Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know)

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  1. I'm not an Icelandic but the beautiful untouched nature in Iceland makes me want to cry. Dear tourists, please respect the land you visit and keep it as you found it.

  2. Here's a tip for filming yourself, if you use two camera's, make sure the angle between the two is bigger. Or else it will be a very jarring cut each time. Good luck 🙂

  3. Sorelle, my fiancé and I love your videos. We just recently went to Iceland and watched your videos a handful of times, thanks for the advice!

  4. I just made a video about my trip to Iceland and I would love if anyone would like to check it out! 😀 I will truly appreciate it 🙂

  5. A lot of those YouTube videos about Iceland can drive us locals CRAZY!!! …but not this one!
    Thank you Sorelle for this video, no myths or urban legends… just a good video with solid tips on how to travel in Iceland ❤️

  6. hey guys I am starting an outdoor inspired t-shirt line and one of the shirts is actually inspired by iceland! Please follow me at @9canyons. You won't regret it 🙂


  7. Thanks for the tips!! They were helpful! Iceland is an amazing place! Please check out my Icelandic fitness video from our trip there.. Thanks 🙂

  8. i dont see the attraction towards iceland. Im from canada and northern canada has lot of the beauty iceland has.

  9. We want to say :
    Thank you for the amazing video you created.
    It's really good really strong and straight to the point.
    Thank you so much for this.
    With Best Regards

  10. I went to iceland in 2015, amazing pronunciation btw! haha, and the moss was a major issue, and still is, the amount of tourists in our group that just didn't listen to the incredibly knowledged icelandic tour guides, poor people, they just want to preserve their home. I would love to go back <3

  11. If you're an experienced travel, don't bother with this video. It takes a full minute before this lady get into her points. Then, she talked to us 1:30 minutes about the weather. So, 1/3 of this vid is opening up. I recommend using your common sense when traveling anywhere, including Iceland.

  12. Thanks for your insight, very helpful and appreciated your enthusiasm. Heading there in a week and hoping to catch the Northern Lights and all the beauty the country offers. And yes, bringing the drone and GoPro!

  13. I always wanted to visit Iceland ❤️. May be someday, I will travel to that beautiful country 😍 & btw you have a beautiful smile 😊😍

  14. Your teeth are so beautiful! 🤯 thank you for this! I will be visiting Iceland in November 2019 and trying to take in all the information I can 😇

  15. amazing advice seriously. going to iceland on the 5th for 5 days and i've been watching too many videos. i'm on a budget but still going for a northern lines lights tour and the golden circle. I would love to travel to the west and the south but since i dont have a driving license, itll be complicated.
    either way, thanks! youre beautiful also


  17. This video is more a show about yourself than about Iceland, is it an advert for false teeth or something ? What a BIG mouth you got ! Do you have italian origins ?

  18. I wish all traveling videos were like this: to the point, full of useful info, no useless talk. Simply amazing – thank you for posting and keep it up!

  19. There are many places where you can stay four one night ore camp ,it is not so expensive,it is rather European tariffs for camping modestly.
    One major tip ,bye a map from the year you want to travel…because the rivers are changing the roads every year ,so a map from 2015 can and will be different for shore,a specials the interior not the paved roads and ring road .
    Each year they relocated the roads and test them ,and than mark them with pools .
    Because water and snow and ice remap a great part of the interior.
    Also look out on the open planes of ashes,they look hard to drive on ,but sometimes a river passes under the surfaces so creates cavities as big as busses,and when you drive over it ,you can disappear for ever…because the cavity will fill itself back up with ashes .
    This tip was given my bye locals ,nice people when they start to know you.
    Have a safe trip.

  20. the fact that the Blue Lagoon is a must for her means I'm discounting everything else…why wd you travel to be with 99% other tourists ??

  21. Thank you! Accurate and well presented! Here I am, an Icelander living in Australia and loving every minute, and you doing the same in Iceland! Such wonderful freedom we have! I'll take care of your place and you take care of mine! ❤️

  22. Icelandic people have umbrellas including me it's very false that they get destroyed quickly. I'm Icelandic I know this.

  23. очаровательно трогательная тетенька с кольцом в носу.. не смогла показать реальну Исландию.. зато смогла показать свои смонтированные белые зубки.. какая она большоя молодец.. жалко , что старая

  24. I went there way back in 1983 for 3 weeks in July. Very few tourists back then. Still expensive but the most amazing country. My favourite of all time…REALLY want to return. Stayed in youth hostels and camped – quite an experience…camping on lava fields…huge winds. Ring road on the local bus. GOOOOO!!

  25. the reason I love Iceland is the culture and the fact they have an odinist temple now, and id love to go there as im an odinist. so it would be nice to go pay respect to the ancient gods

  26. This was an impressive post. No stammering.. Full on, confident, positive , well-researched, fact after fact – Really well done.

  27. Thank you so much for your video tips. Planning a trip to Iceland over the Christmas holidays. Where might you suggest enjoying Christmas Eve as I understand this is the day that is observed for Christmas? We are anxious to experience the people singing Christmas songs on the streets of Reykjavik and drink hot chocolate or something stiffer in one of the cafe or bars. Any suggestions?

  28. Awesome post. My wife and I are heading there for over week in October. May I ask where you hired your white land rover defender from?

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