Iceland Road Trip Day7 [Whale Watching] 冰岛环岛旅行 第七天 赏鲸鱼

Hey, finally we arrived at this fishing village. It is called Grenivik. Behind us, it is the fishing boat we are going to take. Time to get on board! (Conversation with the captain) What’s the name of this boat? This? Yes! Keli! Keli! That’s why we have the name of the … The name is .. (lost in translation) (still not a single clue).. OK… (means I give up) (our guide was explaining) Humpback will be our priority. OK. So when they are doing this it means, they are going down Yeah to go down breathing (our guide was having a coffee peacefully while the boat was not so peaceful) Yeah.. We can see another boat behind us! In total, there are other 3 boats also waiting for whales. Our guide is over here Look! Did you see some whales? Of course, I saw many of them! many, many of them. and they are super close to us! This is the little van we took from Akureyri to come here. (I would like to say, this trip is so amazing and unforgettable, thanks Keli Sea Tours)

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