tectonic plates so that’s something really cool I think that we came back we’d want to do that yes definitely and there were waterfalls there we thought we’d seen the waterfall there and then on the way back We were trying to find a shortcut and then we’ve actually found the big waterfall there beautiful waterfalls At the National Park thing beliar yeah what else along our trip number three Day three was yesterday where we did the black sand beaches and then we were going to see the plane wreck site but instead we decided to veer off and go do the waterfalls which was a good choice and a longest trip we’ve just been mindful that life is about choices and coming to Iceland was a Challenging choice but a good one and I think also not going to the plane site was a good choice for us the Sun was Setting we only had 40 minutes till the Sun set it does take an hour to get there So be mindful that if you do want to see the plane sight you’re gonna Park and walk quite a ways and we decided that Wasn’t for us so instead we got to see this amazing Waterfall which I cannot pronounce but we have a video about there’s a video about it I think it’s pronounced and y’all with us So the line is false We’re still working on it but it was amazing highly recommended yeah beautiful at cents if you if you want a waterfall where you can walk around it and get behind it and then walked down to where the water splashes into the basin that’s for you yeah Iceland’s the land of waterfalls so be Prepared to see really beautiful ones if you come here mm-hmm and today day four which were just wrapping up now we? just got back, we went out to see the crater CREB it I believe is the name of it and you know looking at this it. Was like oh it’s a crater in the earth Yeah it’ll be pretty there will be nice colors we got there I don’t think that any of the photos or video can really do it Justice there’s a richness of color there a wild and what you’re in and not only Did we walk the crater and then walk down To the basin of it but we also went off the beaten path and there are other craters around and we found the most beautiful red sand crater it was wonderful it, was like having our own little amphitheater yeah the the Sand and dirt there is made up of lava stones and they’re red and black with this beautiful Neon green moss that covers it and it just felt like being in another Planet it was so relaxing? And there weren’t a lot of tourists there so if you get off the trail a little bit there’s a lesser-known trail or you can’t See it as clearly keep walking down there and you’re going to be so amazed it’s really beautiful yeah and if your time is like Us you’ll be the only people there it was it was incredible that way So those are our things that we did here in Iceland is there anything you wanted to add in a final no time I Would just recommend that anyone coming to Iceland or even preparing to circumnavigate the globe which is what we’re doing to come with an attitude of Exploration and just be open to what you’ll see all the little details along the way even though we had a sketch of the days and what we wanted to do We were prepared to be surprised and we did make some changes along the way which wound up being for the better so having that mindset of just being open curious and letting yourself be impacted and changed by all of the different Cultures and nature and things that you’ll experience here would be one of the biggest things that I recommend mm-hmm definitely and if you want to catch the whole adventure the daily vlogs of our entire trip around the world then be sure to subscribe and we’ll catch you next time

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